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Residential Intruder Alarm

Console security is most often used to guard apartments, shops, offices, warehouses and other premises where constant monitoring of the state of the integrity of the facility and emergencies is required.

Today it is difficult to surprise someone by installing a security alarm in their apartment in Kiev. But before, only individual high-ranking citizens could afford security apartment alarms. It was both expensive and difficult to install an alarm system and put it on the remote control in Kiev.

Today, a burglar alarm is inexpensive, and it is not difficult to install it in an apartment, be it Kiev or Zhmerynka. And the prices for all this are not too high and do not differ much from those in the capital. And now your apartment in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and any other city of Ukraine will be under round-the-clock security.

The difference between the burglar alarm and the alarm (control room) is that the first is needed when there is no one at the object, and the second is needed for those cases when the object is used and functioning and if a non-standard situation arises on it that requires the protection of property or people, then the panic button is pressed and within a few minutes a rapid response team (RRT) arrives. The TOPPGUARD company has several such groups in each district of Kiev.

  • We use sensors and modern equipment that instantly notifies us and the owners of the penetration.
  • Additional equipment installed can also signal a flood, fire or smoke accumulation.
  • In each area, we have a task force that will respond to the call within minutes.
  • We are interested in the safety of your property and are fully financially responsible for its safety.

Rapid response teams vehicles. Photo.

Console protection of apartments, offices

Сколько же будет стоить установить сигнализацию в квартире в Киеве, и быть хоть чуточку уверенным в том, что её не ограбят.

How much will it cost to install an alarm in an apartment in Kiev, and be at least a little sure that it will not be robbed?

Console security for apartments, offices and other objects is not an expensive service for installing an apartment alarm system, completely eliminating the possibility of unpunished burglary, damage to property, fire, flooding, smoke in an apartment, office, store or any other facility where it is installed. Simply put, a must-have service for those who have something to lose.

Everyone agrees that leaving the property unattended, the attacker will have enough 5 minutes to find all the valuable things and quietly leave unnoticed. In our time, you need to be confident in your personal safety, your home and property. The cost of putting an apartment on guard is significantly less than the possible damage in the event of a robbery. Moreover, when connecting to the service, the apartment is guarded around the clock, and not only during your absence.

An important issue when ordering a console security service is the choice of a security company. Is the only difference in price?

Installing an alarm in an apartment requires a serious approach in terms of technical means. You must understand that in order to ensure full security of the perimeter, security equipment is used - a remote control with a keyboard, motion, fire, smoke and humidity sensors. The installation price depends on the cost and quality of such equipment. Various security firms in Kiev use technical means of different quality and level of complexity. Therefore, the price is different for everyone. But we all know that the cheap does not give guarantees, and the expensive is not always better. We will select for you the most optimal set of technical means that will ensure the reliable security of an apartment or office.

To ensure trouble-free operation of the alarm, it must be installed and maintained by professionals. Finding a company that provides quality services is not an easy task. To make the right choice among many security firms, you need to make sure that it has the appropriate material and technical base:

  • personal centralized monitoring station, where the alarm comes;
  • modern vehicle fleet, which is used by the GBR;
  • experienced and qualified security personnel. The officers on duty at the GBR are well trained, well equipped and perfectly aware of their duties.

How to check the quality of equipment for remote control if you do not understand it and all the technical nuances?

Everything is quite simple: after installing the console security system, we do all kinds of checks for failures and malfunctions. Moreover, we check several times. Poor quality equipment will malfunction and fail.

In addition, you should pay attention to such nuances that are not directly related to security services, but are also responsible for their quality:

  • the technical support phone of the security company should always be available, and the managers should be responsive to your requests;
  • you can always and are able to evaluate the appearance of the operational staff and our machines;
  • find out about clients who have already contacted the firm. Perhaps some of them already have your friends. This is the best recommendation;
  • the obligatory presence in the contract of a clause on material liability.

The console security of the apartment provides that the task force will arrive on alarm as soon as possible. You can also check this easily.

To ensure round-the-clock reception of a burglar alarm signal, you need:

  • surveillance operator at the security console;
  • an operational security officer on duty who monitors the deployment of the RRG and decides on calls;
  • a security service specialist, if an emergency has occurred at the facility;
  • duty electrician;
  • a reserve vehicle that will deliver the customer to the facility at any time of the day if he cannot come to the facility himself.

Answers to frequently asked questions about providing console security for an apartment

How is the notification of entry / fire / flooding / smoke pollution of the apartment carried out?
A small terminal is installed, which connects to the console security, with which you arm / disarm the apartment. Very easy to handle. Our experts fully customize and prepare it for work.

Data transmission can be through different channels. We use the most secure - GSM-channel with duplicate signal on the telephone line for the best security. 24 hours a day, operators at the control room monitor the situation and, in case of an alarm, send the task force.

Installing an alarm in an apartment usually takes several hours, depending on the complexity of the installation. It is better when the installation is carried out at the stage of construction or renovation. This will allow laying all the necessary communications, to which the necessary sensors and the control panel (keyboard) will subsequently be connected. Clients often remember about the need to install a security alarm after repairs. They invite specialists to their place and it turns out that either you need to spoil expensive repairs (lay cables, gouge walls), or install radio sensors, which lead to an increase in the cost of the installation.

Is it possible to provide remote control for an apartment if the owner is in one city and the apartment is in another?
We are financially responsible and therefore the apartment alarm is formalized by an agreement. It can be signed by the owner or the tenant of the apartment, if there is a lease agreement.

How much will it cost to install a burglar alarm and arm an apartment in Kiev?
The price for installing an alarm in an apartment and arming it in Kiev depends on the area of ​​the apartment and the brand of the alarm. The cost of protecting an apartment in the same Kiev starts from a monthly fee of 800 UAH per month.

What is the cost of a fake panic button call?
The task force responds very quickly to the call. You will have 30 seconds to cancel the alarm via the remote control, in case you or your family members have triggered the alarm by mistake. If it is false, we recommend contacting us on the hotline. A few random calls a month is not a big deal. If this is repeated often, then the calls will be charged according to your tariff under the contract.

Will there be compensation for damage if the remote control alarm did not work / was broken or managed to get around?
Panel alarm from our company, a rather complex system in which all possible options are calculated. In the event that theft or damage has occurred, the contract provides for our financial responsibility for your property and in our interests so that this does not happen. Therefore, we provide maximum protection at the highest level.

I was already on the guard of another company and the equipment remained. Can you connect me and will it be cheaper?
In this case, you can save on equipment. In order to arm the apartment, our specialists will check the equipment and the compatibility with the central control panel, and if everything is in order, then after signing the contract for the service, you will be connected free of charge.

If I am in the apartment at the time of entry, what should I do?
For this case, the control panel protection of objects provides an alarm button, which, as in the case of a normal alarm, will notify us of the violation and in a couple of minutes the operative group will come to you.

Will animal alarms be triggered?
Our motion sensors provide for this option and eliminate the possibility of alarm when they move around the apartment.

For additional questions, you can contact our consultants.

Residential Intruder Alarm in Kyiv. The price of connection to the remote control.

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