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Pros of renting a car with a driver for a day in Kyiv

What will you get from renting a car with a driver for a day in Kyiv, what will you do and how will it affect your performance

Firstly, by renting a car with a driver for a day, for example, at TopGuard, you get not only freedom of movement, but also a huge selection of cars: from economy class to executive. TopGuard today has the largest car park in Kyiv.

Secondly, you get a driver who not only has excellent driving skills and a reputation as a professional who has been driving around the city without accidents for many years, but also thoroughly knows the city, transport interchanges, traffic jams and ways to get around them. It is difficult for people who find themselves in Kyiv for the first time to get used to the high congestion of roads, deal with traffic interchanges and find a parking place on their own. Without knowing the traffic patterns in a foreign city, it is easy to get stuck in traffic jams and miss an important meeting, which, in turn, can negatively affect your reputation.

Third, you don't have to look for where to rent a car. You will be met at the airport in a clean and presentable car that you have previously ordered. And the driver will not only look appropriate, but will not be intrusive. On the contrary, he will be courteous, polite, if necessary, he will support the conversation. And your car will be technically ready and filled.

For these reasons, instead of the usual car rental, it is better to rent a car with a personal driver who will quickly and comfortably take you to your destination.Renting a car with a driver for a day allows you to rationally manage your time, arrive at any place without delay, not depend on the schedule of public transport, waiting for a taxi. Also, there is no need to deal with issues of repair, maintenance and refueling of the car. The company will take care of all these problems.

That is, renting a car with a driver for a day will give you complete freedom in solving the issues that you intended to solve.

  • Mercedez-Benz
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • Skoda
  • Range Rover
  • Toyota
  • Tesla

Features of long-term car rental with a driver in TOPGUARD

The company "TopGuard" offers many ready-made solutions that will make your trip safe and comfortable.

AUTO. All cars in our fleet are in perfect technical and aesthetic condition, equipped with everything you need: air conditioning, audio systems, climate control, comfortable seats. We have for your choice Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Tesla, Porsche, Range Rover and many others.

DRIVERS. Our staff are professional drivers. Also, they have skills of a security guard. Their appearance corresponds to the status of the car. Having a personal driver will undoubtedly emphasize your business image. We can provide English-speaking staff if necessary.

HEALTH. Our drivers have a limited circle of communication - they work with one client only. We are constantly monitoring the well-being of our employees. Also, after each customer, the car is completely aerosolized.

SAFETY. Each car of the company is equipped with a GPS tracker. Our operators can remotely control the car, adjust the speed, and if necessary, arrange the necessary assistance. All business class cars are checked for audio and video recording devices. Outside working hours, the cars are kept in a 24-hour guarded area with no access to unauthorized persons. All cars are equipped with professional first-aid kits, and certified drivers can provide pre-medical first aid.

Our Advantages Of Renting A Car With A Driver

If you rent a car in our company you get the following advantages:

  • Choice. You booked a minibus for an airport transfer, but the next day you need a business sedan, which will emphasize your status at a business meeting. And on the weekend you need an SUV, as you have a family trip planned to a tourist destination. Renting a new car every time will not be profitable. By ordering a rental car for a month in "TopGuard" with a driver, you can pick up a car for any occasion.
  • Test drive. If you are considering buying your own car, you can test-drive any car in our fleet from off-road vehicles to expensive VIP-class models: one day you will drive a BMW, the other day an armored car, while the third day you will drive a luxurious Land Cruiser or an electric car.
  • We work without a deposit. Unlike standard car rental without a driver, you do not have to pay the deposit and car insurance. The company assumes all the risks.
  • Forget about fines. All traffic violations, speed limits, parking, fines are not your responsibility.
  • Saving your money. If you do not need a business class car for every day, you can easily replace it with an economy version with the same level of service. Thus, cost of the monthly rent will be essentially lower.

How To Order a Long-term Car Rental With a Driver?

Ordering a rental car for a month takes only a few minutes. You need to fill the form on our site or call by phone. Our managers will contact you to clarify all the details of the order, help with a choice of a car and efficiently execute all the necessary documents. Minimum prepayment is required for booking a chauffeur-driven car. The final cost will depend on the class of the car and the duration of the lease.

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