Sheepdog is the best dog for protection!
Dogs for protection. Which breed to choose? In the city, the dog, as a rule, is a loyal friend. However, it often happens, dogs are needed for protection. Which breed will cope with this task better?


TopGuard company is focused on providing high-quality security services. The company adheres to European security standards and spares no time and money for the best offer for any client who can choose a security solution in accordance with his budget.
Nowadays there are digital technologies on the security market that simplify security concerns as much as possible. For example, if you have the Internet and a smartphone, you can organize round-the-clock monitoring of the household, children, personnel, business or remote objects (for example, a boathouse with your favorite boat, or production).

Schools Security Guard.

Almost every day they show footage taken at schools, when pupils come with weapons, when one of the senior pupils spreads drugs or when schoolchildren beat up classmates.
The fatal cases is mostly happened abroad, but the situation in the schools of our country is not much better. The protection of schools does not have yet unified standards for safety. School administrations together with parents should make important decisions themselves.

Perimeter Secure Systems.

Perimeter security systems. Times, when only barbed wire was available for protecting the land plots had become a thing of the past thanks to modern technologies. Today, despite the fact that the level of sale of barbed wire is still quite high, consumers themselves recognize the low efficiency of this method, little by little starting to use perimeter security systems of a new generation.

Security systems for home.

Security systems for home. Security is the state of a system or an object when the impact of external and internal factors does not violate its activities.
Currently, there are many private and public objects (all kinds of property) that use security systems of various types.

CCTV systems.

Security alarm systems. The article provides recommendations on the installation of a set of equipment for a video surveillance system, consisting of a camera and a DVR, which can be purchased at any store specialized on security technology. No problem with installation for confident computer users.

Modern alarm security systems.

Security alarm systems. How to secure your business? Modern security alarm systems allow you to replace the expensive staff of guards and send an alarm signal directly to the security panel or to the on duty group of Ministry of Emergency Situations. The installation and maintenance costs are significantly lower than the monthly salary payments to regular security guards. Security alarm system is a specially designed system of devices warning of changes in the environment, which can lead to a threat.

TopGuard's Security services

TopGuard's Security services are very popular. This can be explained by the criminogenic situation in the country, which, unfortunately, has recently deteriorated. Now, more than ever before, the problems of personal security, property protection and control at enterprises of various forms of ownership have become actual.

security guards quit The argument, why private security guard turnover is high because guards do not get their work schedules promptly and are often requested (required) to work overtime to cover open slots in the schedule.
Some private security companies argue that their software automates the scheduling process more easily than their competitors and so guards know far in advance what their schedules & job site locations will be.

Security in the lobby of the office enterprise.

Physical security of offices provides safety of your employees and company assets by the constant patrols (internal and external) or through connection to the central monitoring room. In case of security threat, the dispatcher sends task force to an object and notifies law enforcement agencies. Security of an office and enterprises also may include other services and activities for the protection of the object, such as the installation of motion sensors, smoke, fire, humidity, gas, burglary, opening doors sensors, installation of an panic button, access control, installation of audio and video surveillance, installation the access panels and other technical means for security and protection of enterprises and offices.

Security of objects. CCTV on the building.

Ensuring your privat property of any type from a small garage to a large business center at the moment is a vital necessity. Nobody wants to leave their property unattended, without reliable protection. Every thrifty owner tries to keep safe of his property.

Technical security of property today is realized with a help of special equipment. This equipment divided into three large groups: alarm systems, video surveillance equipment and access control devices. Although the variety of choices seems to be not the most significant, buyers and customers very often make common mistakes. You can order more equipment than they need or less. You can choose the security systems that do not fit the conditions of the object. Let's observe these groups more carefully.