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Legal services

TOPGUARD Security Company legal department offers such services:

1. Due diligence (analysis of the legal registration of business entity):

  • Analysis of the constituent documents and any document the decisions of management, local (intra) regulations;
  • Analysis of the order of general meetings of members (shareholders), Board of Directors meetings;
  • Analysis of contracts, documents with the relationship with third parties, as well as relations within the holding companies and groups of companies;
  • Analysis of legal registration of labor relations and workflow;
  • Management mechanisms review;
  • Validity of the rights check to movable and immovable property;
  • Analysis of receivables and payables;
  • Analysis of the security of company assets;
  • Recommendations for addressing the identified violations, discrepancies between existing legislation and risks.

2. Legal service (single and integrated business entity support):

  • Oral and written legal advice;
  • Regulatory support;
  • Legal support for any kind of transactions;
  • Conflict resolution.

3. Legal aid in drafting documents (preparation, analysis, and the current management of legal documentation):

  • A full set of documents for registration, reorganization or liquidation of the legal entity of any organizational-legal form, taking into account the specifics of its activities (Charter, Memorandum, protocols, decisions, etc.);
  • All types of commercial contracts and accompanying documents;
  • Local regulations governing labor relations (labor and collective bargaining agreements, job descriptions, internal regulations, orders and other internal documents);
  • Pre-trial documents and judicial courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts (applications, complaints, appeals, claims, motions, plea agreements, etc.);
  • documents for the collection of data and relevant information on contractors, employees and job candidates (questionnaires, tests, etc.);
  • documents containing measures to protect the confidentiality of the information constituting a trade secret (Regulation on trade secret, list of the basic information of a confidential nature, agreements or contractual obligation not to disclose proprietary and trade secrets, etc.);
  • Documents for the registration of intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, etc.).

4. Representation and protection of interests of individuals and legal entities:

  • representation in all state, municipal, private, commercial and non-commercial, as well as other organizations and institutions on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Conducting business in the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts in all courts;
  • Enforcement.

5. Services in the sphere of state registration:

  • Registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it;
  • Registration of intellectual property rights;
  • Registration of enterprises.
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