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Organization of protection of construction facilities Kiev. His construction sites often attract lovers of quick and easy money.

Organization of protection of construction facilities and industrial buildings

Kiev. His construction sites often attract lovers of quick and easy money. This is due to the many different items that can be easily sold: building materials, work equipment, tools.

Protection of construction sites is a mandatory procedure for any construction company that takes care of its property. And special attention should be paid to industrial development zones.

Construction sites differ in their specificity, like any object. It is quite difficult to establish construction security on such an area, but TopGuard has a suitable solution for you individually.

From the side of professional assessment, the protection of construction sites of any form of ownership is not much different from the protection of industrial facilities, especially in those cases when a huge construction complex is a controlled object (construction of enterprises, multi-storey buildings).

The TopGuard company, when organizing the protection of construction sites and construction sites in Kiev, provides:

  • Checkpoints and transport inspection regime;
  • Supervision of building materials and technical equipment;
  • Round-the-clock patrolling of the construction site along the established perimeter;
  • Protection of the construction site from unauthorized access.

Difficulties in providing security at a construction site

In terms of creating a protective environment, the construction site is one of the most vulnerable objects. As often happens, contractors save too much money, which makes it rather difficult or even impossible to use reliable video surveillance and alarms on the territory. The main mistake is the creation of construction objects by fencing the territory with an ordinary chain-link netting or metal panels, which is fundamentally wrong.

A large amount of materials and equipment is accumulating on the construction site, which must be grouped for more convenient control. High-quality protection of construction projects in Kiev is also complicated by the work of several contractors, who often cannot come to a consensus on such issues. A distinctive feature of such development points is also a number of obstacles on the territory in the form of dug holes, pits, trenches for laying pipes, etc. It should also be noted that there is minimal lighting, which also requires elimination.

Site Security Solution from TopGuard

When arranging construction sites in Kiev, our team provides daily patrolling of the territory and its visual control, despite the difficulties in the form of work of construction personnel and equipment. We are strengthening security to the level required for the tireless control of employees on the territory of the moved equipment. To do this, we use shift teams of specialists who work at different times of the day.

During the protection of construction sites and construction sites, intensive control over the flow of vehicles is ensured, which excludes the possibility of criminal operations. When coordinating the upcoming security system, our specialists take into account:

  • Location of the object, its features;
  • The level of security of the controlled area, the availability of modern equipment at the security complex;
  • Frequency and intensity of movement of vehicles and people at the facility;
  • Current stage of construction, work shift schedule.

Our employees identify the most vulnerable, potentially dangerous places when organizing the security of construction sites. Analytical work is also carried out on the possibility of the appearance of various types of threats to property that we may face. The cost of the services provided is discussed individually, taking into account general factors (area of the object, the number of equipment, etc.).

You get effective construction protection in practice, not in words working with TopGuard. We minimize errors by providing you with a clearly verified scheme for organizing security positions. All employees of the company undergo special training in our school, which has no analogues in Ukraine. This factor gives us confidence in what we are doing. For consultation, call the indicated phones.

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