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Guard dutySurely, you have already thought about the safety of your apartment more than once. So far, the best method of struggle is the console protection of apartments from a private security company and the state security service.

Today, the security of apartments in Kiev (and not only) is no longer just an alarm in an apartment. With the right approach, this is a whole range of convenient and necessary services that will make your living space safer, more comfortable and controlled. And for this, when choosing options, several important elements must be taken into account.

The first is security and fire alarms that are installed inside the apartment. All vulnerable areas in the apartment can be equipped with motion sensors and brought to the control panel of the rapid response service.

Тне second, control of the internal space for the actions of unauthorized persons. We often leave a house or apartment with people we trust (these can be nannies, nurses, cleaners, someone from the technical staff, such as a plumber or electrician, etc.). In addition, it may just be minor children and their guests, who also require special attention.

The third, it is equally important to ensure information content and control over the apartment space. For example, in the staircase adjacent to the apartment, vestibule, elevator zones, fire escapes, etc.

This approach allows you to see both intruders and persons, who "actively interested" in your living space, before an attempt to enter or commit illegal actions against you or your family. Modern technology makes it easy to control your interior and near-apartment space, without disturbing its internal and external aesthetics. To do this, TOPGUARD uses Ajax wireless systems (recognized as one of the best in the world), motion detectors, wireless security cameras, fire detectors, etc. All information taken from them goes to the disposal of the rapid response service, and the "picture" from the video cameras also goes to your mobile gadget (smartphone, laptop or tablet) or to the mobile devices of people you trust.

The fourth, this is a signal button, the ability to call security or the police by simply pressing one button. Moreover, it can be both stationary and mobile, for example, on your key fob with keys. In case of an emergency situation, you press a button, and within 5-7 minutes a quick response service of either a private security structure or a police security service arrives.

TOPGUARD's specialists have extensive experience in ensuring the security of apartments (ссылка на смарт-дом) and will offer you the best solution for choosing the means of protecting your home.

Security Rapid Response GroupWe know from experience which services work best in your area and will advise you the best to connect your burglar alarm.

After installing the necessary equipment for the protection of the apartment, our specialists will select the most productive rapid response service in your location.

It can be our security company or a local security firm that has several large protected objects in your area and has the necessary potential and trust rating. In any case, all equipment is certified and prepared in such a way that it can work with both private and government security services. Our experts will help you and advise on how to do everything optimally and efficiently according to their experience.

If you have any suspicions that your personal life may be monitored, the information protection team will carry out a comprehensive cleaning and redevelopment of your home and adjacent territory for sources of audio and video information leaks. We’ll offer solutions to this problem to ensure the privacy of your living space.


Our company provides protection of any level to individual and corporate clients. The scope of the security company is the whole of Ukraine, with the exception of territories that have received a special status. You can order service in cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine.

At facilities with high security requirements, TOPGUARD can offer armed guards, bodyguards and armored vehicles. We were entrusted with their safety: Procter & Gamble, Craft Foods Ukraine, Avon; we guard the 1 + 1 TV channel, Dream Town shopping mall, etc.