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Kyiv, like no other city in Ukraine, attracts a large number of artists of various genres: from opera divas to rock idols and pop stars. A huge number of people are present at their concerts. It is in such places that it is important to provide quality security.

Safety Features At Concerts

Concert security is a kind of vocational training exam, since not every security organization employs specialists with the skills to work in crowded places.

The features of the applied security measures depend on the specifics of a particular concert event or festival. When developing a plan for organizing law and order, the psychological characteristics of the public are taken into account.

The TOPGUARD company approaches this issue in a comprehensive manner and has all the necessary resources for this. Almost all the stars of the world stage and performers who collect thousands of stadiums of fans prescribe in their rider strict requirements for the conditions of personal safety and the safety of the team with which they work. When people turn to us for these services, we, at Topgard, in turn, ensure the personal safety of the star and her team from the moment of arrival, directly during the concert, and until the moment of her/his departure.

How TOPGUARD Works To Ensure Safety At Concerts?

The most effective security guards work in close connection with the artist's personal guards who work with him - behind the scenes, on stage and at the stage.

It is also important that such companies as TOPGUARD think over the logistics of the event, providing the artist and his team with cars of various classes, ranging from vehicles (minibuses and buses) for technical personnel, and ending with armored cars for the artist and his/her the immediate environment, if such a security service is registered in his/her rider. Before the concert events, the area is checked by the security service for compliance with fire safety standards. Also, a plan is developed and approved in the event of the evacuation of people in the event of a fire or other force majeure circumstances.

Let us remind you once again that for the protection of concerts and festivals an integrated approach to their organization is required. First of all, the security personnel evaluate the specifics of the event, its location and format, and also calculate the approximate number of visitors. The next step is to develop a law enforcement plan at the site. The basic tasks included in this plan are:

  • Providing physical security;
  • Organization of access control and control of visitors;
  • Introduction of video surveillance and video monitoring of the territory;
  • Organization of a rapid response team.

Generally, security riders in the halls require that the guards are physically fit and well organized. Here we divide the solution to the problem into two parts, like the teams working in the hall. The first, the so-called "friendly" team, is responsible for the access control. A security guard is the first person a person who comes to a concert meets, and his first impression of an event largely depends on how he is received. People came to rest, get a good mood. Very often, before this, many of the public "warm up" themselves with strong drinks, and in such cases, the guards must be tolerant, and at the same time perform their main functions - to prevent people with weapons, prohibited items, and alcoholic drinks from entering the hall; people showing aggression towards others. In the latter case, the guard must make it clear to such persons that their behavior can offend others, and, if a person or a group of people does not respond to requests, simply do not allow them into the hall.

The duties of another team of security guards who work in the hall (basically, these are security officers, the level of bodyguards), is to respond to illegal or aggressive actions of visitors to the event by explaining what is allowed and what is not allowed during the concert. In special cases, they have the right to remove such a person or group of people from the hall. Members of this team work at the stage, and are also used in the force response group to resolve local conflicts. Themselves, there can be several groups, depending on the area of ​​the hall or stadium, where they work sectoral.

The Technical Side

It is clear that ensuring security at such events requires a large number of security personnel, from drivers to security officials, and everyone must work harmoniously, as one team. This coherence is ensured by training in group work skills. In addition, special technical support is required. In our case, these are several closed radio communication channels and a closed WI-FI channel, which covers the entire territory of the event and is connected with security systems. For this, TOPGUARD has the necessary equipment and a special vehicle, which is the headquarters. In it, you can see the whole picture of the event, broadcast from different, both wired and wireless cameras installed throughout the area where the event is taking place. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently respond to all extraordinary situations in various areas. TOPGUARD installs such equipment autonomously, provided that the customer orders such a service.

Benefits when working with TOPGUARD

  1. You get a free security consultation when organizing a concert.
  2. You get security guards with the competence and skills of the bodyguard level and power support.
  3. The security will be provided with everything necessary to carry out the assigned tasks. This includes the proper means of communication, and weapons, and adherence to the dress code.
  4. Transport and paramedical support.
  5. Full technical support.

Many cultural events took place under the protection of Topgard. Among them: Eurovision 2017 and 2018, Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts, Depeche Mode and others. And the security company "Topgard" was recognized by many concert organizers as the best non-state structure for the provision of protection and security services in Ukraine.

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