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Security agency (company) TopGuard
Security agency (company) TopGuard

  • Персональная охрана
  • Охрана физических лиц
  • Личный охранник
  • Услуги персональной охраны
  • Нанять телохранителя

If you decided to order private security service, first start from understanding details of private security services and working process. Let’s start from the definition of private security meaning.

So, first of all private military & security companies that providing services is urged to ensure safety of any objects, irrespective of form of ownership. It is a team which is sent to an emergency site for the subsequent detention of criminals. Services of private security are provided by specialized companies. Besides, private security teams may take part in streets patrolling, prevention of various crimes along with police. These two services are very similar and which one to choose depends only on your personal preferences. Departmental security service in other words is police which as well as private security service provides protection services to enterprises and manufacturing units, nevertheless there is some difference between them.

In case of departmental protection option it is necessary to remember that it works according to a strict regulation of rules which never change. They submit to certain principles and conduct the work according to them. You have to become used to strict inspections by official services and public order. The price policy of departmental structures is not a positive factor. They work on a basis of official tariffs which may be much higher than at professional private security companies.

Private security

Anyway both departmental and private security company will treat the tasks set for them with similar responsibility. All employees who perform protection services pass careful selection; they constantly train to be fit and are also equipped with modern and qualitative equipment. As for the equipment, private protection most often recommends using alarm systems and supervision as it helps to observe all territory of protected object. In particular new technologies in many cases are the mean to fix various violations and threats in due time.

You can address for services of private security to install security equipment in the territory. It can work without intervention of the person and minimize your expenditures for private security. In case of a threat occurrence to enterprise object or its employees the equipment will transmit a signal to the centralized protection panel and security patrol team will arrive to the object for detention of criminals. In the same way you may install security and fire alarm system or panic button.

It is not so important what type of security service you choose for your office, house or any other building. It is much more important that it exists at your venue and supports security of your facilities and employees. Nowadays it is too risky for employees, material or intellectual values to stay without protection and security supervision. There are too many various threats around and it is vital to be reinsured in safety and security. We advise to address only professionals who will analyze your requirements and will offer the most suitable option. You shouldn't choose at random, because it may lead to unreasonable waste of money. But if you approach a situation comprehensively, your enterprise will be taken care of by responsible hands of professionals and you will be absolutely safe.

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