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TopGuard Training Center. Close security officers TRAINING. Bodyguards trainings.

Close security officers (Bodyguards) Training Center works since September 2012.
Groups up to 6 persons.

TopGuard Training Center provides advanced training of guards, bodyguards, personal protection groups for local and international Clients in Kiev, Ukraine. Bodyguards training are carried at our own training base in Kiev, Ukraine.

Contact number: +38 (099) 919-06-11

7 days14 days21 days
1000 USD2000 USD excluding driving training3000 USD excluding driving training
2 500 USD including driving training3 500 USD including driving training
Practical exercises
Special defensive techniques for VIP protection
VIP Security theory
Weapon Training (Makarov gun, TT pistol) Shooting saloon
Weapon Training (Kalashnikov upgraded submachine gun, Dragunov sniper rifle, Assault rifle)
Business etiquette
Conflict management
Experimental psychology
Fire fighting training
Incidentfree driving trainingBodyguard driver training
Anti-terrorist training
Legal training
Technique training
Object security theory
Close protection Team Leader Training
Specific subjects (diving, swimming)
Combat psychology

To register for a course please call: +38(099) 919 06 11

Personal protection officers (bodyguards) training. Basic Course (example).

Basic course is designed for bodyguards and personal protection groups Training and Professional development.

Basic mode of study - theoretical and practical training in close to real environment, situational and special training.
Group session. Groups up to 4 - 6 persons.
For individual learning, the price is discussed separately.

Bodyguards training courses are held by the best specialists in personal protection, safety systems and security-driving training fields.

Course duration - 7 days.

Upon completion of the course the following documents are issued:
- certificate of completion «Close protection officers training»;
- results appendix.

You must have next items with you during the training:
- passport;
- workbook, pen;
- sport suit.

BASIC Course outline includes:

1. The theory of VIP security.
а) Basic security methods, preventive methods from possible attacks against the VIP;
b) Methods, techniques and VIP security measures;

2.Practice, special techniques for VIP protection.
a) Development of sustainable VIP protection skill (surveillance detection, detection of explosives, VIP security, response to emergency situations);
b) Methods to counter attack;
c) Weapons Combating against one or a group of unarmed and armed attackers;
d) Hours of Actions of VIP Protection alone or as part of Protection Team, techniques with and without a gun, creating a skill of swift action during a combat situation.

3. Shooting saloon.
Basic techniques with a gun, instinctive shooting skill development at a short distance.

4. Medical training.
Introduction to and practicing in providing first aid to the victim.

In addition, the TOPGUARD training center on regular base holds the following activities:

  • workshops, experience exchange with the military and anti-terrorist unit;
  • presentations and exhibition shows of new types of special equipment, gear and training equipment;
  • testing and development of weapons, special equipment, training and simulation tools.

In order to improve the learning process we also carry out:

  • training instructors qualifications upgrade during courses and seminars conducted by various Ukrainian and international organizations;
  • participation in conferences and exhibitions thematically related to security, close protection and training of security structures;
  • educational and methodical work on the accumulation and synthesis of experience in training bodyguards and other security issues;
  • continuous expansion and improvement of training facilities;
  • participation in contests and competitions in professional training field.


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