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Ordering a premium car with a driver will save businessmen and VIPs from many problems - TOPGUARD will ensure safe movement around Kiev, Ukraine along a previously agreed route on a rented car. Take a few minutes to choose a car - the catalog offers representative models "Mercedes", "Audi" in perfect technical and visual condition. Offering premium car rental, we recruit only experienced drivers with significant work experience and no traffic violations.

Renting a business class car with a driver is an absolutely safe service for a client, regardless of the nuances of the proposed route in Kiev, outside the city. Professionals who sit behind the wheel of executive cars do not allow emergency situations on the road.

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Skoda Octavia A7

City: $17/hour
Outside the city: 0.9 USD/km
Transfer from / to the airport: 52 c.u.
Body color: white.
Interior color: grey.
Complete set: Conditioner. Tinted glass.

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Toyota Camry 75, 2021

City: $22/hour
Outside the city: 1.1 c.u. / km
Transfer from / to the airport: 66 USD
Body color: black.
Interior color: black, leather.
Complete set: Conditioner. Tinted glass.

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Volkswagen Passat

City: $14/hour
Outside the city: 0.7 USD/km
Transfer from / to the airport: 43 c.u.
Body color: black.

Interior color: black, leather.
Equipment: Air conditioner.

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Volkswagen Jetta

In the city: 13 USD/hour Outside the city: 0.7 USD/km
Transfer from / to the airport: 40 USD
Year of issue: 2016.
Body color: white.
Interior color: black, leather.
Complete set: Conditioner. Tinted glass.

Some Well Known Vehicles from Our Car Fleet

For clients interested in renting an executive class car (car) with a driver, we offer:

  • Mercedes-Benz S560, 2018-2020 / Mercedes-Benz S600, 2021 with a black body and white leather interior, a panoramic roof and an elite audio system, a sunroof, ventilation, four-zone climate control and other options for comfortable movement;
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG, 2019-2021 - arrange this spectacular and comfortable VIP car for rent with a driver, and your business trip in Kiev will not be overshadowed by inconveniences while moving along the streets of the capital, when moving from one city of Ukraine to another;
  • Audi A6 is a black car produced in 2017 with a brown leather interior, belongs to the class "executive" (business), is available for rent with a driver for the purpose of transfer to the airport, movement around the city of Kiev and the suburban area, equipment with numerous comfort options.


These and other rental cars are always ready for the transportation of VIP customers, the drivers are familiarized with the route you have chosen in advance. This eliminates the appearance of problems during the journey of the car from the airport to the capital's hotel, to the place where the client meets with business partners. Experienced employees successfully avoid traffic jams in the capital during rush hour - the client does not waste time and always arrives on time for an important meeting.

Advantages Of Renting a Business Class Car With a Driver in The TOPGUARD Company

Using our services, customers receive:

  • a car with an executive appearance;
  • the ability to replace the car when their plans change;
  • meet & greet service;
  • comfortable movement due to the numerous options provided by the complete set of cars;
  • services of a driver demonstrating the highest class of car driving on the most difficult sections of the road;
  • obligatory cleaning of the passenger compartment before submitting the car.


If a client is interested in an economy service, we will offer an optimal solution in terms of cost and filling - a car at the lowest possible rate, standard driver services. For VIP clients, an order is available:

  • a driver with extreme driving skills, avoiding pursuit;
  • a bodyguard with special training, professionally performing duties (tactical, combat, shooting training, first aid).
  • The TOPGUARD company guarantees your personal safety while moving around Kiev and the roads of Ukraine on a car rented from us. We will ensure the safety of material values ​​and secret documents that are transported by the customer.


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  • Компания года 2018
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