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The structure of physical security is not unified; it can vary significantly depending on the type of facility. The category of retail security services can include business centres, in addition to stores, supermarkets, shopping centres and boutiques. All these facilities are characterized by a large influx of people, presence of numerous transitions, service exits, utility rooms, so they have a general principle of security system. What are the goals? First, the professional security of shopping centres is focused on theft prevention and, secondarily, on:

  • strengthening fire safety measures;
  • increased vigilance against the threat of terrorism;
  • monitoring staff activities;
  • preventing conflicts with visitors.


Security of Stores and Shopping CentersSecurity at the shopping and entertainment centres, stores. Security services for stores provide for a range of activities, including:

  • analytical assessment of the facility to identify the weaknesses and develop a security system plan;
  • introducing to the Customer a specific model of reliable security system, which with maximum efficiency will ensure the safety of the facility with minimal loss of time and financial costs for purchase of special equipment;
  • installation of frames, checkpoints with electronic magnetic detectors, turnstiles;
  • if necessary, installation of unauthorized entry alarms, video surveillance systems, sensors and other security equipment;
  • education and practical training for store security staff, development of job descriptions;
  • in accordance with the corporate ethics of specific trading company, the selection of uniforms (civilian/uniform), special equipment, mobile intercoms to maintain communication.

Most often, safeguarding of supermarkets in Kyiv operates in a round-the-clock continuous mode, when one shift of employees replaces the other. Their functions include:

  • prevention the theft of goods or cash;
  • restraint and inspection of personal belongings of persons reasonably suspected of committing offenses related to theft of material assets;
  • staff and malpractice monitoring;
  • collection of daily cash in sales outlets.

In addition, the supermarket security staffs must be well-groomed and neat, in good physical shape, be able to politely and benevolently treat visitors, resolve minor misunderstandings, and be stress-resistant, calm, maintaining common sense in conflict situations.


Security of Stores and Shopping CentersSecurity services for boutiques, shops, and shopping centres. TopGard Company has been guarding the interests of Ukrainian citizens, including representatives of medium and small businesses involved in trade for more than two decades. We do our best to protect the individual and its property against intruders and scammers. To get an idea of ​​our competence and professionalism, just look at customers listed on our website, who use currently our security services for shopping centres, boutiques, shops.

We are constantly developing and improving, studying advanced security technologies, carefully monitoring latest engineering and technical innovations (alarms, video surveillance, and information security tools), sharing experience with colleagues.

Do not waste time in vain, if you need security services for the shopping centre, contact in any way convenient for you: contact phone numbers or via e-mail. Get competent advice and make the final decision to protect your business. We will select and install an optimally effective security system, assist in arranging operation of the trading company in such a way to reduce profit losses due to theft. We will eliminate the very possibility of offenses.

TopGuard Company is always open for cooperation and ready to provide support to new customers!

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