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The services of security firms are becoming more widespread, and if for Ukraine until recently physical private personal protection was not so widespread, today more and more people need this service.

You can hire one private security guard or bodyguard for one day, day, month, or sign a long-term contract with a security firm.

Professional, personal protection of individuals is not a cheap service, and the price for providing personal protection will be different: you must admit that Kiev is not Vinnitsa. In the capital, more attention is required to protect the privacy of a citizen or citizens. That is, to hire a bodyguard in Kiev, the organization and cost of the service will be more than the organization of the protection of an individual in any other city of Ukraine. Prices will vary greatly.

In fact, personal protection, escort, personal protection service is also an emphasis on status. Not everyone today can order or buy private bodyguards.

It is important to understand that this is one of the most demanding jobs, because the guard in this case is responsible for the life and health of a person, and there is nothing more expensive than this. This is a rule that should be understood by everyone who has decided to devote himself to such a responsible position.

Today, armed personal security has acquired two concepts, it can be a personal bodyguard in Kiev, or an individual's security officer. Although, the main tasks do not change from the change of concepts, both are responsible for human safety. The main thing that it must ensure is the inviolability and safety of the client. In many cases, this is work for life or death, since history shows us many cases in which a person remained alive only at the cost of the life of his bodyguard.

If we are talking about teamwork, then for the provision of security services, it should be the most cohesive, almost native mechanism that thinks and acts in the same way. Each member of such a team must have experience, professional training and the ability to act unpredictably. In addition, the best of the best also possess high moral qualities, a sense of responsibility and an excellent sense of danger.


In turn, bodyguards depend only on themselves and on their own actions. They must understand that the main task is to provide cover for the protected person. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that a positive result depends not only on the bodyguards, but also on the protected person. The client should remember what the main task of the bodyguard is and not impose any others on him. Of course, situations are different, sometimes bodyguards are needed not for personal protection, but just for the image. But then you do not have to turn to professionals, it will be enough to find a decent-looking, personable man who will play the role you need.

So, personal protection, regardless of whether it is a team or a bodyguard, must necessarily perform specific tasks. Among them:

  • Checking the security of places of stay and routes;
  • Observation of the situation around places and routes;
  • Checking the security of the client's location and monitoring the situation;
  • Restrictions on access to the client;
  • Verification of persons who gain access to the client;
  • Identification and blocking of potentially dangerous places;
  • Escort.

Each of these points is equally important; there are no more or less priority tasks. Failure to see one of them can cost your life. Personal protection, first of all, must timely identify threats and prevent them. If the assassination attempt took place, localize it. Everything about everything is only a few seconds, so not all situations can be prevented.

As for the formation of the cost of services, the prices for personal protection of citizens, they are not fixed and depend on many factors.

Ordering private security for an individual or personal security with the service of a bodyguard - the price is different. And it’s impossible to buy personal security for yourself - just hire it. Therefore, the answer to the question "how much does bodyguard cost" has a simple answer. As much as you estimate your life, peace, safety.

The main thing to remember is that maintaining the professional level of employees is a priority task, therefore it will be more than sensible to support the development of your bodyguard.

If you are currently at the selection stage, it is worth considering that assessing the level of professionalism during hiring is very difficult, but possible. Often, this cannot be done without help, because the appropriate structures will do it faster and better. But, you can also arrange your own test, for example, arrange a stressful situation, which will allow you to assess the speed and reaction in general.

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