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Rent a car with driver is a convenient service, which, in the first place, should provide you freedom of movement, the ability to plane your schedule "under-yourself" without waiting for the arrival of a taxi or public transport. This is comfort and service at the best level. Our vehicler fleet is represented by a large selection of high class cars, so we can definitely guarantee that we will select the best option for you. The standard service includes fuel, for all the time of renting a car and a professional driver who knows the city.

In case if you have your own car, the driver can be ordered separately. In addition to knowledge of the city and safe driving, drivers can be of 3 types:

  • basic driver service;
  • security driver with skills of emergency driving and avoiding pursuit and surveillance, basic knowledge of personal protection without accompani of client;
  • close protection agent with driver function: a full set of security-driver + personal protection knowledge (physical, tactical, combat and rifle training, first medical assistance, etc.) accompanied by a client due his trip around the city.

Today, VIP clients, who are planned meeting of business partners or meeting important guests, transfer to the airport, a solemn event is offered to rent a car with a driver in Kiev, from vehicles which are offered on this page. To select, please, go to acc. page brand or class of car and make order.

  • Mercedez-Benz
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • Skoda
  • Range Rover
  • Toyota
  • Tesla

Transportation escort for valuable cargo on the territory of Ukraine:

- employees of TOPGUARD are specially trained in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. They may perform security support for transport and valuable cargo on the territory of Ukraine. We meet your transport at the border and escort to the final destination, taking into account the security situation along the route, developing the optimal scheme of motion and safe stops.

- security personnel equipped with protective equipment, provide professional services.

- round the clock duty of providing a rapid response to all kinds of problems that arise during the transportation of cargo. There is a system of multi-monitor service-incurred, which helps improve the quality of protection;

Transportation of Clients, Business Executives and Representatives:

- we perform Transfers of our Clients to and from local and international airports. Our bodyguards and security drivers meet our Clients at the airport and drive them to a Hotel or apartment. They may also be ordered for a longer period for transfers around the city, security during business meetings or leisure, and transfer back to the airport.

Rental conditions:
The customer pays 100% of estimated hours of transport or rent prepayment equal to the minimum rental cost of transport prior to its use. Upon the expiration of the paid time of car rental, the customer must make an additional payment for each subsequent hour of work.

The minimum rental period is 3 hours (+ 1 hour for delivery).

Rental price depends on:

Conditions (city, highway, off-road, winter, summer, etc.), the distance and period of operation of the vehicle. Meals and lodging for personnel are to be provided by a Customer when going outside of Kiev area.

Cost of car rental includes:

  • Rent a car;
  • Services of the driver;
  • Fuel;
  • Car wash.