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Security agency (company) TopGuard
Security agency (company) TopGuard

Special services provided by TOPGUARD Security Company:

Corporate Bug Sweep Services:

  • regular sweeps for bugs on telephone lines for executive offices;
  • bug sweeping rooms for transmitters in executive areas;
  • microwave detection;
  • securing offices, conference rooms from audio and video surveillance devices;
  • divers services;
  • canine services;
  • service dogs rental.
Divers servicesCanine servicesService dogs rental

In addition, our company provides services of counter subversive actions to ensure security of your leisure on water:

  • inspection of the underwater part of yachts, boats, hydro structures, beaches water area, ship parking;
  • photo and video documentation support of events;
  • search for objects under water;
  • provides professional lifeguards for events on water;
  • training your staff for independent work.
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