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The main feature of retail is a wide variety of goods and services that can be purchased in one place. For buyers, retail stores are attractive because in such stores you can find many options for goods, make a more balanced choice and buy exactly what you want.

Security features and organization of security for retail stores

The main feature of retail is a wide variety of goods and services that can be purchased in one place. For buyers, retail stores are attractive because in such stores you can find many options for goods, make a more balanced choice and buy exactly what you want. Today in Ukraine in every big city (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro) there are such well-known world retail brands as Metro, Auchan, Billa, Epicenter, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, etc.

There are two main types of retail:

  • grocery retail, which consists in the sale of a variety of food products over a large area (for example, in supermarkets and hypermarkets). This is the most stable retail sector, which works even during a crisis, because food products are essential goods.
  • chain retail. These are chains of stores that are united by a single trade concept and owner. Often, the system of purchasing and accounting for goods, together with logistics, is the same for all outlets, which allows you to reduce costs and sell similar goods at a price lower than that of competitors.

The importance of the right security service for the store client


One of the main features of the work of retail stores is the high intensity of movement of people and goods, the presence of numerous interconnected technological processes, the number of communications between service departments, personnel and suppliers of goods. And all this for the sake of and for the buyer who needs to create a safe and comfortable service and space.

And, of course, the physical security of the store is one of the main parts of the service with which the client and all the services of the shopping complex communicate.

For the buyer, the security guard is the person he sees first when entering the store. And the first impression he will have is how polite, neat and attentive to the buyer this security guard will be.

The security guard in the middle of the store is a shopper's assistant who will tell you where and what groups of goods are located. The security guard will be the first to react to the condition of the buyer if he feels bad. TOPGUARD employees undergo a special certified pre-medical assistance program, and all security posts are equipped with professional first-aid kits with appropriate medicines and supplies.

In the event of an emergency, the security team will conduct a quick and safe evacuation of both visitors and personnel, and in the event of a fire, it will actively engage in fire-fighting actions (for this, our employees undergo special certified fire-fighting courses). In addition, educational practical trainings are regularly held directly on the territory of the shopping complex. Customer safety is our top priority.

Practical significance of professional security for the management and management of retail stores (structure and security posts)

The structure of physical security is not homogeneous; it can differ significantly depending on the type of facilities. The retail security services category includes not only large chain stores and supermarkets. This also includes the organization of the protection of shopping centers, in which most of the retail chain and grocery stores are located.

All of them are united by a large number of people, the presence of numerous passages, service entrances and exits, utility rooms, so they have a common principle of building a security system. What goals are being pursued?

First of all, the professional security of shopping centers is focused on preventing illegal actions and theft. The next equally important component of the work of the security and security service of the store are:

  • strengthening fire safety measures, developing scenarios and practical trainings on the localization and evacuation of visitors and personnel;
  • strengthening vigilance against the threat of terrorism, training in localization, communication and interaction with the special services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine;
  • monitoring the activities of personnel and suppliers, recording and responding to illegal actions, official investigations;
  • avoidance of conflict situations with visitors;
  • Providing first aid to visitors and staff.

Usually, the territory of a store and a sales area, in particular, is controlled by video surveillance systems, with which video surveillance specialists work. In the event of a conflict situation, or inappropriate behavior of one of the visitors on the territory of the store, a guard or a group of security guards is instantly sent to this zone. If necessary, they coordinate their activities with the actions of law enforcement agencies.

For the management of a retail company, security is a very important and integral part of the organization and control of their business.

Post "Client's entrance" - polite control of the mask regime (during quarantine), preventing customers with animals from entering the trading floor (if required by the management of the establishment) and persons in a state of alcoholic and narcotic state, control of prohibiting customers from leaving the "entrance" zone, coordination with the administration of admission to the hall of representatives of state regulatory bodies, prevention of illegal actions by customers of the store, fixing any violations and conflicts on the body camera, pre-medical, evacuation and participation in firefighting activities.

Post "Client exit" - polite check of receipts for purchased goods to prevent possible mistakes of cashiers; response to the anti-theft framework triggering; in the event of illegal actions, fixing them to a body camera, arresting and handing over the offender to the police; participation in the provision of pre-medical assistance, evacuation, participation in fire-fighting activities.

Post "Administrative entrance" - temperature screening during quarantine, polite identification by documents, appropriate fixation and review of all employees at the entrance and exit; control of the movement of goods and material values with fixation and in accordance with the procedure approved in writing by the administration; coordination with the administration of visits of representatives of state regulatory bodies, pre-medical assistance, evacuation, participation in fire-fighting activities.

Post "Mobile post" - polite help and communication with the client in the trading floor, control of alarms (alarms) for certain groups of goods, control of the behavior of visitors, prevention of illegal actions and their termination; resolving conflict situations within their competence; coordination of actions with a video surveillance post, and response to their calls; pre-medical assistance, participation in evacuation and fire-fighting activities.

Ramp. Post of reception and shipment of goods: reception of goods according to the algorithm approved by the administration; fixation and control of suppliers' vehicles, photo fixation of unloading of goods, checking the integrity of seals and compliance with the consignment note, alarm of goods, control of shipment and disposal of goods, in accordance with the procedure and documentation approved by the administration; pre-medical assistance, participation in evacuation and fire-fighting activities.

"Video monitoring" post: monitoring the situation in the shopping center in real time, coordinating all posts, in accordance with the situation; identification of cashier errors in real time and offline; identification of illegal actions of visitors and staff; investigation of theft and damage to inventory, video archiving and coordination of actions in emergency situations and evacuation.

Post "Senior shift": location - the entire territory of the shopping center. Responsibilities include: communication with the management of all divisions of the shopping center; response to conflict situations and their solution; checking not alarmed goods; recalculation of goods, according to instructions; control of sales and shipment of goods from the ramp, investigation of theft and damage to inventory, prevention and suppression of illegal actions on the territory of the shopping center, maintenance of official documentation, coordination of actions in emergency situations, pre-medical assistance, participation in evacuation and firefighting activities.

Post "Head of the security unit". Responsibilities: communication with the management of the shopping center, heads of departments and regional representatives; investigation of thefts and inconsistencies during responsible storage, markdown and sale of goods; coordination and control of the interaction of all security posts and divisions of the shopping center; prevention and suppression of illegal actions by visitors or staff; communication with law enforcement agencies to prevent offenses on the territory of the shopping center. Organization and provision of training, training and response processes for employees in emergency situations, such as evacuation, fire, conflicts, detention of thieves and offenders; polite communication with the client and staff, pre-medical assistance, neat appearance and appropriate equipment for posts. Monitoring the work of the security unit, according to the contract, and providing a report to the management of the shopping center and regional representatives of the company.

Depending on the size of the shopping center in each individual case, functional responsibilities and the number of posts may be different, but practical efficiency will depend on the correct construction of the security architecture of your enterprise and the professionalism of the security team!

What actions are meant by guarding the store?

Security services for super and hypermarkets provide for a whole range of activities, including:

  • analytical assessment of the facility to identify the weakest points and development of a plan for building a security system;
  • submission to the Customer of a specific model of a reliable security system, which will ensure the security of the facility with maximum efficiency with minimal loss of time and financial costs for the purchase of special equipment;
  • installation of frames, checkpoints with electronic magnetic detectors, turnstiles;
  • if necessary, installation of alarm systems for unauthorized entry, video surveillance systems, sensors and other technical means of security purposes;
  • training and practical training of store security personnel, development of job descriptions for them.

Appearance and equipment

We have already said that there is another important factor to consider. The security guard is the first person who meets you at the entrance to the trading floor. The person who creates the first impression of the company. Therefore, it is important that it also looks in accordance with the corporate ethics of the given trade enterprise. By the way, in the TOPGUARD company, one of the leaders in the market of security services, and for retail, in particular, clothes for employees are sewn to order.

Also, the security officer must be appropriately equipped. As a rule, this is a coded communication system, the necessary means to prevent the actions of intruders (pepper spray, handcuffs, etc.), a mobile gadget (a mobile panic button to call a rapid response group (link to the RRT).

It is worth noting that the security guards of the TOPGARD company always have a first aid kit with them to provide first aid, and they themselves regularly undergo paramedicine trainings.

In addition, the supermarket security must be in good physical shape, be able to politely and kindly treat visitors, settle minor misunderstandings, show stress resistance, calmness, common sense in conflict situations.

The technical side of the issue

The cost of protecting a store today largely depends on how the store is technically equipped to ensure the safety of customers and protect against theft. At TOPGUARD this is a separate technical department (link to "topguard digital). Its specialists will assemble the necessary equipment for business tasks - from frames and motion sensors to alarms and video surveillance cameras.

Today TOPGUARD is one of the few security structures that pays great attention to the technical side of the issue, saving the client's money. After all, everyone knows that the price for guarding a store will be higher if more physical security posts are involved. In addition, the availability of modern technical equipment allows one security guard in a large store to control all its zones from his mobile gadget.

In addition, the store owner or his delegated persons have the same opportunity. Agree that in the case when you, being on a business trip, can observe your property, practically eliminates the question of the cost of protecting the store.

Questions about the security of a store in Kiev or Kharkiv, about organizing the security of a shopping center and how much it costs to guard a retail store are practically on the same plane: all this can be organized and secured, and it will cost much less than your nerves and peace of mind.

TOPGUARD is a trusted security company

For more than two decades, TOPGUARD has been guarding the interests of Ukrainian citizens, including representatives of medium and small businesses involved in trade. We do our best to protect individuals and their property from intruders and fraudsters. To get an idea of our competence and professionalism, just look at the website for a list of clients who are currently provided with security services for shopping centers, boutiques, shops. TopGuard security is represented in almost all major shopping centers in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnieper, Lvov, etc. (link to "shopping mall security").

We ensured the safety of the world's largest sports competitions, such as EURO 2012 and the final of the Football Champions League, Eurovision contests, concerts of the largest music stars. UEFA has recognized us as one of the best international security service providers.

We are constantly developing and improving, studying advanced security technologies, closely monitoring the appearance of the latest engineering and technical innovations, exchanging experience with colleagues.

Do not waste your time if you need security for a shopping center, boutique or just a store, contact in any convenient way: by contact phone numbers or via e-mail. Get competent advice and make the final decision to protect your business. We will select and install an optimally effective security system, help to organize the work of a trade enterprise correctly, in such a way as to reduce profit losses, and eliminate the very possibility of offenses.

TOPGUARD is always open to cooperation and is ready to provide support to new customers!

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