Company TopGuard has worked in the field of security services in Ukraine for more than 20 years.

The basis of the our staffing structure consists of specialists who have professional qualification and experience in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and power structures of Ukraine. The real gold fund of our company are special forces officers have received combat experience in the ATO in the east of Ukraine and instructors specially trained in Israel, which is confirmed by international diplomas and certificates.

Company TopGuard is the only non-state agency in Ukraine, which is entrusted the security of the first world politics bodies. Our bodyguards provided security to delegations of Israeli President Moshe Katsav, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski, New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani and many other world dignitaries in Ukraine. Company TOPGUARD keeps close partnership with such structures as Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Security Service and security services of foreign embassies.


Security services:

Our company is a security concept developer and operator of the largest shopping - entertainment centers of Ukraine: the SEC "Riviera" (Odessa - total sales area - 86 000 square meters), the SEC "Dream Town" (Kiev - the total sales area more than 165 000 square meters), the shopping center Globus (Kiev - a total area of over 39,000 square meters), SEC Republic (Kiev - a total area of about 300,000 square meters). An important feature is the company's experience in organization of security system for operating venues including start-up phase, as well as providing security to object sites during their construction phase.

Our goal is to analyze the problem and provide the best solution, maximum protection, confidence and peace of mind for each Client.

Our pricing policy is economically reasonable. We provide individual Clients with discounts for security services, as well as for the installed equipment and maintenance.

Respect and trust of the Client is the highest criterion for us. Despite the period of our cooperation the information received from you will always be Confidential for us.

Structure and Personnel of TOPGUARD Company

To date, the structure of our company consists of the following Departments:

  • Physical Security Department;
  • Close Protection Department;
  • HR Department;
  • Training Center;
  • Technical Department;
  • Legal Department;
  • Administration;
  • Department of IT and Information security;
  • Transportation Department.

Our security managers have at least five years of practical experience at senior positions in defense and law enforcement agencies, legal education and annually pass personal certification within our company.

Before employment our future security managers pass a professional suitability selection using modern methods of psychological testing, as well as training in TOPGUARD training center. Basic program includes:

  • The legal framework of private security activities;
  • Organization of protection of objects;
  • Technical means of protection, means of communication and types of non-lethal weapons, the use;
  • Technical and psychological skills of professional communication, administration, business etiquette, observation, memorization;
  • Physical training (set of exercises and techniques), self-defense;
  • First aid and the basics of reanimation;
  • Tactics and practices of employees to prevent terrorist acts, in the case of mass riots, fire, raider attacks and so on.;
  • Providing order during public events;
  • Forensic techniques used in security activities.

TopGuard Training Centre has no analogues in Ukraine: special sports training, martial arts, special weapons training, extreme driving, anti-terror, conflict and stress psychology, medical and legal training. All these disciplines enable graduates of our training center to become winners of the most prestigious Ukrainian and international security competitions.

The key to success of our Company results from professional personnel selection in conjunction with advanced protection technology.

Quality Control of Security Services

Control of services performance quality is of particular importance in our company.

First of all, TopGuard inspection team controls the object’s security team around the clock. For this purpose we use patrol crews, radio and telephone monitoring. In case of sudden sick leave of any security officer or emergency at the facility, TOPGUARD inspection team has the ability to immediately replace the guard or enhance the object’s security team.

Another effective method of TOPGUARD Company is a special survey of our Clients. Filling the questionnaire the Client evaluates the level of services provided and the degree of security, as well as provides additional suggestions. This approach allows us to work individually with each customer and improve the level of services.

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