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An enterprise of any format, - a small family business, logistics warehouses, a large industrial production such as an industrial plant or a factory, are similar in one thing - its owner or owners always want one thing: their brainchild must work according to their rules and generate income.

One of the important components of any business is the organization of the security service of the company. And depending on its structure and complexity, security can be different, both in quantity and in functional duties. At the same time, two important factors must be taken into account in the implementation of security tasks. This is the human factor, that is, physical security, which is represented by professionally trained personnel who are fully adapted to work at this particular facility. The second factor is technical. This is the equipment of the facility with the necessary technical safety equipment.

Physical Security Of The Enterprise

Enterprise Security Enterprise Security Enterprise Security

To provide physical security, TOPGUARD has developed a special program for the selection and training of personnel and their motivation, followed by systematic and multi-level control over the performance of tasks. Control is carried out both by the management of the security company and by the customer's management.

Usually, in the structure of an enterprise, if, for example, we take a large industrial facility, there are several zones and buildings, ranging from the management office, where, as a rule, managers, finance, planning and personnel departments are located, and ending with production, warehouse and auxiliary (water pumping station, transformer station, etc.) premises. And all this should be guarded around the clock.

That is, the duties of the guard include full control of the entire perimeter of the enterprise, including all the buildings that are located in it. In addition, the security company assumes control of the entry and exit of vehicles, checking the arrival and departure of personnel, compliance with fire safety measures, control of the work schedule, etc. The guards are also responsible for the safety of material and technical values and equipment that are located in the protected area.

All employees of the security company undergo a special training course, and their qualifications are confirmed by regular trainings directly at the facility. The learning process is systematic and ongoing. It includes: knowledge of their functional responsibilities at a specific facility; drills for the evacuation of enterprise personnel and fire safety; sharpening skills to respond to emergency situations and control labor protection; medical training security personnel, which provides for first aid and the use of a special first aid kit, which is at each security post; the ability to use technical means, for example, multilevel radio communication channels and video and photographic recording.

In modern industrial complexes, security is no longer the grandfathers and grandmothers at the entrance, who used the paper notebook in which they tried to fix everything. Instead of it, there is an integrated technical system that monitors the territory, production processes, personnel records and the state of warning and response systems. This allows a small number of security personnel to control large areas, various technological processes, the movement of large-sized material and technical values around the facility, observe the guests of the plant or factories, etc.

Technical Security of The Enterprise

TOPGUARD. Detection of hidden cameras and listening devices. TOPGUARD. Detection of hidden cameras and listening devices. TOPGUARD. Detection of hidden cameras and listening devices. TOPGUARD. Detection of hidden cameras and listening devices.

To resolve technical issues, the company has a special division of TOPGUARD-digital. It monitors the latest developments in security technologies and their implementation in the services provided by the company. It is it which will offer you the best solution for the technical security of your enterprise.

The technical side of the issue includes:

  1. ✔ installation and connection of video cameras, motion sensors, perimeter security, etc.);
  2. ✔ multilevel access control to the enterprise;
  3. ✔ centralized management of installed systems;
  4. ✔ collection and processing of data received from sensors and detectors.

In addition, TOPGUARD provides security for a number of innovative companies, such as wind power companies, which require a modern approach to protecting, in particular, very valuable equipment. In order to cope with such a task, ordinary resources will not be enough, just as ordinary skills and knowledge will not be enough - the protection of innovative projects also requires an innovative approach. So, in the protection of wind power plants, which occupy large areas, we use drones, the driving of which requires special knowledge and skills from the security company employees. In addition, rapid response teams should be involved in the protection of such an object.

TOPGUARD also provides information leakage control. This is done by a special department of the company, which is engaged in the identification of various "spy" devices, such as "bugs" or mini-cameras for secret video surveillance, which can be installed in the office of the company (office of the director, top managers, meeting room).

Охрана офисов СКД системы контроля доступа для людей Автоматизированная Система контроля въезда - выезда автотранспорта. Системы видеоконтроля объектов.


A professional approach and modern equipment allow for high-quality control of processes, optimizing the number of physical security guards at the facility. That is, for the client, this is cost savings, and, at the same time, significant.

All this makes it possible to build security control processes in such a way that the number of violations at the facility is minimized. In addition, with this approach, the management of the customer company always has the opportunity to remotely control both the production processes themselves at the enterprise and the work of the security service itself.

It is clear that the time of grandmothers-watchmen has long since sunk into oblivion. The 21st century is the age of technology and TOPGUARD uses all new technologies to the maximum. This approach is undoubtedly beneficial to the client, as both finances and human resources are saved. Take, for example, a facility where 60 people were involved in the security of the old format. When the security technology changes with the use of modern equipment and new approaches to its organization, about 20 people can work at the same facility. At the same time, process control and quality of work will be much higher.

To make sure of this and apply all these processes in your enterprise, you just need to contact TOPGUARD specialists.

For example, you have applied to TOPGUARD with a request to provide security services for your enterprise. If you have a ready-made technical assignment, then it is calculated by the company's specialists and you are introduced to the order of prices, while giving a justification for the cost of each service. Or, with the already existing experience in this matter, you want to modernize and improve the security system of your enterprise and optimize costs. In this case, a enterprise security specialist, a security officer, goes to the site, clarifies the terms of reference, needs and desires of the client on the spot, and then proposes the optimal security architecture. As a rule, the customer, having seen the numbers, understands that the proposed approach and the construction of the security system are beneficial to him. He sees that the processes become transparent and understandable at all levels of enterprise management.

TOPGUARD works with the majority of clients using the B2B system, that is, business for business. Our task is to make security effective and at the same time optimize the client's financial costs.

In addition, TOPGUARD has a specially developed system called "Object Launch". It consists in the following: specialized specialists build and configure all security processes and levels of interaction between all the services necessary for this.

Working with our company, you also do not need to look for an cargo escort service TOPGUARD will take care of that too.

Why Should You Choose TOPGUARD?

The TOPGUARD company case contains a large number of guarded objects, both already operating and under construction. We protect both small family businesses and large infrastructure projects. Among our clients are meat processing enterprises, garment factories, large construction sites, media objects.

TOPGUARD. Rapid Response Teams. TOPGUARD. Central video surveillance console.

The experience and potential of the company is enough to ensure the safety of the most ambitious projects. For this we offer a set of ready-made and proven solutions.

Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov - this is not a complete list of cities in which businessmen entrusted the security of their enterprises to TOPGUARD. That is, they entrusted the security of their business to the best.

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