Bank security The bank, like any other financial institution, requires a special organization of the security system - the availability of funds attracts the attention of intruders to such objects.

Bank security - TOPGUARD

The bank, like any other financial institution, requires a special organization of the security system - the availability of funds attracts the attention of intruders to such objects. The structure of the facility consists not only of a customer service hall, but also of numerous auxiliary rooms, where the storage of valuables and documents is organized. The task of the manager is to ensure the security of the facility in such a way that all premises are under round-the-clock, professional control.

The TOPGUARD company can provide security in the bank, take control of an object of any scale - the main office, a branch of a financial institution.

Specificity of security services

Bank security is a service provided in two ways:

  • physical - highly qualified security guards with special training and skills in combat, tactical and shooting training are serving at the facility. In the event of an emergency situation, they promptly respond to what is happening, preserving bank deposits, the health of visitors and employees of the institution. The TOPGUARD guards are well equipped, in excellent physical shape, armed in accordance with the law of Ukraine. The physical security of the bank of the "Premium" level is more expensive than the standard post. The bank's management has the right to choose the optimal solution, taking into account potential risks, the scale of the institution and other nuances;
  • console is a type of service that has proven its effectiveness in practice. It has been practiced for a long time, allowing the owners of commercial structures and private facilities to protect their property from unauthorized encroachment on the part of intruders. Our company uses a wide range of technical devices to ensure round-the-clock control over a building, a separate room.

Clients of our company can be owners of enterprises, shops, warehouses from different regions of Ukraine - Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkov, Dnipro. We serve the private sector by offering the installation of special technical equipment:

  • an alarm button that allows you to signal an emergency;
  • fire safety systems;
  • sensors for door opening, movement and others;
  • video surveillance systems;
  • audio control systems.

Modern technical means allow you to control the situation both inside the building and outside. Our rapid response teams immediately go to the site when the panic button is triggered - the arrival time depends on the traffic situation.

TOPGUARD company - reliable bank security

The services of TOPGUARD are worth using for several reasons. Our advantages:

  • many years of experience - over 25 years in the security services market in Ukraine;
  • we use innovative technical equipment - round-the-clock security of the facility;
  • experienced employees - security guards undergo special training, have experience in handling special equipment and weapons;
  • the concept of bank protection depends on the client's choice - we will select the optimal solution in terms of price and efficiency.

Confirmation of the positive reputation of the security agency - reviews from customers who have been using the service for a long time. The services of the TOPGUARD company are reliable protection of values that are stored in the bank, the health and life of bank employees and customers.

Letters of recommendation

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