checking the premises for wiretappingIn the modern world, a service that provides for the search for bugs in a room is gaining popularity. There can be many reasons to suspect wiretapping. Most often, checking for listening to the premises is required when one of the spouses does not trust the other and can install a radio device or a hidden type of video camera.

how to detect wiretapping at homeThe wide possibilities of modern technologies allow not only accessing the Internet and using artificial intelligence algorithms. They also contribute to a significant expansion of opportunities for espionage.

how to find out if there are hidden cameras in an apartmentYou can find an illegally installed tracking device in your own or rented apartment in different situations. Experts will tell you how to find out if there are hidden cameras in the apartment and the reasons for their appearance. Such video surveillance can be installed by one of the spouses in order to convict the other of infidelity or to find out certain information about him.

how to find a bug in an apartmentTheoretically, everyone can face the problem of violation of the right to privacy in their house or apartment. Despite the fact that installing a bug in an apartment to monitor the daily routine of residents is strictly prohibited by the current...


checking the office for wiretappingThere are many reasons to think about checking your office for listening devices. First of all, such unpleasant situations can arise due to the high level of competition. Also, violation of confidentiality and leakage of information may be beneficial to some partners of the firm or its employees.

how to find out if there is a wiretap in the officeToday, many situations have been identified that lead to surveillance in offices, divisions of large companies or even small firms. Checking the office for bugs and wiretapping is a necessity these days. Competition can cause the installation of various spy devices on the territory of rivals.

how to find wiretapping using your phoneToday, Ukrainian legislation considers tapping smartphones a criminal offense. When there is a suspicion about whether there is wiretapping on the phone, you should be vigilant and use the recommendations of specialists. There are many options for how to protect yourself, and ways to protect your mobile phone from wiretapping.

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