Security services

  • Услуги охраны
  • Услуги охраны
  • Услуги охраны
  • Услуги охраны
  • Услуги охраны
  • Услуги охраны
  • Услуги охраны

Security Company TopGuard provides protection of objects of all forms of ownership:

  • Protection of shops
  • Protection of shopping malls and trading centers, business centers
  • Office security
  • Protection of industrial facilities
  • Protection of construction projects
  • Protection of homes, cottages, cottage villages
  • Protection of embassies, diplomatic missions, residences
  • Protection of public facilities, educational institutions

Your office or business center, your store, business center and shopping center, your home or cottage, your cottage or country house, or any other stationary object with us will be safely protected. We organize professional static security post at your object, consisting of guards and dogs (if necessary). TopGuard dispatchers, leading round the clock monitoring, instantly respond to an alarm and send over a fast response group, you and law enforcement agencies will also be notified.

Security of objects includes:

  • Physical protection of the facility and the surrounding area;
  • Preservation of material assets;
  • Providing access control mode for object employees, visitors, contractors etc;
  • Installation of audio and video control;
  • Installation of security and intrusion alarm systems;
  • Installation of access control systems;
  • Customer additional tasks.

The steps to conclude the contract for the provision of protection of the object:

  1. The comprehensive assessment of the object in order to select optimal solutions in building security systems;
  2. The offer aimed at creating an efficient and reliable system for the protection of the object with minimal time and resources is introduced to the Customer;
  3. Extra recruitment and training is carried out for potential employees of the object, special means of equipment needed, weapons and radios are provided, instruction are worked out an adjusted to requirements. Depending on the corporate ethics uniforms or civilian clothes are provided;
  4. If necessary, security hardware is installed (burglar alarms, CCTV, access control, etc.).

Security for events

The company TopGuard has a vast experience in ensuring order during mass events. High professionalism, our employees’ extensive experience at law enforcement agencies of Ukraine is the key to success during various public events. To ensure the utmost safety of mass events all actions company TopGuard conducts in coordination with law enforcement.

Protection of events in Kiev:

  • matches, concerts, holidays, city, corporate events;
  • fairs, presentations;
  • business meetings, social events and receptions;
  • social - political events (congresses, demonstrations, meetings);
  • holiday events (banquets, weddings, etc.)

Basic preventive measures of TopGuard at public events:

  • ensuring access mode (ensuring the passage of the participants according to the terms of a mass event);
  • public event venue check in order to detect explosive devices, possible locations of unauthorized entry to the object;
  • preventing the passage of persons in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • providing visual control of clients and their guests, as well as their safety until the end of the mass event;
  • preservation of personal belongings found after the departure of customers and their guests home
  • Special attention is paid to those who are trying to carry with them various items and substances that are hazardous to those present at public events;
  • at the end of the mass event a final sweep is performed (for intruders, or persons who have suffered during the event and in need of assistance).

Security management:

  • Provide recommendations on security issues for organizations and individuals;
  • An audit of the current security system;
  • Development of the enterprise security concept;
  • Advising on all aspects of personal and corporate security;
  • An independent audit of the security forces or private security providing a report with the facts;
  • Advice and recommendations for clients on legal protection against illegal encroachments;
  • Providing practical assistance in recruitment, screening of candidates to positions of responsibility;
  • Advice on how to behave in emergency situations;
  • Advice on personal safety and behavior in potentially dangerous and conflict situations;
  • Collecting information for business negotiations.
  • Advice on preparation and holding of special measures aimed at identifying possible channels of information leakage.

Security audit

Security Audit (security checks) of business - a set of interrelated activities aimed at verifying the status of the security of the enterprise, identifying vulnerabilities and potential channels of leakage of confidential information, as well as issuing recommendations for improving security and developing the necessary measures to ensure the prevention of possible internal and external threats.

Corporate investigation

Actual service is corporate investigations in the economic sphere, with the materials and reports on the current situation. We can also check the loyalty of your staff, to investigate the incidents and to resolve disputes at various levels. Through our work, the personnel safety of the enterprise will be guaranteed and the risks will be minimal.

  • The provision of reference materials at the request of the customer;
  • Company personnel security;
  • Business partners reliability assessment;
  • Analysis of the loyalty of employees and partners through monitoring within the enterprise;
  • Conducting corporate investigations;
  • The investigation of incidents of disputes;
  • An independent audit on contract conclusion;
  • Close co-operation with law enforcement agencies in the implementation of a package of measures.
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