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Self-defense with weapons without breaking the law In difficult times, people try to be more attentive to their safety: to protect their own lives and the lives of loved ones.

Self-defense with weapons without breaking the law. Lessons for civilians

In difficult times, people try to be more attentive to their safety: to protect their own lives and the lives of loved ones. And often this concern leads to a decision to purchase a weapon - smooth-bore, rifled or traumatic. In general, the weapons that we are allowed to acquire and use for our own safety, without breaking the law.

It is important to understand that a weapon is not a toy, and its use can lead to serious consequences. Naturally, if a person nevertheless decided to use weapons, then the situation in which he found himself is critical, shock, with many components. And most importantly, how in such cases to maintain a balance between the consequences of the use of weapons and the law on permissible self-defense (Article 36 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). It is the ignorance of these boundaries, the letter of the law and the conditions that allow this weapon to be used in the protection of oneself or one's loved ones, the fear of working with a weapon can lead to an incorrect decision. Starting from its non-use, which will allow the criminal to complete what he started, that is, to bring his plans to life, and even use his own weapon after he sees yours in your hands.

Sometimes it is the weapon in your hands that you have not used that becomes the basis for the use of weapons by the criminal, while the court can side with him if he brings you that you were the first to threaten him with a weapon. In another case, you can simply use a weapon inappropriately, which can entail grave consequences: for the misuse of a weapon, a person can be sent behind bars for many years, even if the attack was committed on him, and he was simply defending himself. Yes, there is a saying that it is better in prison, but alive than dead and in the cemetery, but we wish you that you do not have such a choice at all.

That is why the specialists of the security company TOPGUARD, who train bodyguards, present a special program for civilians.

The program includes:

  • training in the skills of owning your weapon;
  • understanding the extent to which they can apply it;
  • gaining knowledge about the tactical features of their weapons;
  • familiarization with the laws under which you have the right to use it.

That is, you will be taught to act within the law, but with maximum efficiency.

Why do we recommend taking a basic gun training course with our bodyguard training specialists?

Firstly, we have many years of experience in training bodyguards who work for many high-ranking officials, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Secondly, you will be trained to use weapons without going beyond the legal framework. This is taught to bodyguards, who are different from police officers, whose rights, in particular to use weapons, are regulated by the Law on Police, etc. For specialists from Topgard, it is obvious that in a stressful situation a person will do exactly what he was taught, to which his muscle memory will react. If a person has been taught for a long time to shoot in the chest, in the center of the target, then in a crisis situation he will do so.

Third, training is focused on developing practical skills; they are simple, clear, individual and absolutely safe. But at the same time you will get a stable skill of working with the weapon that you have. You will understand whether it applies to the conditions in which you are.

Fourthly, if you are faced with a choice of weapons that you want to purchase, then you will have the opportunity to test various samples in order to choose the optimal weapon for your requirements and wishes.

Fifth, we work in a closed and absolutely safe area with a high degree of freedom. There will be no stopwatches, sports and unnecessary movements - everything is focused on the practical use of weapons. The main thing is to control the target, situations of ammunition consumption, firing and reloading in any position; understanding the effectiveness of your weapon when firing at different distances, etc. Good equipment should also be added, in which, among other things, there are special glasses and headphones. In the complex itself, everything is provided: from showers and a barbecue area to a playground and a recreation area.

Sixth, you will be taught how to use your weapon in a car; to fire, both in it and out of it; explain where it is convenient to store it and why.

Why can't you shoot to kill?

Let's start with an example: a person has acquired skills in handling a weapon, knows the distance and understands the capabilities of his weapon, when and how it can be used. Situation: distance -10-15 meters, a man with a knife or some other melee weapon, and with the apparent intention of harming and even killing you. He needs to be stopped. Stop without killing. By law, while on your territory, you have every right to use weapons, protecting yourself and your property. If you shoot in the chest and kill, you will exceed the necessary defense measures. If you wound him in the leg or shoulder, then you will not break the framework of the law. In this case, hitting a 12-gauge bullet or buckshot in the shoulder or leg will render the attacker incapacitated. The rest is not your concern, although at the trainings we teach first aid, both to ourselves and to others. So, if, after everything that happened, you also provide the attacker with first aid, and your lawyer is well versed in matters of necessary defense and personal security, then in court your chances of getting an acquittal verdict will be very high.

Who needs it and who are our clients?

Actually, everyone needs it. Even the military, who are at home, but have weapons, which means they must practice regularly so as not to lose their skills. The main category is men aged 40 and older, who have taken place in life and know the value of their safety and the safety of their families, who have whom and what to protect. Many of them are no longer in the physical form that they were proud of in their youth, but they have gained experience, wisdom and understanding that in some cases the presence of a weapon can replace something.

Use the services of TOPGUARD and the courses described above to always be ready to protect yourself and your loved ones with weapons in hand. At the same time, without breaking the law and with maximum efficiency.

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