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We present a new service - "Escort by armed personal security using armored vehicles."

Renting an armored car is a relatively new service, but has already become popular. It is offered not only by Kiev, but also by a number of other large cities of Ukraine. Topgard offers ready-made, professional, proven solutions that make potential threats impossible, ensure security in negotiations with a high level of risk:

  • expensive investment agreements;
  • sale / purchase transactions, for example, real estate;
  • cash and securities agreements; at unwanted meetings;
  • if you have received life threats to you or your family;
  • for other events that may become critical.

Depending on the level of risks, we will offer the optimal security format required for your safety.

One of them is renting an armored car with a driver and a bodyguard. Today Kiev has become a city where such a service - renting an armored car - has become one of the most popular.

As a standard, we work with one pair of bodyguards who will be there when necessary, in several professional armed and well-coordinated teams simultaneously involved with the involvement of armored cars (and cars with increased tactical capabilities) special equipment, coded communications and full paramedical support.

We sincerely want your life to be free of unpleasant surprises and to be protected.

Note that important or critical moments in life always require responsible decisions and a professional approach!

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