NewsThe modern security service for retail stores is safety and convenience for customers, and a necessity for owners

We regularly visit large grocery supermarkets and industrial hypermarkets, without even implying that these are all called retail stores. But we know that they are all well-guarded. But the security itself is not only a service for preventing theft and combating violators, but also the first assistant in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. A security guard is as helpful to the customer as is needed by the owner of such a large store. 

The main feature of retail is a wide variety of goods and services that can be purchased in one place. For buyers, retail stores are attractive because in such stores you can find a lot of various goods and make a balanced choice of what to buy in the first place. And sometimes, the counters themselves suggest that we forgot to buy.

Today in Ukraine in every big city there are such well-known world retail brands as Metro, Auchan, Billa, Novus, Epicenter, Leroy Merlin, etc. 

Generally, two main types of retail can be distinguished: grocery, which consists in selling a variety of food products. (This is the most stable retail sector, which works even during a crisis, because food products are essential goods). And a chain retail, consisting of a chain of stores, which are united by a single trade concept and the owner. In such stores, the system for purchasing and accounting for goods, along with logistics, is one for all outlets, which allows you to reduce costs and sell similar goods at a price lower than that of competitors.

Security for the store customer: the TOPGUARD experience

One of the main features of the work of retail stores is the high intensity of movement of people and goods, a large number of communications between service services, personnel and suppliers of goods. And all this for the sake of and for the buyer who needs to create a safe and comfortable service and space.

And, of course, the physical security of the store is one of the main parts of the service with which the client and all the services of the shopping complex communicate

For the buyer, the security guard is the person he sees first when entering the store. And the first impression is formed by how polite this guard is, neat and attentive to the buyer.

If you are in the sales area, then the security guard in the middle of the store is the buyer's assistant who will tell you where and what groups of goods are located.

The security guard will be the first to react to the condition of the buyer if he feels bad. And in the event of an emergency, the security team will carry out a quick and safe evacuation, and in the event of a fire, they will be actively involved in firefighting actions. (By the way, for this purpose, the employees of the TOPGUARD company, who carry out security in most of the retail stores in the country, undergo special certified firefighting courses). And if a wallet is stolen, the first person you contact will be a security officer.

Customer safety is our top priority.

The benefits of security services for the management and management of retail stores

For the management of a retail company, security is a very important and integral part of the organization and control of their business.

The structure of physical security is not homogeneous; it can differ significantly depending on the type of facilities. The retail security services category includes not only large chain stores and supermarkets. This includes organizing the security of shopping centers, in which most of them are located.

All of them are united not only by a large number of people, but also by the presence of numerous passages, service entrances and exits, utility rooms, so they have a common principle of building a security system. What are the goals pursued?

First of all, the professional security of shopping centers is focused on preventing illegal actions and theft. The next equally important component of the work of the security and security service of the store is the strengthening of fire safety measures, the development of scenarios and practical trainings on the localization and evacuation of visitors and personnel.

Today, all professional security structures are vigilant about terrorist threats. They are trained in communication and interaction with the special services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine in the event of threats.

Security officers also monitor the activities of store personnel and suppliers, help in conducting, if necessary, official investigations. By the way, it is the security guards who will not allow conflicts between staff and visitors; this is their area of responsibility.

Where is the store's security?

Usually, the territory of a store and a sales area, in particular, is controlled by video surveillance systems, with which video surveillance specialists work (the buyer does not see them). In the event of a conflict situation or inappropriate behavior of one of the visitors on the territory of the store, a guard or a group of security guards is immediately sent to this zone. If necessary, the troublemaker is handed over to the police.

Security begins from the entrance to the store, today where a polite and tidy guard will still require you to put on a mask - after all, quarantine. You will not be allowed to enter with animals; will not be allowed if you are drunk or behave inappropriately. In addition, you will be reminded to leave through the “exit”.

By the way, there is also a security guard at the exit who will politely check the receipt for the purchased item or ask you to show what you purchased if the anti-theft frame works.

If you want to see the administration of the institution, you will also encounter a security officer whose duties include checking documents. Moreover, even from persons who came with a check.

We have already spoken about the security guard in the hall, but apart from helping the buyers figure out what is where, he also makes sure that they do not rip off the tags from the goods (they are the ones that "ring" when passing the frame) and do not sort out the relationship between themselves.

You will also meet a security guard near the ramp, who controls and fixes the import and export of goods.

But who you will not see, as we have already written, is the staffs who conduct video monitoring. They not only watch, as if "who did not take something superfluous and secretly", but also control not quite "clean on hand" cashiers.

You are also unlikely to see the senior shift and the head of the security unit, if nothing extraordinary happens in the store. But everyone, without exception, all security personnel are trained and will help you to leave the building in case of evacuation, will provide you with first aid. You will see them at the forefront of extinguishing a fire (they are also trained to do this).

Organization and provision of training, training and response processes for employees in emergency situations, such as evacuation, fire, conflicts, detention of thieves and offenders; polite communication with the client and the staff, pre-medical assistance, neat appearance and conformity of equipment in relation to posts - this is a great systematic work of the company and a distinctive feature of TOPGUARD employees.

What is store security?

This is a whole range of measures, including an analytical assessment of the facility to identify the weakest points, and the development of a plan for building a security system; and submission to the customer of a specific model of a reliable security system.

In addition, this is also the technical aspect of the issue, such as the installation of frames, checkpoints with electronic magnetic detectors, turnstiles, and, if necessary, installation of unauthorized entry alarms, video surveillance systems, sensors and other technical security equipment. Today TOPGUARD is one of the few security structures that pay great attention to the technical side of the issue, saving the client's money. After all, everyone knows that the price for guarding a store will be higher if more physical security posts are involved. In addition, the availability of modern technical equipment allows one security guard in a large store to control all its zones from his mobile gadget.

Also, the security officer must be appropriately equipped. As a rule, this is a coded communication system, the necessary means for localizing the actions of intruders (pepper spray, handcuffs, etc.), a mobile gadget (a mobile panic button for calling a rapid response group. and a first aid kit, and they themselves regularly undergo paramedicine trainings.

TOPGUARD is a trusted security company

For more than two decades, TOPGUARD has been successfully operating on the Ukrainian market. We do our best to protect individuals and their property from intruders and fraudsters. To get an idea of our competence and professionalism, just look on the website for a list of clients who are currently provided with security services. We ensured the safety of the worlds largest sports competitions, such as EURO 2012 and the final of the Football Champions League, Eurovision contests, and concerts of the largest music stars. UEFA has recognized us as one of the best international security companies.

Order a security service for your retail store and make sure - with TOPGUARD it is safe for everyone!


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