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Car Rental Plus Personal Driver - Prices in Kyiv And Across Ukraine

Of course, you can order from us a car without a driver, but most often we receive orders for a service incl. driver service.

Personal transport may be needed in many situations: in a foreign city on a business trip, to travel around the city in the absence of your own transport or when it is being repaired, to travel from one city to another. There are many advantages to renting a car. Public transport can be crowded during rush hour and it runs on a specific schedule, which is not always convenient. In addition, when in a short period of time you need to have time to visit several districts of the city, you have to change several routes.

It is not always convenient to use taxi services - this type of transport will cost more in terms of downtime than rent for a car per day. At the same time, taxi drivers are not always polite or too sociable. Together with a car rental, you can rent a driver if you do not have a license or do not know the city. The service allows you to plan your travel schedule, travel by convenient routes free of congestion.

The TOPGUARD company offers several types of car rental with and without personal drivers: standard trip, security driver. The client chooses the time of renting a car with a driver based on his needs: hour, day. The car can be taken for a festive event - in this case, it can be decorated at the request of the customer. Behind the wheel, a professional is waiting for you, who knows the city very well, all transport interchanges, and is also guided in the nearby settlements. All of our drivers have a long and trouble-free driving experience.

  • Mercedez-Benz
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • Skoda
  • Range Rover
  • Toyota
  • Tesla

Service "hourly car rental with a personal driver" in the city of Kyiv

What is the cost of a car per hour?

In the TOPGUARD car fleet, each car regularly undergoes a technical inspection, is checked for serviceability of all units, before delivery to the customer, it is mandatory to wash and clean the interior. Our drivers are professional, sociable, polite, always accurate and attentive to passengers. The client can choose from a large number of executive and business class cars, there are armored models, SUVs, minibuses, electric vehicles.

You can rent a car with a driver in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine with a preliminary order of a car by phone, the price of a car rental service is calculated hourly. The rent includes:

  • car rental fee;
  • payment for driver / drivers services;
  • refueling;
  • car wash.

If the car will be rented for more than a day, the customer is obliged to provide the driver with a place to rest and sleep, provide food with his own means. The cost also depends on the time of year, conditions (track, dirt road), the total estimated mileage. When traveling outside the city, road tolls and parking are also paid by the customer separately.

Car rental with TOPGUARD is always profitable and comfortable

It is safe and convenient to use a car with a professional driver. Employees of the company know the city, quickly and accurately find the desired location. We have a convenient payment method in two options. You can choose a 100% prepayment for the estimated rental time or make an advance payment at the minimum rate, and then pay extra for the actual operating time according to our rates. You can find out prices and other nuances from our consultants by phone.

The TOPGUARD company has 20 years of experience in the field of security. Our employees, in addition to physical fitness and professional skills, regularly undergo psychological testing for professional suitability, resistance to stressful, emergency situations, they know how to provide first aid if necessary. By contacting us for an hourly car rental service with a driver, you can be sure of your safety.

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