Security servicesRapid Response Team (RRT)

The RRT or rapid response group is a special security unit with a certain specificity of work.

To understand what a RRT is, you need to understand the specifics of their work. The RRT is not just an ordinary security guard - they are well-trained, armed and equipped according to the latest trends, professionals who promptly arrive at the guarded facility for force support and resolving crisis situations.

Operational support by armed RRT in the event of problems at the facility is a decisive factor in overcoming crisis situations and ensuring the safety of people.

Success and quality in solving the problem will depend on the professionalism of the rapid response team. The RRT are armed, well-physically and psychologically trained people who regularly undergo special training in specialized areas:

  • Conflictology;
  • Anti-crisis psychology;
  • Combat Sambo and Krav Maga;
  • Medical training;
  • Fire fighting training;
  • Basic profile legal training;
  • Foreign language;
  • Operational-tactical, fire training;
  • Counter-emergency car driving.

Benefits of working with TOPGUARD

All partners and clients of TOPGUARD know that in the event of an emergency situation, if the guards at the facility need help, the armament units of the State Intelligence Directorate will arrive. They will help and, if necessary, block the facility, strengthening the full-time security until the problem is completely resolved.

In parallel, control, fixation and coordination will be carried out by the operational security officer on duty TOPGUARD, who informs the responsible persons of the facility, the security company and the round-the-clock legal support unit. If necessary, calls and coordinates the ambulance service, departments of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The very presence or absence of subdivisions and control systems, crisis support in the security company informs the customer about the professionalism of the company he chooses. At TOPGUARD, all employees undergo regular trainings at their own closed training base.

Authority of the RRT staff

According to the Law of Ukraine "On security activities", the employees of the RRT have the right to:

  • demand from violators to stop illegal actions, to observe order and law;
  • do not allow strangers to enter the territory of the protected object;
  • if the persons who entered the object committed an administrative or criminal offense - the employees of the rapid response team must report to the National Police;
  • use physical pressure, as well as service dogs and special means permitted by law.

Also, employees of the RRT are allowed to carry out photographs and video filming at the facility, and to search people who enter the facility.

Trained employees have the right to use force if there is a compelling reason to do so. At the same time, it is important that the employees of the rapid response team must work not only in the interests of their clients, but also strictly follow the laws of Ukraine.

Types of rapid response teams

Mobile groups. This category of RRT works as a reinforcement of full-time security, is engaged in cargo escort services with high risks, if necessary, supplements the personal security of famous people on the way from the airport, at important meetings, etc. The employees of the mobile group are armed, equipped, equipped with the most modern equipment to perform tasks to protect the protected object. Often such groups use armored vehicles. (link Armored cars and personal security).

Patrol groups. This type of RRT uses special patrol branded vehicles with special signals, which are equipped with the necessary equipment to resolve crisis situations at the facility. Among them, in particular, a professional paramedical first aid kit for first aid, oxygen and stretchers for evacuation; fire safety equipment - fire extinguishers, special masks for evacuating people from the critical smoke zone; lifebuoy and rope for evacuation from the water; the necessary weapons and means of protection; coded radio communication and special stationary and portable devices for recording what is happening around and transmitting the situation online to the monitors of the operational control group.

Is it necessary to create a RRT and the price of the issue? Who uses the services?

A RRT car, a mobile or patrol service will be needed in many emergencies:

  • holding events of high complexity or importance;
  • calling a group after pressing the panic button, triggering an alarm or other equipment that monitors unauthorized entry into the facility;
  • protection of VIP-clients;
  • escort of valuable cargo.

The work of the service is to resolve difficult situations, so their services will be needed by individuals and legal entities. The price of the security service with the participation of the RRT in the same Kiev, its cost depends on many factors and is negotiated with the management of the security company when concluding an agreement.

Rapid Response Team (RRT) - TOPGUARD

Rapid response service functions

In TOPGUARD (Kiev), rapid response teams perform the following tasks:

  • emergency response to an alarm signal that comes from protected objects;
  • after getting to the place where the call took place, an inspection of the territory is carried out to identify potential dangers;
  • capture of criminals with their subsequent transfer to law enforcement agencies;
  • elimination of disorder in the protected area;
  • strengthening the existing security at the facility in the presence of threats or at the request of the client;
  • interaction with law enforcement agencies to carry out operational and investigative measures;
  • elimination of conflict situations.

The service goes about its business around the clock. Its employees are at the post, waiting for a call and are ready to go to the client at any time to solve problems.

Requirements for RRT employees

It’s difficult to get a job in the RRB. So, in the TOPGUARD company, the following requirements are imposed on the vacancy "RRT employee":
  • men and less often women over 20 years old who have good physical fitness and do not have serious health problems;
  • work experience (police, army, special services of the Ministry of Defense, etc.);
  • availability of appropriate education;
  • no criminal record.

Service specialists receive high salaries. But not only professional requirements are imposed on them. The selection of potential employees is carried out on the basis of their personal qualities - discipline, responsibility, stress resistance.

RRT equipment

All TOPGUARD rapid response teams are equipped with branded vehicles with special signals, coded communication means, special protection equipment, a universal first aid kit for (first) pre-medical aid, fire extinguishing and fire protection equipment.

TOPGUARD is more than 20 years of experience and an impeccable reputation that our clients speak of!

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