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Installation of a fire alarm in a warehouse, office, house or apartment is a prerequisite for maintaining your safety and property integrity. In the primary real estate market, the developer is usually worried about this, but in the secondary market, in the absence of an alarm, it can be installed as part of the general security system along with other sensors. Installation must be performed in accordance with the standards of a licensed company. In addition, the presence of such a system, for example, at the enterprises, is regulated by law and technical safety standards.

Fire is the most destructive, unpredictable and uncontrollable element, which can be avoided through the installation of a high-quality modern fire alarm system. Today, TopGard primarily offers installation at the facilities located in Kyiv. As for other regions, it depends on the scope of order, which exceed several premises, and may also be part of other security services.


Fire safety is a complex technical system that allows identifying the occurrence of a fire at the early stages and prevent further spread of fire by warning signals. System includes the following elements:

  • control panel analyses the condition of fire sensors and controls the automation;
  • display unit displays alarm status;
  • uninterruptible power supply supports the system even in the absence of electricity;
  • various sensors detect fire or combustion products.


The number of sensors installed and their type ensure the level of safety and fire detection rate, and, therefore, increase the likelihood of preventing fire. Fire detectors are devices designed to detect signs of incipient fire and combustion products (smoke concentration, air temperature, carbon dioxide levels and open flames). For each of these signs, there are separate types of detectors:

  • smoke detector - reacts to the presence of smoke, dust and vapours in the air, the most common type of fire detector;
  • thermal sensor - responds to a change in temperature, can be of threshold type (respond when a certain specified temperature is exceeded) or integral (respond to the rate of temperature change);
  • flame sensor - reacts to the presence of an open flame in the premises where rapid fire is possible;
  • multi-sensor - monitors the presence of several signs at once, modern and more reliable technology.


Fire safety is a basic element of entire security system at any facility under guard. The most efficient operation of the fire safety system is in conjunction with the general security system, video surveillance and fire extinguishing systems. The pricing for such an integrated system is higher, but your personal safety is worth of it. It is better to entrust the installation and maintenance of such system to professionals in their field without saving on price. View prices for TopGard security services in the price list on our website.

TopGard Security Company is a reliable guarantor of you and your property safety. Our staff will assist you in choosing the best way to protect your apartment against fire, installing and configuring all the necessary devices, sensors and detectors, giving guidance with prices and answering any related question. Many residents and enterprises of Kyiv, Odessa, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Dnipro and Kharkiv entrusted our Company with the protection of their real estate and property.

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