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Choosing a Security Company is one of the most difficult and responsible procedures, because actually you trust the security of your business, employees and in most cases your life to their guards.

Therefore, it is better to spend more time choosing security agency than to suffer from incompetent security provider.

This article will draw your attention to the main stages of choosing a security company, because the market is full of such specialized services.

Protection services

The first thing you need to be sure to pay attention to is a Security License. Every Security Agency in Ukraine which operates legally and transparently will provide you this document for reference. Note that earlier such license would be issued for five years and now in perpetuity, so check its validity. Ask whether the company is able to provide the desired number of staff, as well as inquire about the list of security services it offers. If you need armed guards ask about weapon license. Do not forget to ask about the cost, because the pricing of different agencies differs much. Remember that professional security service often provides its own protection equipment. Ask to specify whether it is included in the total price.

Security services

Security servicesBe sure to inquire about all the details, do not be afraid to clarify, this will show your awareness on the issue.

Inquire about availability of cars, portable radio sets, clock support.

Ask about the number of protected objects as well as recommendations that may be provided by their Clients.

Most often these questions make it clear that you are very difficult to cheat.

Moreover large security providers enjoy working with people aware about area of their expertise.

Professional security

If you are satisfied with all the answers to your questions and assured to be provided professional security services you may sign the contract. Most often you’ll be provided a standard contract, but still it’s better to revise it. Further you will be asked to provide all information about possible threats or activity of your company that may cause any threat in order to develop an individual security plan. When providing this information you must be assured that it will be treated strictly confidential and will not flow beyond the security experts of the Security Company, which must be considered in the Contract. Do not try to hide any problems, on the contrary, try to provide maximum information. Be sure that professional security will reveal all the details that you may hide in a few days, in this case the price for services may be enhanced.

Professional security

As for drafting you should consult the lawyers. Only they can point out hidden dangers in the Contract and prevent them. Do not be surprised to find a professional liability insurance clause. It means that you found a responsible security company. This item guarantees compensation for any material loss caused by guards intentionally or due to lack of professionalism. If such item is absent, you can claim it to be included into the Contract.

Concern with all the details and do not miss the opportunity to ask or clarify anything else during discussing cooperation opportunity. After signing the contract it may be too late to change anything. Agree individual protection plan, check whether your security team has established relationships with the law enforcement agency. Make an interview with each of the members of your security team to find out everything you want about them. It will bring confidence to your cooperation and ensure an effective relationship.

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