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Trade in our country is one of the thriving sectors of the economy. The organization of such a business requires well-oiled logistics. It does not matter how large the supply of goods from the manufacturer to the end consumer is - shipment and delivery must be clearly debugged. The responsibilities of the logistics department include not only the development of the route, but also the safe escort of products to their destination. Employees try to anticipate possible troubles: an accident, car breakdown, unexpected stops.

Before leaving, all participants of the road train must undergo a technical inspection so as not to be repaired on the road, breaking the schedule. But what if the cargo being transported is valuable?

It must be admitted that lovers of easy money on the roads are not a rare phenomenon. One driver and a freight forwarder during transportation will hardly be able to protect property or resist a group of intruders.

Armed guards for escorting along the entire route when transporting special or valuable cargo is one of the services of TopGuard (Ukraine). We provide protection not only during transportation in large cities such as Kiev, Dnipro, but also in all regions, to all borders of the country. At the same time, additional cars, the development of a safe route are in the competence of our specialists, you will not have to puzzle over it.

Features of protection of transported valuables by TOPGARD employees

The escort service is carried out by professionals with many years of experience in the field of security. Our employees are officers of power structures with combat experience in the ATO zone. These are specialists who do not get lost in non-standard situations, are able to make the right decision at critical moments, and besides, they are able to prevent the threat and take preventive measures.

The complex of security measures includes:

  • analysis of the route, identification of possible problem areas;
  • selection of escort vehicles with the required number of security guards;
  • following with the carrier's team;
  • response and protection if necessary.

It should be noted that our employees act within the framework of the law. Taking into account the specifics of the trip, a decision is made to transport the cargo with armed guards along the route. For this, employees are given firearms, other combat equipment and technical communication equipment. Our company cooperates with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, therefore, in extremely difficult situations, the actions of our employees will be coordinated with law enforcement agencies.

Advantages of contacting TOPGUARD

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The customer signs a contract with us, receiving a highly qualified team for safe escort. You do not need to worry about emergencies, our specialists will take into account all the nuances that are possible on the road. When developing routes, the most convenient and safe routes, police posts, the availability of gas stations and first-aid posts are taken into account.

Our fleet has special vehicles equipped with special signals and prepared for different conditions. If cargo security is needed during transportation by rail, measures are taken to remotely monitor the situation. The company's specialists are equipped with walkie-talkies, navigators and other technical special equipment.

In cooperation with our company, in addition to escort services with armed or unarmed security, the customer can count on the insured liability. If you have any questions of an organizational nature or about the terms of payment, please contact us at the phones indicated on the website.

Medium and small businesses in Ukraine receive most of their profits from transactions for the sale of various kinds of goods. This business is not possible without a clear and well-coordinated work of logistics. It doesn't matter who you are, the owner of a small store on the outskirts or you own a supermarket chain throughout Ukraine. Logistics remains the most important link in the chain: seller - order - end user, so it is very important that there are no delays in delivery.

Anything can happen to the car on the way: breakdown, road accidents and other emergencies. In the end, a truck carrying a valuable cargo may be attacked. In the event of unforeseen downtime due to mechanical failures and accidents, as well as possible attacks on the cargo, only the service of guarding and escorting cargo can serve as a guarantee of safety.


  • Valuable professional experience - in the security services market since 1995.
  • Impeccable reputation and competent staff.
  • Modern vehicle fleet of escort vehicles (Toyota Corolla / Renault Duster / Volkswagen T5 / T6). All security vehicles are branded, equipped with special signals and prepared for various weather conditions and long-term autonomous movement.
  • Full equipment with special equipment (trackers, walkie-talkies, navigators, video surveillance, etc.), protective equipment and weapons.
  • Remote control of movement and route optimization.
  • Insured material liability.
  • Emergency force support, coordination of actions with law enforcement agencies (if necessary).

Of course, before sending the car on the road, the owners try to foresee all possible problems along the way. The car must be checked for serviceability of all mechanical components, all the necessary documents are prepared for travel through cities and regional borders.

But, in addition to these nuances, other, not obvious things can happen on the road. The valuable cargo attracts too much attention from thieves, marauders and pirates on the roads. Why "bend your heart" and not admit that this is and often happens? One driver can drive in the car and, at best, with an assistant, for greater safety, but they are unlikely to protect the road train from attack.

Cargo Escort

Cargo escorting for our security guards is not limited to megacities like Kiev, Kharkov, Khmelnitsk and others. With them, your cargo will travel safe and sound to all borders of Ukraine. If there is a route, they are ready to follow the cargo anywhere in the country.

A distinctive feature of the security guards of our company is the ability to make the right decision in time in an emergency. That is, at a critical moment, they will respond to the threat as quickly as possible, while taking absolutely adequate and legal measures. However, in most cases, they manage to avoid such threats altogether. Our security guards know how not only to give a worthy rebuff, but are also able to anticipate the impending danger in advance and make a quick decision that will avoid force majeure. This approach makes cargo escorting as safe as possible.

Unlike many other companies, we provide a whole range of services. Simply put, you do not have to puzzle over where to find additional vehicles for protection, how to develop an extremely safe route. All this is done by highly professional specialists of our company themselves. Since we value our clients' time and strive to make their life as easy as possible.

The cargo escort service is carried out by TopGard security guards, professionals in the organization of security during transportation and extensive experience. At the same time, this service includes related bonuses, the benefits of which have already been felt by many of our clients. First of all, these are:

  • both armed and unarmed security measures, without which the escort of valuable cargo is indispensable;
  • following with employees who carry out the transportation of funds or other valuables, armed and unarmed guards;
  • rent of a car or truck with a driver who also performs the functions of a security guard;
  • provision of an accompanying car;
  • detailed analytics of the upcoming route, during which problem areas and sections of the route are identified;
  • before sending on the road, we agree with the customer all the characteristics of the cargo: type, place of departure and destination, distance, cost of cargo, urgency, reliability of delivery, possible threats, etc.

After signing the contract, as you sign the contract, and you will have security to escort the goods, high-class specialists of our company will prepare a detailed route with designated safe places for rest. It will also take into account all the posts of inspectors and points for the provision of emergency medical care.

Depending on the specifics of the upcoming trip, we promptly conduct a strict selection of security guards to escort the goods. In addition, appropriate communication equipment, equipment, firearms are selected. Other protective measures can be taken at the request of the client.

We understand that the protection and escort of goods requires maximum control, which must be carried out around the clock. Otherwise, force majeure and various emergency situations are possible. That is why our special operational service monitors the current situation around the clock along the entire route of freight transport. That allows our guards to keep abreast of the time, and you - to be 100% sure that your cargo will safely reach its destination, which means that we are on the way with you.

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