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Hotel and motel Security The safety of hotels, hotels is one of the important components of a successful business, a duty to customers and staff.

Physical security of hotels

The safety of hotels, hotels is one of the important components of a successful business, a duty to customers and staff. The constant change of guests requires regular monitoring, and the presence of entertainment complexes, cafes, utility rooms, laundry, rooms, adjacent territories requires high-quality security.

Hotel security features

The main feature of hotel security is the discreet security work that does not cause discomfort to customers. Security should not be intrusive, but at the same time should create a sense of security and control everything that happens around.

The safety of guests should be ensured by representatives of a security company: security guards who have high physical training, appropriate appearance, polite speech. Clients often turn to the security guard, so his behavior and preparation directly affect the reputation of the hotel or hotel. Therefore, the security guard is a representative of the hotel as well as the hostess, administrator or cook.

Each commercial hotel-type facility has its own characteristics, so security measures should have an individual approach. Technical equipment plays an important role in ensuring the safety of facilities. Fire alarms, detectors, access control - quality security depends on this. Engineering structures in the form of hazardous area fences, checkpoints, barriers, and other fences are also important when performing security services.

Security measures imply careful guardianship of a large number of subjects and facilities of the hotel industry, including sports complexes, parking lots, beach and other adjacent areas.

The tasks of the security company to ensure the security of hotels and hotels are:

  • provision of access and prevention of unauthorized entry into the premises and the territory of the institution;
  • provision of safety of vehicles in the parking area of the hotel;
  • identification of risk areas and development of scenarios for the control of these areas; 
  • ensuring the security of the receipt and issuance of material values at the hotel;
  • control over the observance by the guests of the procedures of access to the premises and the observance of public order;
  • providing assistance to personnel in the event of non-standard situations;
  • prevention of fire hazardous situations and extinguishing fires according to worked out scenarios;
  • suppression of illegal actions and reporting them to the police.

The range of services should provide guests with protection from disasters and provide a sense of confidence and security. In this, an important role is played by technical means that are not subject to fatigue, instantly react to special situations and are quite invisible in the interior. A special role is assigned to the video surveillance system. It covers large areas and multi-storey buildings, saving time and resources.

Advantages of cooperation with the security company TOPGUARD

The organization of security measures by the leading security company TOPGUARD is provided at a high level. In the personnel structure of the company, all specialists have professional qualifications, steel hardening and work experience in the power structures of Ukraine and in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The golden composition includes special forces officers who have served in the ATO, as well as instructors with special training in Israel.

You can order security services at an attractive price in Kiev and Ukraine through our website or by contacting our office. The cost of security services is the result of an individual approach to each client.

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