Public events security: Concert security

Many mass events of different character take place at active development of the market of cultural and social services. They involve pyrotechnics, musical and vocal phonograms and there is a huge number of people. These are the places where it is important to ensure high quality security.

Security features at concerts

Concert security is a kind of professional training exam, because not every security organization has specialists with the skills to work in crowded places.

Since there are social and political tensions in the society that contribute to the growth of protest actions, violations of public order may occur at cultural and mass events.

These disturbances can lead to the lives and health of people being endangered; to vandalism and disorderly conduct. Guards should be able to take appropriate action both indoors and outdoors during concerts.

The specifics of the security measures applied depend on the specifics of the concert or festival. The development of a law enforcement plan takes into account the psychological characteristics of the public. Security professionals should demonstrate excellent physical fitness and psychological stability, as well as high organizational culture skills.

Before concerts, the security service checks the area for compliance with fire safety standards. A plan for evacuation of people in case of fire or other force majeure is also developed and approved.

Stages and tasks of security measures at concerts

To protect people at concerts and festivals, a comprehensive approach to their organization is mandatory. First of all, security officers evaluate the specifics of the event, its location and format, and calculate the approximate number of visitors. The next step is to develop an order ensuring plan for the site. The basic tasks included in this plan are:

  • ensuring physical security;
  • organizing access and visitors control;
  • introduction of video surveillance and video monitoring of the territory;
  • organization of a rapid response team.
  • High physical training of security guards is important for the safety of guests. This increases the status of the event and minimizes the risks. The mode of passes guarantees the control of visitors.

    Video surveillance is an additional security measure in the critical risk areas of the facility. Prompt response is extremely important in case of mass crowds, as the power support reduces the risk of crime in the crowd.

    Provision of concerts security by TopGuard company

    TopGuard provides a range of concert security services:

  • organization of an invitation control system;
  • technical perimeter monitoring;
  • elimination of suspicious objects;
  • guest security within the location.
  • Advantages of cooperation with us are:

  • long-term experience in security activity with a flexible price policy;
  • preliminary development of weak spots of the object and recommendations for their strengthening;
  • organization of car parking and ensuring the safety of property;
  • presentable appearance and high cultural level of guards;
  • high level of training, extreme endurance and experience in defense and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and in the AFU.
  • It is possible to order security measures at an acceptable price in Kiev and Ukraine.

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