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Any facility with average and higher safety requirements cannot do without technical means, which serve as assistants to qualified security guards from TopGard Company.

Providing security for homes, offices, shopping centres, warehouses, manufacturing and commercial enterprises, in the adjacent territories requires today not only the professionalism of physical security, but also the use of good advanced technical equipment.

Our specialists will install access control and access control systems and help to arrange access control, movement control of employees, visitors and material values ​​at the facilities under guard in Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine.


The main purpose of access control and management systems (ACS) is to clearly check, observe and regulate the movement of people (employees, customers, residents, guests) at the facilities under guard. The availability of such system can significantly increase the level of security in such places as:

  • Shopping centres;
  • Offices;
  • Warehouses;
  • Enterprises;
  • Hotels;
  • Residential buildings.

The absence of strangers and unauthorized persons, strict control of persons having access to certain sites and premises, will ensure safety of your property, goods, corporate and production data, as well as personal safety. System installation varies depending on a specific situation.


ACS systems, as a rule, operate based on electronic passes. Only a limited number of people has a pass allowing staying in the protected area at a specific time. A digital access code, which is determined by special reading equipment, is recorded on the pass. The coincidence of the access code with the one specified in the system allows access to the guarded location and allows you through certain “access points” (door, turnstile, elevator, etc.).

In case of a mismatch of the access code or attempt to enter the protected area without a pass, the passage is blocked and an alarm is triggered; it is possible to notify the central security console. Installing an ACS system allows you to:

  • control the access of persons to a protected area or territory;
  • regulate the time and duration of stay in this area;
  • identify people with access;
  • keep records of staff time;
  • keep a record of visitors;
  • when integrated into a general security system, you can block access in the event of an emergency (attack, fire, etc.).

You can buy or rent these systems at TopGard; request the pricelist form manager.


TopGard Security Company provides services in Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine, guarantees safety of its customers and bears responsibility for you and your property safety. Qualified employees of our company will help you to:

  • examine in detail the object in need for protection and identify all its vulnerabilities;
  • identify possible risks associated with intrusions, thefts, attacks, etc.;
  • pick up security equipment suitable for your situation;
  • design, install and configure ACS (turnstiles, electronic locks, readers, radio barriers, infrared barriers, intercoms, etc.);
  • check and configure your existing security equipment;
  • perform ACS maintenance;
  • conduct continuous monitoring of the condition inside the guarded building and in the adjacent territory;
  • provide comprehensive protection for your housing, property, hotel, enterprise.

After signing agreement for security services, TopGard is responsible for your safety. Our employees are highly qualified specialists in their fields, undergo specialized training, use only the state-of-the-art security equipment and can respond promptly to any threat.

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