Public events security: Conference and forum security

Constant business meetings, business forums and scientific symposiums gather a variety of business and scientific community, where the exchange of information and opinions takes place. That is why it is so important to ensure a proper level of security at such events.

Specifics of security services at conferences and forums

Conference and forum security may differ in some respects. The strategy largely depends on factors such as

  • focus;
  • mass scale of the audience;
  • place and purpose of the event.
  • Since any conference involves a large number of people, each of them can be a potential source of mass disorder and encroachment on life and property.

    A distinctive feature of the security of international conferences and forums is the international format of the organization, which corresponds to the world principles. Within the framework of international events, the following is distinguished:

  • providing a strict access control system for all participants of conferences to pass the face control;
  • individual support of important persons;
  • ensuring the integrity of things and material values in the territory;
  • control of visitor behavior and prevention of illegal actions.
  • Security officers use technical equipment for quality security services at international forums and conferences.

    Security organization at conference events

    The organization of security for public events with a large number of visitors requires the development of individual solutions to build a security system. The basic set of security services may include

  • site verification and zoning;
  • parking control, face control;
  • individual accompaniment of the participants of the event;
  • video surveillance along the perimeter and in high-risk areas;
  • synchronization of security services and personal protection of important guests of the event;
  • ensuring fire safety measures;
  • control over the safety of personal belongings of guests;
  • providing protection of confidential information of certain guests by individual agreement;
  • escorting important guests to special accommodation areas;
  • compliance with the rules and regulations established by the organizers control (e.g. smoking in designated areas);
  • timely identification of dangerous or prohibited items.
  • Such responsible tasks are entrusted to highly professional specialists in the field of security services.

    Choice of TopGuard security services

    Maintenance of order and safety is better to trust the professionals from TopGuard security company. Competent and well-coordinated work of the specialists will allow to hold the event at a high level and will favorably influence the reputation of the conference organizers.

    TopGuard security company has been rendering services on protection and safety of people and objects for more than 20 years. Before the beginning of work, we always offer creation of the event safety concept, there is a study of the technical plan of the territory, a personnel dislocation and the evacuation plan.

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