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Security agency (company) TopGuard
Security agency (company) TopGuard

  • Охрана предприятий
  • Охрана помещений, офисов
  • Охрана территории, группы быстрого реагирования
  • Охрана бизнеса
  • Охрана офисов

Physical security of objects is organizes by guard posts, dispatchers working around the clock deploying the latest security equipment and mobile response teams. Through years of experience, all the staff providing services to protect objects are responsible for operation and in emergency situations act promptly in the most coherent and organized way.

The service "physical security" is divided into several groups depending on the type of protected object:


  • A team of professionals: security officers and employees from Rapid Action Teams, video surveillance and remote control operators, technical service specialists, motivated and experienced personnel directly at the facilities.
  • Prompt and timely response to a call, power support from mobile groups.
  • A modern fleet of branded and equipped with special signals vehicles (Toyota Corolla, Renault Duster, Volkswagen Transporter).
  • Minimum rotation of security guards at the facilities. Representative appearance of the security guards.
  • 25 years of experience in providing security services.
  • Over 700 commercial and industrial facilities under guard.
  • Representative offices in the regions of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa and others).
  • Best price for quality service (individual approach to pricing).
  • Short deadlines for taking the facility under guard, the possibility of replacement, rotation of personnel.
  • Expert assessment regarding safety level at the facilities and provision of conclusions regarding factors that negatively affect safety, recommendations.
  • Comprehensive solutions to security issues: qualified guards + modern technical security equipment.
  • Quality control of services through unscheduled inspections and technical equipment.
  • Expert management and control over the work of security guards by a curator, constant communication with a customer representative to improve the level of services.
  • Providing comprehensive functionality at the posts. Organization of access control and on-site regime, car parking, theft prevention, maintaining order, patrolling the adjacent territory.
  • Full-fledged equipment of security guards with technical means: handheld radio stations, metal detectors, video recorders, etc., protective equipment and weapons.
  • Regular staff development. Own training centre.
  • Professional activity insurance and liability for each object.
  • Competent legal support and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified for service quality and compliance with international standards.

Security of shops and shopping malls

Professional security of shops and shopping malls requires a special approach and special technical equipment to ensure safety. From other similar services, this service differs with possible presence of protected storerooms, special technical means, for example, the crossing check points with the magnetic detector to prevent the theft of goods and so on.

What may be included in the "store security” service?

  • cash collection of revenue per day;
  • visitors flows management, administrative functions;
  • special work schedule, as some shops can work around the clock;
  • theft prevention by visitors and staff;
  • control of staff duties;
  • installation of video surveillance, sensors and alarms, if required;
  • bags inspection, detention of violators.

Security of a Warehouses

If you need the protection of a warehouse, you can be sure that for this type of object employees and technical means of protection will be selected individually. All is official. We conclude a contract for the provision of services, and before this procedure competent assessment of the object and all its hardware is carried out. This allows us to find the optimal solution in the creating of the security system.

Protection of private houses, villas and cottage villages

The guard is needed in a country house, especially by those who often leaves, and whose house is left unattended. Especially if it is full of valuable equipment and looks beautiful from outside. All this only attracts thieves’ attention. Security and protection of the private country house, garages and other private objects can combine several services:

  • Installation of security equipment (cameras, all kinds of sensors);
  • The organization of the checkpoint;
  • The organization of security post;
  • Other special security measures.

Security and protection of construction Sites and industrial facilitiess

Most importantly, why physical security for facilities, construction sites and industrial buildings in Kiev is needed - is to prevent theft of materials and construction equipment. It differs from other services by the presence of a constant guard post, and suggests 24h patrolling the territory by security guards (possibly with a dog), accounting materials and tools, transport and providers control, staff and contractors, the checkpoint may also have video surveillance and other measures for the protection of the object.

As an additional service, we can carry out an audit on safety. We will spend all the activities that will help you understand how your business is protected, where the most vulnerable places are and where might leak from. Our experts will give you the best recommendations for improving the current situation, which will help you prevent potential external and internal threats.