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Security company TOPGUARD

We present a new service - "Escort by armed personal security using armored vehicles."

We offer ready-made, professional and proven solutions that neutralize and make impossible potential threats and ensure security on negotiations with a high level of risk:

  • escort on big investment agreements;
  • сpurchase transactions, for example, real estate;
  • agreements with big amount of cache and agreements about valued stocks;
  • during unwanted meetingsх;
  • if you have received threats to the life of you or your family;
  • for other events that may become critical.

Depending on the level of risks, we will offer the optimal security format required for your safety.

As a standard, we work with one pair of EPA who will be near the Client when necessary, with several professional, armed and well-coordinated teams simultaneously using armored cars (and vehicles with increased tactical capabilities) special equipment, coded communication and full paramedical support.

We sincerely want your life to be protected and free of unpleasant surprises.

Alse we want to note that important or critical moments in life always require responsible decisions and a professional approach!

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