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Personal security using armored cars

There are times in life when personal safety needs special attention. Especially if some important decisions depend on you: from serious financial and political negotiations to the transportation of valuable correspondence of important or secret content. In addition, you can transport a lot of valuable things - for example, money, jewelry. It is at such moments that people think about personal protection and a safe means of transportation.

You start thinking seriously about security when threats begin to come to you or to your family and friends, and the attention of competitors or persons who may be damaged by this transaction is riveted on the upcoming deal.

Note that personal safety is not a cheap service, but it is worth it if your life and the prosperity of the business in which you have invested money, time and soul are put on the other side of the scale. And, as you know, one of the most dangerous places in the location is your vehicle, the way from one stationary more protected place to another: moving along the street, picking up and dropping off.For such cases, TOPGUARD has developed a personal safety program. It includes not only specially trained and well-armed bodyguards, but also special vehicles, namely armored vehicles, both business class of different brands and modifications, and off-road vehicles - Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps.

TOPGUARD has the opportunity to offer:

  • the largest base of armored vehicles;
  • booking class - B6 and B7;
  • different terms of their lease (one shift, a day or more);
  • drivers-security guards with professional skills to manage such vehicles.

In addition, Topguard's new personal protection program includes not only the required number of bodyguards and armored cars, which in appearance do not differ from ordinary cars of the same brands. If necessary, this is the involvement of several professional security mobile groups; calculation and laying of various routes; coded communication while driving, etc.

  • Бронированное авто Mercedes-Benz GUARD B7
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  • Mercedes-Benz GUARD B7
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  • Бронированное авто - от TopGuard
  • Бронированные авто и персональная безопасность - от TopGuard
  • Бронированные авто охранный сервис - от TopGuard
  • Бронированные авто TopGuard - от TopGuard
  • Бронированный Mercedes - от TopGuard
  • Mercedes-Benz GUARD B7 - от TopGuard

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