Physical Security: Apartment Security

Apartment SecurityIf you are on this page, then you have already thought about your apartment safety. Housing in a newly built building is more exposed to theft, but, unfortunately, even the fact of the presence of owners does not always stop the attackers. In some cases, the robbers deliberately choose the moment when the owners are at home to make them disclose codes for safes and bankcards. So far, security monitoring service is the best method for safeguarding apartments offered by a private security company and state security service. If you ever called the police, you know the extent of its “interest” in addressing your problems. Given this, private safeguarding of apartment is a good choice to ensure sufficient security, although the cost is slightly higher.


  • occupy an important position;
  • earn a lot of money and have sufficient incomes;
  • become a widely known person;
  • receive explicit threats, either verbally or in writing.


Depending on client welfare and the level of potential danger, various options are possible.

The most common forms of service include:

  • installation of security alarm;
  • mobile panic button;
  • video surveillance, optionally with audio interception;
  • temporary or permanent post at the door (at the entrance);
  • personal presence of guards inside.

Apartment SecurityVideo surveillance of apartments. Remote monitoring is the most cost-effective choice or rapid action team arrival when you press the panic button. Keep in mind that no matter how perfect the equipment is, at least a couple of minutes will pass before the team arrives on site. Only round-the-clock duty of security staffs will ensure immediate physical protection. Where the living area exceeds one hundred square meters, it is possible to arrange an internal post.

In the event you are absence, a video surveillance is a good practice with an alarm triggered at hacking attempts. When you leave for vacation, business trip, study or event. This option is justified with a minimum level of risk, when there are fears that ordinary thief, who does not need a meeting with property owners, will get inside the empty house.

However, if you have significant values, the likelihood of an open attack increases. In addition, attackers often carefully monitor potential victims, identify schedule of tenants from an attractive apartment. Then, 10-20 minutes is enough to leave the house, so that experienced crackers have time to commit a burglary, steal money and high cost items.

Practice shows – do not rely on:

  • watchmen;
  • RC enclosure with electronic pass;
  • sophisticated locks and fortified doors;
  • window bars on any floor.

All these are just auxiliary means. Professional security guards with ordinary working hours (when they can be replaced for a short time, rather than shifts of 24 hours a day) is the best protection against thieves. Naturally, the price corresponds to the quality of service provided. An important difference is the level of personnel training and effectiveness of technical security equipment that employees have at their disposal.


Apartment SecurityRapid Action Team. Our company provides protection of any level to individual and corporate clients. The scope of the security company covers entire Ukraine, with the exception of special status territories. You can order service in Kyiv, Odessa, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv and many other cities of Ukraine.

At the facilities with increased safety requirements, TopGard can offer Premium personnel with traumatic weapons, in addition to the standard set of technical equipment, such as gas cans, batons or stun guns. The guards adequately use the existing arsenal, and primarily care about safety of those at facility under guard.