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Security services
Security agency (company) TopGuard
Security agency (company) TopGuard

  • Персональная охрана
  • Охрана физических лиц
  • Личный охранник
  • Услуги персональной охраны
  • Нанять телохранителя

Securing during business and private trips, short-term bodyguard services. Protection of VIP persons, groups and foreign delegations. Airport Boryspil transfer.

TOPGUARD provides VIP security services:

  1. Executive Protection. Our armed and unarmed highly professional bodyguards are well trained to keep VIP guests and their families safe at all times.
  2. VIP events security. Topguard has experience of providing VIP events security service. World famous actors, musicians, politicians entrusted their safety to us. We have a positive experience of protection of political and sports forums of the highest level.
  3. VIP car rental. Topguard offers you to rent VIP cars with drivers. We arrange airport transfers
  4. Armed escort. Topguard provides armed escort for ships and yachts.
  5. Armed guards for VIP cruises and travels.

Prices of VIP services depend on:

  • urgency;
  • mode of operation;
  • number of bodyguards;
  • class of ordered vehicle;
  • extra ammunition and protection means;
  • level of risk.

Among our respected Clients are: the President of Israel Moshe Katzav, devoted to the anniversary of the tragedy in Babi Yar, whose security was ensured by TOPGUARD together with the Israeli security service, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill grandchildren visit to Ukraine, dedicated to the anniversary of the Yalta Conference, visit of former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Presidents of Poland Lech Walesa, Alexander Kwasniewski, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and many other dignitaries.