Firearms for civilians (Part 1)

Today we will talk about the systematization of business processes in the security company TopGuard and why it is very important for our clients and partners. Business related to security, safety, weapons, civil protection of people and property objects requires special attention, specialized training, a range of professional knowledge, and skills to be prepared for various situations and circumstances.


Firearms for civilians (Part 1)

Sport, Entertainment, or Necessity of Today? Exploring Practical Insights from Professional Bodyguards. We are launching a series of publications for people who own or plan to acquire firearms for self-defense. We will delve into questions such as: Is civilian firearm ownership a form of entertainment, a sport, or a necessity for survival? What should beginners focus on when planning to acquire basic firearm handling skills? How to learn safe firearm usage? How to prepare for using firearms for self-defense in extreme situations? Which types of firearms are most effective in different self-defense scenarios? What are the common mistakes during training and firearm usage, and how to avoid them? Are safety rules and basic personal protective accessories necessary during firearm training?


Ocean Elzy

For the umpteenth time we are working with the legend of Ukrainian music - the band Ocean Elzy, but for the first time during the war. A concert by the rock group Ocean Elzy was held for wounded soldiers on the stage of the main Kyiv hospital. We thank the Ocean team and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk personally for the energy of gratitude and hope that filled every defender, medics and spectators - for the team’s professionalism, openness of feelings and respect for every viewer, as well as the concert security team.

The modern security service for retail stores is safety and convenience for customers, and a necessity for owners

We regularly visit large grocery supermarkets and industrial hypermarkets, without even implying that these are all called retail stores. But we know that they are all well-guarded. But the security itself is not only a service for preventing theft and combating violators, but also the first assistant in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. A security guard is as helpful to the customer as is needed by the owner of such a large store. 

Armored cars and personal security

There are times in life when personal safety needs special attention. Especially if some important decisions depend on you: from serious financial and political negotiations to the transportation of valuable correspondence of important or secret content. In addition, you can transport a lot of valuable things - for example, money, jewelry. It is at such moments that people think about personal protection and a safe means of transportation.


Car rental with or without a driver

Renting a car with a driver from TOPGUARD is a service for those who value impeccable service and personal safety.

Imagine you arrived in Kiev and you need to solve a lot of personal or business issues. You have everything planned out, but how to make it so that it is not easy to be in time everywhere and spend this time in Ukraine as efficiently as possible, with comfort and without compromises for personal safety?

TOPGUARD, the leading security company in Ukraine...


Listening and video spying protection

We are glad that we were among the first in Ukraine who presented one of the very important and delicate components of Security both for companies and for the living space of a person!

There are many examples when, due to unauthorized recording of audio and video information, colossal damage is caused to enterprises and corporations, families and careers of famous people and even presidents.

There is a question - how to avoid unexpected and critical turns in life from unforeseen information leakage?

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