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  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом

Ukraine is a country that has a large transit transport system, and Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other large cities of the country are large transport hubs, with a huge number of different cars. And it's no secret that often both transport and cargo is a tasty morsel for thieves and intruders. Therefore, vehicle control by satellite tracking of cars, that is, vehicle control through gps monitoring, is becoming more and more relevant.

Benefits Of a Satellite Tracking System

The GPS vehicle monitoring system is a useful addition, which is most often provided free of charge in conjunction with security and cargo escort services, when a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of a vehicle is to track the location of the vehicle and its route along the entire route. With the GPS monitoring service, carried out using a satellite tracking system, you can be sure of the safety of cargo and the safety of its movement throughout Ukraine, from the borders to Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Sumy, Nikolaev, Lvov, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine, as well as between regions. That is why gps monitoring of transport in Ukraine is becoming more and more popular.

Now gps control of the route of transport and gps monitoring of the vehicle fleet as a whole is widespread almost throughout Ukraine, and vehicles and satellite navigation systems have become commonplace.

Satellite tracking systems for a car, in particular, and vehicles in general, only benefit both the vehicle owner and the hired driver.

Recall that the monitoring system of a car or a car park allows not only to control the operation of vehicles, but also to help in case of traffic jams or any emergency situations.

GPS trackers for vehicle monitoring provide additional timely information about transport and following the route; this is a kind of satellite monitoring of the car. Therefore, buy a gsm tracker as a vehicle tracking system, as they say, what the doctor ordered. In addition, gps vehicle tracking is an improved navigation.

The presence of such a vehicle control system allows:

  • to be sure that the convoy moves according to the approved route without deviations from the control points (confirmation of the safety of the transported cargo);
  • gps vehicle tracking will help to calculate the time of arrival to points, stopping points;
  • monitor compliance with the speed limit. receive information about stops, their duration;
  • gps vehicle control allows you to always know the exact location of the vehicle;
  • control fuel consumption;
  • installation of a gps monitoring system makes it possible to control from a computer and even from your mobile device.

The Principle Of Operation Of The Satellite Tracking And Vehicle Control System

The satellite GPS tracking system is very convenient to use for our clients from various cities of Ukraine. The TOPGUARD company uses high-quality and modern special equipment for security and tracking systems. The GPS satellite monitoring system of the vehicle consists of the following components:

  • on-board satellite equipment, which is mounted directly into guarded vehicles - a GPS tracker (it determines the exact coordinates using a satellite tracking system and transmits them to the server) and various sensors (fuel, temperature, driver IDs, trailed equipment, etc.);
  • software - processes the received data and transmits information about location, speed, fuel consumption to a server, computer or mobile device.

How are services provided at TOGUARD?

Now, knowing that the transport can be equipped with a tracking system and the GPS monitoring service is an integral part of the service when escorting transport in Kyiv and the regions, you need to dial a contact phone number. Your application will go to our employee. After that, he will discuss all the details of the service (type of transport, type of cargo, purpose and destination of the trip, etc.), and, we dare to assure, the price for the purchase and installation of equipment for gps monitoring will pleasantly surprise you. Our specialists will install and configure trackers, sensors and software, as well as, if necessary, develop a detailed route, taking into account gas stations, resting places, hazardous areas, etc.

Also, in conjunction with GPS systems, TOPGUARD offers solutions for the safety and security of goods, when, together with cargo escort (link to escort), a wireless autonomous mobile alarm system is used. It can be local and focused on the driver or freight forwarder. Or be with wider access, for example, with the control of a security company, as well as the management of a transport company or a representative of the owner of the cargo.

The price for installing gps on a car in Kiev and services for equipping transport with satellite monitoring and satellite tracking systems for your car (or a whole fleet of vehicles) will be competitive and you can see it in the price list.

Generally, the price of satellite vehicle monitoring and satellite vehicle tracking system differs depending on the brand of equipment, the number of vehicles and the complexity of its installation.

Your personal safety and the safety of your cargo can be ensured by experienced and qualified employees of the TOPGUARD security company, which is trusted by clients from many cities of Ukraine. The TOPGUARD Company has been engaged in security for several decades. With us you can be sure of the safety of your property and personal safety.

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