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In order to detect the intrusion of an intruder into an object that is under protection at an early stage, and thereby warn the security and develop a system of preventive measures, professional security companies such as TOPGUARD use the so-called perimeter security, or perimeter security system.

Remember that the protection of either a house and a site, or an enterprise, begins with the construction of a security system for the perimeter of the object.

The Concept Of a Perimeter Security System And Its Main Advantages

Success in creating reliable protection of the site perimeter without false alarms depends on the thoroughness of all stages of work. Most often, the main elements of such a system are technical means and physical security.

The perimeter security system is used to prevent entry into the protected area of ​​a site, a private house, an enterprise, etc.

It is the first and most important barrier to protecting objects. This type of protection is used in a complex: burglar alarms, video surveillance, infrared sensors, motion sensors and other security systems.

With the help of perimeter security, they protect not only what is stored directly at the enterprise, but also those objects and material values ​​that are located on the territory, both from theft and from acts of vandalism.

Modern types of security systems and features of their use

Each of the modern perimeter security systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is very important to make the right decision on choosing the type of perimeter security for each facility individually.

That is, you can use in the complex both a wireless perimeter security system, and connect to it, in addition, an alarm around the perimeter of the site security, if, for example, you are installing perimeter security in a private house.

Security companies use various types of perimeter protection in their work, but each of them must meet certain criteria:

  • identifying violators before entering the territory;
  • elimination of "dead zones" and precise following along all perimeter contours;
  • high immunity to electromagnetic disturbances, including lightning discharges and sources of powerful electromagnetic radiation;
  • resistance to weather conditions of equipment and to external factors;
  • inconspicuous installation of the sensor system.

Perimeter security can be of varying degrees of complexity, depending on the area of ​​the territory, the design of the fence and the location of trees, rivers and other relief features.

One of the most popular technical systems is active and passive wireless infrared technology. Passive systems include sensors that react to thermal radiation in the protected area. They are used to guard small areas of the perimeter (gates, openings and fences).

Active beam systems include a transmitter, a photoreceiver with an alarm when intruders are detected. The devices are installed opposite each other at a distance. It is better to install them on special racks or over fences.

Who Needs Perimeter Security?

  1. Factories and enterprises, due to the presence of large property assets and facilities with a large-scale territory (business centers, logistics centers, storage areas and construction sites).
  2. Private cottage villages and country houses.

But you need to understand that for all objects, without exception, perimeter security can turn into a waste of funds if its cost is inadequate to the cost of possible damage, a prompt response to an alarm signal is not organized, or the system is poorly designed and installed.

The degree of complexity and price of a perimeter security system depends not only on the area or relief, but also on the configuration of the fence and the presence of green spaces (bushes, trees) or other structures near the protected object.

Features Of Building A Perimeter Security System

The main feature of building a perimeter security system is the need to take into account many details of the object's layout, probable directions of attacks, probable methods of intrusion, the presence and design features of the fence, etc., as well as climatic, weather conditions and the environment of the object.

Many of these can only be obtained from on-site surveys, and such surveys should precede all other activities to protect the perimeter of the facility.

In the course of the design, the following should be determined: the minimum required degree of security of the facility, methods, nature and procedure for interaction of the perimeter burglar alarms with other means of protecting the facility, routes and methods of laying cables, etc. Due to the many interfaces to other systems, the design of perimeter protection is a complex task.

Benefits of cooperation with the security company TOPGUARD

Security company TOPGUARD has been a leader in the field of protection and security services in Ukraine for over 20 years. This is the only non-state structure in the country that is trusted by world politicians and VIPs to ensure security on the territory of Ukraine, famous artists and athletes use its services, and the company is hired to ensure security at world-class sports competitions and celebrity concerts. The company values ​​the trust of each client and complies with the confidentiality rules, provides a flexible pricing policy.

Before buying a perimeter security system, we recommend that you contact a specialist in the technical department of TOPGUARD.

It is difficult to mount such a system by itself, but experts with many years of experience are not. They will inspect your object and give their recommendations on what and where to put it.

In addition, TOPGUARD cooperates with renowned manufacturers of safety equipment. Today the company can offer special equipment, for example, of the AJAX company, which is one of the leaders in the production of perimeter protection products.

Today TOPGUARD is preparing to offer a unique solution for Ukraine - video cameras with intelligence, capable not only of recording the offender, but, being connected to certain programs, to identify him.

The company's specialists will install alarms, video surveillance, monitoring with subsequent maintenance. Services are provided both in Kiev and other regional cities of the country. You can buy technical equipment at a reasonable cost with further equipment installation.

Cooperating with the security company TOPGUARD, you will receive high-quality security service from qualified professionals.

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