Physical Security: Parking lots security

Modern urban infrastructure includes a large number of parking lots, garages and parking areas. These places are areas of high risk for car thefts. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the issue of parking lots protection.

What are the peculiarities of parking lots security?

Parking lots and parking areas security minimizes the risks associated with vehicles and parking space maintenance. There are two categories of parking areas:

  • permanent - garages, stationary parking lots, territories of private car companies;
  • temporary - parking lots near shopping malls, gas stations and car repair shops.
  • Ensuring the safety of mobile property includes a number of features that need to be taken into account during the provision of services:

  • control over the movement of vehicles through the parking area;
  • peculiarities of cars;
  • control regime inside the facility;
  • control over compliance with fire safety rules;
  • ensuring inspection during the exit of vehicles;
  • equipping the protected object with technical security systems.
  • In the course of its work, the security service has at its disposal all the documents that make up the vehicle database. At temporary parking lots, guards only observe what is happening in order to prevent theft and damage to property.

    In closed areas, guards record the technical characteristics of the vehicles to prevent unwarranted claims to staff by car owners. The organization of a high security inside the facility may include a system of passes and a fixed parking space for each vehicle. In temporary parking lots with a large flow of traffic, security personnel are closely monitoring citizens and the territory.

    In permanent parking lots, the exit of vehicles is strictly controlled and driver's identity documents are checked.

    Ensuring security in any territory requires technical equipment, which will involve anti-theft systems, automatic barriers and remote video surveillance.

    What do security measures include?

    Security measures include a set of security measures consisting of physical security, technical security and response equipment. Physical security of parking lots, parking areas and garages consists of security and control measures on site. These include video surveillance monitoring, logging of visits, alarm control, and systematic detours.

    The technical equipment prevents emergency situations and illegal actions on protected objects. For their installation the architectural peculiarities of the object, routes of motor transport movement in the territory, peak loads and traffic density are taken into account.

    It is important to respond in a timely manner during the performance of your duties. This significantly increases the chances of reducing losses.

    Thus, the main security measures are the organization of checkpoints at the exit and entry of vehicles, security of parking lots, going-around the territory with inspection of vehicles and installation of video surveillance systems.

    What are the advantages of cooperation with TopGuard security company?

    The main advantages of cooperation are:

  • professional staff with experience in the defense and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and in the AFU;
  • use of advanced security technologies;
  • economically justified price policy for security services with an individual approach to each client;
  • guarantee of complete confidentiality;
  • employees of the company undergo selection for professional suitability and psychological testing.
  • To order security services at favorable price is possible for private persons and the enterprises of Kiev and Ukraine. The company considers all preferences of the customer and works on modern technologies in the field of safeguard services.