For the better security, of course, the physical presence of guards in the office is preferable. It reduces by itself the possibility of violations. The guards can immediately eliminate any disputes or security risk. The security companies may have special equipment, such as a pneumatic/firearms, gas cans and appearance of the guards, who may be in a suit, civilian clothes or in special clothing, acts as a deterrent for criminals. Well established connection between the guards ensures coordination of work and allows you to quickly calm the troublemakers and arrest the intruder.

Security services for business may also include recommendations on all aspects of security. We advise on personal and corporate security, develop the concept of security of all enterprise. Our experts will talk about the rules of conduct in critical situations, instruct your personal, and help you choose the staff and check out the information about them.

If you are interested in our service "security and protection of offices and businesses" or any other objects please contact our consultant.

Guard controls the remote video surveillance system.