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Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine.

Security Structure

The structure of physical security and its organization is heterogeneous; it can differ significantly depending on the type of facilities. In addition to stores, supermarkets, boutiques, the security of retail trade - retail security services - includes the organization of the security of shopping centers. Each of these areas has its own unique specifics and features.

All of them are united by a large number of people: visitors, staff, business service teams, suppliers, regulatory authorities, etc.

Availability of goods and numerous material values, a large number of retail and office premises, entrances and exits, infrastructural communications, (electricity, heating networks, water supply, drainage, plumbing, Internet, optical networks, etc.), utility rooms and service and calculation areas visitors, receipt and storage of goods - all this indicates the need for control and prompt response in almost all areas of stores and shopping centers. Of course, such a volume of functional responsibilities requires an integrated and professional approach.

The TOPGUARD team has many years of experience in organizing and providing security for stores and shopping centers, and will gladly share ready-made professional solutions to achieve the optimal balance of service quality, control and service cost.

What Actions are Meant by Guarding the Store?

Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine.

Shop security provides for a whole range of measures, including:

  • analytical assessment of the facility to identify the most problematic areas and development of a plan for building a security system;
  • submission to the Customer of a specific model of a reliable security system, which will ensure the security of the facility with maximum efficiency with minimal loss of time and financial costs for the purchase of special equipment;
  • installation of frames, checkpoints with electronic magnetic detectors, turnstiles;
  • installation of unauthorized entry alarms, access control systems, fire safety and emergency response sensors, video surveillance of the facility and video surveillance of personnel, suppliers, etc.;
  • ensuring prompt response in extreme situations, in case of fire (ignition), illegal actions and terrorist threats, evacuation, first aid;
  • ensuring prompt response to local emergency situations: thefts, inadequate visitors, search for lost children, parents, cars, things; provision of first pre-medical aid, etc.;
  • ensuring access for suppliers of goods and services; control of the movement of inventory items and the performance of routine maintenance;
  • development of job descriptions, training and practical training of store security personnel with a system of practical trainings and algorithms directly at the facility;
  • 24/7 managerial support and communication with the operational duty officer, interaction with law enforcement agencies in the investigation of offenses, interaction with ambulance;
  • 24/7 operational arrival of the RRG (Armed Rapid Response Group).

Appearance And Equipment

Physical security of shops and malls - TOPGUARDThere is another important factor to consider. The security guard is the person who creates the first impression and mood for the buyer. Therefore, it is important that the security guard meets the philosophy and corporate ethics of the institution.

By the way, in the TOPGUARD company, one of the leaders in the market of security services, for retail in particular, clothes for employees are sewn to order, and equipment, communication and assistance systems are equipped with the best world brands.

It is important that the security officer is competent and appropriately equipped. Coded communication systems, body cameras for recording the actions of visitors and guards during mutual communication, special means for responding to offenses and detentions (pepper spray, handcuffs, etc.), a mobile gadget for video monitoring of location, alarm zones, a mobile panic button for call a rapid response team (link to RRB), portable metal detectors, professional first aid kit. All this equipment and outfit are necessary for the effective, high-quality and productive work of professional security.

Functions Of The Guards Of Shops And Malls

Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine.

Most often, the security personnel of stores in Kiev work around the clock without interruption, when one shift of employees replaces another. Their functions include:

  • prevention of theft of goods or money;
  • detention and inspection of personal belongings of persons reasonably suspected of committing offenses related to theft of material values;
  • non-admission to the territory of the trading floor of persons in drug or alcohol intoxication;
  • control of personnel and identification of the facts of abuse of office;
  • encashment of daily proceeds of a retail outlet;
  • ensuring admission and control of suppliers and technical services;
  • other functional responsibilities that do not contradict the legislation, and are important and necessary for the development of your business and running it according to your rules!
Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine.

The technical side of the issue

The cost of protecting a store today largely depends on how the store is technically equipped to protect against theft. In TOPGARD this is a separate technical department (link to Topgard digital). Its specialists, according to the needs and wishes of the customer, will mount and install all the equipment necessary for this - from frames and motion sensors to alarms and video surveillance cameras.

Today TOPGUARD is one of the few security structures that pays great attention to the technical side of the issue, saving the client's money. It is clear that the price for guarding a store or a shopping center will be higher if more physical security posts are involved and modern technical capabilities are not properly used. After all, the availability of modern technical equipment allows one security guard in a large store to control all its zones from his mobile gadget.

In addition, the same opportunity for personal information and control appears for the store owner or his delegated persons from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

TOPGUARD is a trusted security company

For more than two decades, TOPGUARD has been guarding the interests of Ukrainian citizens, including representatives of large, medium and small businesses involved in trade. We do our best to protect the owner of the trading establishment and his property from intruders and fraudsters. To get an idea of our competence and professionalism, just look on the website for a list of clients who are currently provided with security services. Among our clients are almost all the largest shopping centers in cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and Dnipro.

Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Security of shops and shopping malls in Kyiv and in Ukraine.

We are constantly developing and improving, studying advanced security technologies, closely monitoring the emergence of the latest engineering and technical innovations such as alarms, intelligent split access control systems, video surveillance systems using artificial intelligence systems, information security tools, personnel control systems, etc.

Do not waste your time, if you need security for a shopping center, boutique or just a store, contact us in any convenient way: by contact phones or via e-mail. Get competent advice and make the final decision to protect your business. We will select and install an optimally effective security system, help organize the work of a trade enterprise in order to reduce profit losses due to theft, eliminate the very possibility of offenses.

TOPGUARD is always open to cooperation and is ready to provide support to new customers!

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