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When we talk about the protection of events, we mean the protection of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties and other mass events in which several key persons and a group of invited guests who need protection take part. By the way, the location where this event takes place should also be safe.

Features of The Protection of Events

It would seem, why guard a wedding or birthday, when those present are good acquaintances and friends, outsiders are not invited to such events. But practice shows that protection is still needed. At such events, people quite often drink alcohol and some guests in especially large volumes, which often lead to inappropriate actions on their part and undesirable consequences in general.

In addition, such an event is usually provided by a large number of people - cooks, waiters, catering workers, technical staff, etc. If the event takes place in a restaurant, then other people can rest there, and under the influence of alcohol, for example, some of them may want to join your company, or, in their opinion, to “decorate” it, or in order to "sort out the relationship" with one of your guests.

Often, such events are attended by children whose parents want them not to interfere with their rest, but at the same time be safe and have someone looking after them. This item is also put in the responsibility of security - children must be safe.

Security functions at such events

  1. ✔ control of the list of invited persons so that random people do not get to the event;
  2. ✔ to prevent the carrying of firearms and bladed weapons;
  3. ✔ medical or paramedical support of the event. Usually, in places where such an event takes place, it is crowded, and people can be injured, and lose consciousness, etc. Therefore, the provision of first aid lies with the security guards. (At Topgard, every employee is trained to provide first aid and is appropriately equipped).

Protection of original locations

Often events are held in unprepared premises, such as cottages and villas rented for this purpose, where everything has to be done, as they say, "from scratch." That is, there are separate animators for children, separately - music, separate active recreation areas, food areas, dance areas, etc. are created. Since such locations are unfamiliar to the organizers and guests, they need to be investigated and checked in order to exclude all risks that could affect the safety of the event.

Another common way of holding an event is to celebrate the event on large pleasure boats, where a large number of people are in a confined space, and there is no way to quickly evacuate them in the event of an emergency. To resolve such issues, security is needed, which has special skills to work at such facilities. (Topgard can provide such employees).

Nowadays, it is quite popular to hold such events in open areas in interesting places. For example, in the forest. Here, in the same way, it is necessary to plan out areas of rest, activity, food, adding the organization of transport links. In such cases, in addition to ensuring the safety of guests at the venue of the event, it is also the responsibility of the guard to deliver guests from the event. That is, security guards should not “lose” their clients after the event.

How TOPGUARD do it?

How to make sure that such events are safe, but at the same time ensure that the service is "unobtrusive", does not interfere with the client and his guests to enjoy the holiday. For example, let's take a birthday party in a restaurant.

The client rented a suburban restaurant. 100 guests invited. The restaurant has a playground with animators. The restaurant complex itself is quite extensive - there are several other halls with other people. How is safety ensured in this case?

  1. The client contacts the company and a security specialist for such events goes to the venue of the event. Before that, he gets acquainted with the vision and requirements of the organization of security, the very scenario of the holiday, and after that he offers his options for ensuring the safety of the holiday. For example, at the entrance, guests see only one person, dressed according to the dress code, with a well-organized speech and speaking several languages. What will give out a guard in him is a radio station and a radio communication ear set. This will be the security officer in charge of the invitee list. If necessary, a control frame is placed or a metal detector is used to identify weapons and other prohibited items.
  2. Most likely, there will be a special car nearby, equipped with monitors to control the general situation. A closed Wi-Fi network will operate at the controlled location, which allows placing wireless access and motion sensors, as well as video surveillance cameras for all protected areas. Also in this car there can be 2-3 armed and trained representatives of the security company in case of an emergency. Thus, the guard at the entrance will have comprehensive information about what is happening in the areas that he does not control. The information will be transmitted over encrypted radio communications, or over a closed Wi-Fi network to his tablet.
  3. The response will be instantaneous to areas where physical security is not provided; this area is controlled by technical means. For example, a playground approaches from the forest. If necessary, a security post is immediately set up in order to quickly solve emerging problems.

What does the client get in the end?

  1. ✔ control of all access locations and this control are absolutely invisible to the eyes of guests;
  2. ✔ a service in which the client and his guests see only one guard at the entrance;
  3. ✔ power support in case of emergency situations (the client will not have to wait long for the arrival of the police);
  4. ✔ first aid, which will be provided by either a paramedic or a security officer with skills and training;
  5. ✔ the safety of his children and the children of his guests;
  6. ✔ necessary vehicles: from economy class cars to premium armored cars;
  7. ✔ if necessary, the company provides a meeting of guests and their protection;
  8. ✔ provides bodyguard services if a VIP guest is expected at the event (give a footnote).
  9. That is, the client can enjoy the holiday, and the security will be provided by TOPGUARD. This is the advantage of "TOPGUARD", proven by 20 years of experience in the security services market.

    By the way, Kyiv, a city where a lot of such events take place every day, knows who you can rely on in terms of security. Most of the customers choose TOPGUARD, which is confirmed by thanks and reviews about the company.

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