Protection from raider seizures – TOPGUARDThe term "raiding" is increasingly seen in news headlines. Over the past 7 years, according to open sources, there have been about 3300 raider attacks in our country. There were even more attempts. Official statistics do not reflect the whole picture, because often such actions are qualified as hooliganism, and not as illegal seizure of property or opposition to legitimate business activities.

Check Sites on Spy Hardware Components Although the development of modern technologies has brought a lot of positive things into our lives, there are also negative aspects. These include wiretapping of premises. As they say, who owns information, he owns the world. This can explain the huge number of bugs and other devices that are used for wiretapping. Fortunately, many organizations today are helping to identify these devices. They do a professional search for bugs and protect premises, and a number of technical innovations help to avoid the installation of new spy gadgets.

Features of the protection of jewelry stores

The jewelry store is filled with high-value items, attracting the attention of not only buyers but also robbers. To keep the jewelry safe, you need a physical guard. The very fact of the presence of a polite and presentable security service increases the status of the store in the eyes of visitors and makes it clear to potential robbers that the place is under reliable protection.


Reasons for false alarms of security Security is the state of a system or object (housing, apartment, etc.), in which the impact of external and internal factors does not interfere with its activities


How to protect your home while on vacation Going on vacation at any time of the year, the owners of private houses are trying to protect their homes from intruders. A high level of security can be provided by professional security companies, modern alarm systems, etc. It is better to take care of the protection of your property in advance in order to avoid unpleasant situations with theft.


Alarm button - what is it and what is it for? Every home or business owner wants his property to be safe. For this purpose, reliable doors and windows, wired or wireless alarm systems are installed in the premises, contracts are signed with private security companies.


Wired or wireless burglar alarm

One of the principles of the classification of security alarm systems is the method of signal transmission. Based on this principle, two types of alarms are distinguished: wired and wireless. Both types are presented on the modern market by a wide selection of models. Accordingly, the buyer has a natural question: what kind of alarm system to prefer, wired or wireless.

If a few years earlier many would have recommended wired systems, due to the more attractive cost, increased level of reliability, and the possibility of installing sensors at a sufficiently large distance from the alarm control center, today wireless alarm systems have thoroughly "mastered" in the security market and is a full-fledged rival to wired models.


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