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Security agency (company) TopGuard
Security agency (company) TopGuard

If your company is planning to hold an event, you need to think not only about its concept, but also about threats that may disrupt it. As a responsible organizer you need to take care of your guests’ safety and as you know only professionals can cope with this task best of all. Thus public events security is a service provided by only professional Security Companies. Only professionals will help you avoid various conflict situations that may arise in areas with concentration of large amount of people. Besides if you intend to hold a prominent event professional security will raise its status in your business partners’ eyes.

Our company is experienced in providing Security for such public events in Kyiv:

  • matches, concerts, holidays, City Day, corporate events;
  • fairs, presentations;
  • business meetings, secular receptions and receptions;
  • socially – political events (congresses, demonstrations, meetings);
  • other public events (banquets, weddings, etc.).


  • Over 20 years of experience. TopGard ensured security of many educational, cultural and sports events. Including, Euro 2012 & 2018, Eurovision 2017 & 2018, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode concerts and others.
  • Individual and integrated approach. Developing a unique security scheme for a specific event, taking into account your event’s specifics and features.
  • Audit and preventive actions. Identifying object’s weaknesses and developing recommendations for their strengthening; a detailed study of the territory and search for dangerous objects before the event; expert recommendations on fire safety and evacuation; dog support; paramedic team with a set of necessary first aid equipment; location radiological and chemical control; trained personnel with appropriate equipment and prompt fire extinguishing means.
  • Extended list of responsibilities. Provides for invitation and tickets control, arranging car parking, access control, removal of prohibited items, ensuring property safety, preventing thefts, maintaining order at the event, patrolling the surrounding area.
  • Confirmed qualifications. Our specialists quickly adapt to the current situation, ensuring high level of security within any territory.
  • Providing additional support. If necessary, rapid response teams may arrive at the event, and actions will be coordinated with law enforcement agencies.
  • Respectable appearance of guards. In coordination with the customer, we will select a dress code in accordance with the event setting.

  • Охрана мероприятий
  • Охрана закрытых мероприятий
  • Охрана общественных мероприятий
  • Охрана спортивных мероприятий
  • Охрана корпоративных мероприятий
  • Охрана мероприятий
  • Охрана массовых мероприятий

Now let’s specify possible threats which must be foreseen and avoided.

Public events security analysis should start with a detailed assessment of potential threats that may arise. Only professionals can manage this analysis and provide the slightest details. All the threats are different, but may be divided into two types - external and internal.

External threats are terrorism, vandalism, intrusion. All they could interfere with your organized public event, so they need to be controlled by professionals. Internal threats come from your guests: persons in condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, left belongings, quarrels etc. In order not to get distracted from more important tasks you need to use qualified security services that anticipate and eliminate all threats.

Remember that not every security company provides its services at the proper level. Professionals will primarily offer working out a security concept for your event. Creating a security concept vision begins with questions. A security company will certainly ask you to share the details of your event. You will need to share a full blueprint of your event. Further security specialists will work directly on the site; examine the technical plan of the site, buildings, deployment of staff. Depending on the level of the event security may need information about the invited guests, staff, media representatives and others attendees. It is very important to study the evacuation plan and ensure the availability of medical personnel. In addition, it is important to organize a checkpoint and access control for guests and staff separately.

Of course Security Company can ask you numerous additional questions, but if you've heard from them all mentioned above you may be sure that you are dealing with professionals.

Statistics show that public events security is becoming more popular. This fact shows that professional event security ensures full safety of your event and your guests, doubles the status of your event, saves your precious time and keeps you from frustrations.

Main precautionary measures provided by security companies during public events:

  • providing access control (ensuring pass of participants according to the public event conditions);
  • public event venue check for detection of explosive devices, possible places of unauthorized persons penetration to the object;
  • prevention from persons in condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication pass through;
  • ensuring control over clients and their guests safety during a public event;
  • ensuring safety of the personal belongings (everything found during finishing cleaning is noted to the inventory in duplicate; everything found is transferred to the client or administration of protected object together with one copy of the inventory; the second copy of the inventory with a mark of the person which has accepted things is kept by TOPGUARD company);
  • special attention is paid to the individuals bringing in certain subjects and substances, able to become a source of danger for participants;
  • after public event completion the search for persons who could remain at the venue (malefactors who plan to commit a wrongful act, after remaining on the object, as well persons injured during the event and seeking for help) is carried out;