Security Services at WarehousesSafeguarding of warehouses. Safeguarding of warehouses is one of the most popular types of services, since unprotected object attracts intruders for a number of reasons.

Typically, warehouses are located in industrial areas or territories located outside the settlement, where there are no police posts or local residents able to be vigilant.

The situation is complicated due to the fact that, as a rule, warehouses occupy a large area, and the perimeter fence is made of fragile materials easily destructible with due effort.

Of course, modern, properly organized by professionals safeguarding of storage facilities is necessary, which will ensure the preservation of material assets through:

  • preventing theft;
  • restricted access to the facility by unauthorized persons;
  • monitoring the movement of vehicles within the territory of the facility;
  • prevention of internal fires.

The organization of safeguarding at the warehouse requires an individual approach, because each object differs in size of the territory, architectural features of buildings and utilities, specifics of work schedule, number of employees and other factors. It is also necessary to consider that safeguarding of premises is built on a completely different principle than external territory monitoring. If you combine the capabilities of modern technology and physical security, then the reliability and effectiveness will be many times enhanced.


Security Services at WarehousesSafeguarding of warehouse and industrial hangars, premises, territory. First, it is necessary to entrust the organization of warehouse safeguarding to competent specialists. It is not necessarily expensive, as many people mistakenly think, but always efficient, as practice shows. Specialists conduct reliability survey of on-site fortifications and detect vulnerable or weak points. The information received will serve as a basis for general security concept to be further developed.

In some cases, security of storage facilities may be limited to installing alarms, window bars and blind doors with reliable locks, especially when it comes to a separate building located in an area that is already under guard. At large facilities of warehouse terminals with numerous employees constantly working in full swing, a large flow of vehicles is intensively moving, it may be necessary to conduct round-the-clock video surveillance, implement access monitoring and equipment of physical security posts.

The complex of security measures aimed at the prevention, as well as suppression of any illegal actions, may include observation posts at the checkpoint, entry/exit control, vehicle inspection, patrolling the outside and bypassing buildings. You may additionally need the installation of security and fire alarms, a permanent video recording system, one or more panic buttons.

Properly organized security will not impede the operation of the facility; on the contrary, it will do everything necessary for its quiet operation in complete safety.


TopGard has been working in the field of security business for more than twenty years. Based on its vast experience it provides the population of the capital with a wide range of services, which also include the warehouse physical security. Contact us by phone or e-mail if you need a security service for your facility. Our experts will select the most effective protection system, including specially trained employees and integrated use of technical means.

We work officially and offer clients to conclude a bilateral contract, within the framework of which a competent assessment of the facility, a comprehensive design of systems for the protection of premises and external territory, enhanced protection with a daily post and technical means are carried out. Your property and material assets will be under reliable around the clock protection, which we guarantee to provide at a high professional level.

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