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Today, in each settlement there are specially designated places for storing vehicles - these are parking lots, parking lots near supermarkets and offices, entertainment centers, sports clubs, where the car stays for a short period of time. A garage, which sometimes takes a long time to get to, is no longer an attractive option for many. Motorists prefer to leave the car overnight closer to home - in a paid parking lot, where the vehicle is always at hand. The more places to store a car, the more the temptation for criminals to profit at someone else's expense. Criminals can rob a car or steal it for the purpose of resale, disassembly for parts.

Given the risk of robbery or theft, vandalism, car parks and car parks must be carefully guarded. The security of such an object has its own specifics - depending on the area of ​​the territory, location, the number of auto places and other features. In any case, you need to use physical security and technical means.

Security Of The Car Park In The City Of Kyiv By The Security Service TOPGUARD

There are two types of storage areas for cars: permanent (parking, underground garage, office area, enterprise) and temporary (parking at shops, cinemas, and other establishments that provide services to the public).

The protection of those and other parking lots has its own nuances. In closed areas, security personnel record arriving and departing cars, which allows avoiding unreasonable claims from the owners, as well as penetration into the territory of a "foreign" car. The security facility is equipped with access systems, where at the entrance of the car owners the document and admission to the territory are checked. At temporary parking lots, you need to pay attention to a large flow of cars and people, that is, it is advisable to install a video surveillance system, as well as patrolling. The TopGard company offers its customers a range of services:

  • technical equipment - video surveillance, barriers, anti-theft, fire-prevention systems;
  • patrolling the territory;
  • verification of documents and inspection (entry, exit);
  • control of car movement inside the parking lot;
  • keeping records;
  • resolution of conflict situations, prevention of illegal actions.

Employees of our company have the skills to prevent offenses, terrorist acts, if necessary, they can provide first qualified medical aid, each has mastered the course of the basics of resuscitation. We draw up a contract with each customer, where we prescribe all the services provided, their cost, the obligations of both parties.

Advantages of contacting the TOPGUARD company

Our agency has no analogues in Ukraine, without exaggeration, it is a leader in its industry. The employees were instructed in psychological and physical training, many have real combat experience, experience in special forces. The company has specialists in the latest technical equipment, information security, dog handlers, high-class drivers. We guarantee confidentiality to each client, we are trusted by famous people from the environment of show business, politicians. We provide personal security, security of objects of various levels of complexity.

The company maintains a loyal pricing policy, provides an individual approach to each customer, with the obligatory consideration of specific wishes. Both Kiev residents and residents of other cities of Ukraine can order our services. In the regional centers we have our own representatives, if necessary, the group travels to the customer's territory.

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