Banks and financial institutions are the main facilities requiring qualified and professional protection. Only the leaders of the security services market in Ukraine, such as TopGard Company with a high-end credibility, can ensure the protection of depositors' funds, personal safety of employees working in the institutions of Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv, as well as bank clients.


A bank is a facility requiring high level of security. Although the time when criminals with outweighed Thompson submachine guns inspired fear and took away all valuables is in the past, the high risk of emergencies remained given the accumulation of a large number of valuables in various equivalents, the premises storing cash and other valuable deposits of hundreds of customers, as well as access keys to them. All this makes banks the most attractive for attackers and increases the risk of emergencies requiring maximum protection.

In addition, there are many employees in the bank, as well as customers and visitors. Security personnel is responsible for their physical safety, health and life.


The main types of bank security services in Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and Kharkiv and other cities) include:

  • physical security – permanent presence of professional armed guards;
  • security monitoring service – ability to call the emergency response group (ERG) by an alarm button in case of a dangerous situation or conflict.


Physical security means the best highly qualified security guards who have undergone special training. They have a good physical level, the corresponding shooting, combat and tactical skills and experience in servicing similar facilities. They are equipped with the best technical equipment, means of communications and weapons. In the event of a threat or attack, they can respond promptly, while ensuring the safety of bank deposits and saving the lives of people inside.

The mere presence of an armed guard at a bank can discourage intruders from making plans for robbery, not to mention the availability of technical security equipment. The price of such a service depends on the specific object and number of required employees. “Premium” staff costs more than regular posts, but given the potential risks, this is more than justified.


Security monitoring service in offices, private houses, apartments, warehouses, banks and other various institutions has been used successfully for a very long time. A wide range of specialized technical means is applied, including:

  • alarm button that allows signalling on emergency;
  • video surveillance of bank premises;
  • audio monitoring of what is happening inside the building;
  • continuous monitoring of the situation indoors and in the adjacent territory;
  • complex access panels and access systems;
  • installation of various sensors (movement, door opening, etc.);
  • fire safety system and more.

In the event of an alarm, a professional Rapid Action Team arrives within couple of minutes (depending on the time of a day and road traffic) to assess the situation and eliminate the causes. Our alarm response forces are based in Kyiv. Our security service operates also throughout Ukraine – in Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv and Dnipro.


The residents and enterprises of Ukraine entrust TopGuard with their property and own safety protection for more than 20 years. Our advantages:

  • experienced professional employees who have undergone special training in various types of disciplines: shooting, extreme driving, criminal psychology and conflict resolution;
  • state-of-the-art technical security equipment;
  • in addition to the basic security service at the facility, you will have an optimal security concept prepared to ensure comprehensive protection of the bank and addressed questions of interest;
  • numerous grateful clients and reference letters, which you can find on our website.

With TopGard Security Company, you can order security services for the bank, which will assure safety of bank values ​​and employees. TopGard is a reliable guarantor of your safety.

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