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24/7 personal managers for you.
Professional bodyguards.
Rapid response teams.
Operational control
Technical support.
Legal support.

Modern solutions for
business comfort and security
according to your own rules.
A free audit and expert security recommendations.

Transportation of money and valuables.
Support of transactions (sale of real estate, cash, securities, unwanted meetings...).

Any level of difficulty.
Local and international.

Detection and neutralisation of illegal surveillance and eavesdropping devices in premises and cars.

Life is priceless!
Learn to shoot with any firearm and provide first aid to yourself and others.
Everything will be fun, clear and understandable.
You will definitely like it!

Security services in Kiev

TopGuard is a leading company in the Ukrainian market of security services. Our experience helps us to provide maximum quality of security services, in accordance with European norms and standards. All our bodyguards take special education and training and they are ready to any non-standard tasks and situations. Read more p>

Our Benefits
  • More than 20 years of experience in the market of security services

  • Huge international experience in the protection and participation in major international projects

  • Using the latest technologies for the protection

  • The choice of brand clothes based on the wishes, image and corporate ethics of the client

  • The shortest terms of providing the security services from the moment of signing the contract

  • Flexible pricing

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Security services

Security services

Security service companies are becoming more popular these days. Private security becomes a question of necessity for many people therefore our company provides qualified protection and security services for individuals and businesses.

Unfortunately, many people take a final decision to hire an expert only after certain events. But our recommendation is not to run a risk. Security will never be superfluous because nobody in this world is immune. In turn, security - is a kind of insurance against accidents, and it should work professionally and accurately as possible, to carry out tasks based on the needs of the customer.

So, if you decided to use the services of a specialized company, you should consider several subtleties. First of all, security and protection should be reliable and professional. It is best to contact the company that provides a full range of services. This is convenient, since you as a Client can choose the best option that suits you and your company.

Security company

Security company

Perfect Security Company for each client is the one that provides a full range of services including personal, office and industrial security. Let us take a view at each of these services in detail.

Executive security or close protection is a service provided by Security Companies directly to the Client. Most often Security companies provide their best professionals with proper experience and recommendations to perform such kind of services. Therefore if you need to enhance your personal security acquire about skills and experience of the bodyguard you are going to hire, after all it is very important that in case of threat he could react immediately and eliminate it quickly. A stake is your life so raise all important questions to you before contracting a Security Company.

Security companies

Security companies

Almost each Ukrainian Security Company provides office security services. This service considers physical protection of employees and Executives at their workplace and security of the office premises or the entire building. Also office security includes access control system of a building or office entrance and also monitoring an external visitors flow.

To perform this kind of service Security Companies provide professionals capable to take immediate security measures in case of a threat to all people in the building. Before signing the contract with a Security Company you should discuss a set of details starting from security systems installation and finishing with protection equipment of the guard. Personal training of security guards is no less important therefore surely inquire about their experience and when applicable interview each of them.

Security companies in kiev


Many Security Companies in Kiev offer entire buildings, premises, facilities and cargo security services. Premises security implies total perimeter security with use of security systems necessary to perform this service. Cargo security supposes its protection while storing or during its transportation. All the services mean protection against unauthorized persons’ actions.

Full range of security services is provided by few Kyiv Security Companies therefore you can consider each of them while making your choice. But don't forget to approach to this choice most attentively. Be attentive to details and try to consider all threats that may influence your business. In our turn our company will help you avoid them.

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