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Protection of Public Events: Conferences, Congresses, Business Forums

We've all had the chance, whether we wanted to or not, to take part in all sorts of public events, be it a well-planned rally, a festive demonstration, a sport event, or attending a concert by a popular star.

And as you may have noticed such events are quite well guarded. Especially if they involve people with a name, who have both followers and support, and enemies who are able to influence a certain audience and bring chaos to the event. In order to avoid this, professional security agencies are invited who are able to stabilize the situation even if it is tense to the limit.

Features of security for conferences, business forums, congresses, etc.

Kiev is the city where such events are held most often. Security company TOPGUARD, which is often involved for their protection, has vast experience in organizing security measures. According to the company's management, the main difference between the protection of conferences, business forums, congresses, and shareholder gatherings from the protection of other forms of mass events is that each of their participants is a specially invited guest, who, in fact, has the status of a VIP person.

Based on this, the organizers of such events must solve two key safety problems. The level of service in relation to such important guests must be impeccable, the approach must be individual, while it is necessary to ensure the overall safety of the event and the safety of each individual guest. Both organizers and guests are interested in this.

It is important to remember that people with this status do not really like to go through the necessary procedures related to security: this includes checking documents, and passing through a metal detector frame, inspecting things for prohibited items, etc. Therefore, the service must be professional: unobtrusive, but at the same time efficient and effective. Another nuance, guests come to such events in very expensive cars, which means that their safety is also the responsibility of the security personnel. In addition, during the work of forums, conferences, congresses, a large amount of high-tech equipment is used, and the documentation with which the invited persons work or get acquainted is often invaluable. Therefore, here, too, it is required to ensure its safety, be it in paper form or on electronic media.

Providing Security

It is clear that to ensure this level of security, high-profile specialists with relevant experience and skills are needed. In this case, the level of protection must correspond to the level of the bodyguard.

To organize the security of such events, Topgard has a specially selected group of security guards who are distinguished by their coordination in actions, the ability to work with complex technical equipment, from metal detectors at the entrance to a defibrillator or an oxygen concentrator for first aid. (By the way, a professional paramedic is always present at events of this level).

In order for the security of the event to be unobtrusive and at the same time effective, the Topgard team uses closed radio communication systems with a hidden headset to conduct negotiations without disturbing the guests. Plus, a special mobile post is used using a closed Wi-Fi system. The post allows you to work with remote wireless sensors for opening / closing doors, sensors for movement, and conducting zonal video surveillance.

In the rooms for confidential negotiations, if such are suggested by the program of the event, a special check is carried out for the presence of eavesdropping devices and special equipment is installed, which negates the possibility of information leakage. For this, Topgard also has a technical support team licensed by government intelligence agencies to work with such devices.

Also, the responsibilities of the security service include monitoring compliance with fire safety measures, labor safety of technical personnel involved in the event.

A separate item is a radiological check of the room in which this or that event takes place. The level is monitored throughout the entire time of the event.

For general coordination, both the organizers and the security service, and the security team directly for VIPs, have the opportunity to use a closed communication system and a zone video surveillance system. (What happens in their area of ​​interest, they can track on their smartphones).

Equipment and Communication With Other Services

To suppress illegal actions, security company employees have not only special skills and training, but are also equipped with special weapons. The security guard's outfit includes a gas cylinder with tear gas, a stun gun, handcuffs and a traumatic pistol. If, in the opinion of the organizers and the security officer, the level of threats is above average, then several cars with rapid response teams, which are already armed with firearms, are constantly on duty at the event. At the same time, a high level of communication with the police is maintained.

Often, well-known politicians or high-ranking government officials with whom the state security service works are present at events of this rank. In such cases, it is necessary to solve two problems - to ensure the security of the object and the safety of the protected person or persons, without affecting the comfort of other participants in the event.

The Topgard team has extensive relevant experience and is well known in the state security service. Therefore, the service carries out the tasks of protecting the VIP directly, and the general security of the event is assigned to the employees of TOPGUARD. In such cases, close communication is used between the employees of the state security, Topgarda and the police, which ultimately gives excellent results and makes the event as protected and comfortable as possible for its participants.

What is taken into account when protecting such events

As we can see, in order to achieve the maximum result in ensuring safety at such events, it is necessary to take into account many components. All of them should work in a complex, starting with the management of the security company and the customer, and ending with security guards and technical personnel.

When organizing such events, it should be borne in mind that even if the organizer does not change for them, the events themselves each time differ from each other - and in scale; and the goals they pursue; and by the number and status of persons invited to them. Therefore, each time when designing a security architecture, representatives of the organizer meet with security officers to discuss the general plan of the event. Then everyone goes to the venue, where the security company employees make up their vision of organizing the security system, which is then discussed with representatives of the organizer. Often at the level of discussing the plan, adjustments are made, both by the customer and by the security company. We are interested in doing everything for the client as efficiently as possible, providing him with such resources, technologies that will allow him to negate all possible risks, and to do this at the best price without incurring extra costs.

Why choose TOPGUARD

Let's summarize. What skills and knowledge will Topgard employees have when signing a contract with the company for the provision of security services for such an event, and what, in addition to personnel, is provided by the company.

  1. ✔ high-class security personnel of the "bodyguard" level;
  2. ✔ a first aid specialist with the necessary medical equipment;
  3. ✔ personnel with experience in working with special services, including services that ensure the safety of top officials of the state;
  4. ✔ all employees of the company have knowledge and skills in first aid;
  5. ✔ personnel are trained in actions in fire hazardous situations, have skills in handling a fire extinguisher and other fire extinguishing means;
  6. ✔ personnel who speak foreign languages ​​(when holding an event with the participation of foreign guests);
  7. ✔ technical support of the event, including closed coded communication, video control system, access control, metal detector frames at the entrance, etc.

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