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Businesspersons and entrepreneurs perceive the fact that office security is necessary as an axiom, with no doubt. Any office hosting expensive computers and office equipment, trade secrets, important records and personal belongings of employees, is exposed to strangers, whose honesty is hard to identify. In addition, one cannot rule out the industrial espionage, petty thefts within the team, and even night robberies with hacking, on the contrary, the criminal world continues to improve. This is where the main question needs to be solved, what kind of office security to order?


Offices and business centres security. Physical security of office premises, consisting of young strong men dressed in uniform or civilian suits, with their presence alone creates an atmosphere of labour discipline, order, eliminates the possibility of delinquency. At the same time, the presence of modern communications, traumatic weapons or special equipment for security personnel, even for serious attackers, is a deterrent. Depending on the degree of qualification and preparation of office security staff, the cost of services is not cheap and can fluctuate greatly, but if this is the only way to ensure security, it is better not to save.

Security monitoring services become very popular for offices using various technical means:

  • panic button alarm;
  • household sensors (movement, increased humidity, doors opening, etc.);
  • fire safety systems;
  • monitoring of internal premises and adjacent territory, audio control;
  • access panels, throughput system elements.

All information is acquired on-site according to the principle of GSM signal transmission (wireless), followed by instant transfer to security console. In the event of an alarm, the dispatcher sends a rapid action mobile team of at least two employees to check the situation on-site or direct actions to detain the attackers. In this case, the cost of office security will depend on the level of innovation and number of equipment, complexity of installation, but in any case it will be justified by the effectiveness of protection.


Security of offices, business centres, premises. Despite the fact that dozens of companies offer security services for offices in the capital, TopGard holds top position in this business because its team includes strong professionals focused on an integrated approach to addressing issues of personal protection, security of property, information, office space and enterprises. To implement various kinds of security tasks, employees are constantly improving professional skills and physical status, the technical base and fleet are regularly updated, and the latest technologies are utilized.

It is enough to activate the feedback button on the Company’s website and you will definitely be called back by a competent employee who will advise on issues of interest, agree on a convenient time to visit the object in order to better assess the scope of work.

If you have been provided with office security services by another company or installed yourself the technical equipment necessary for connecting to the security monitoring service, our specialist will check its serviceability and connect it to the central system for free during the day. If this is the first time installation, our employee will examine the weakest and most vulnerable places in the office space, design specifics and recommend which equipment is better to install, how to organize protection more effectively.

If you need physical protection, you can agree on the type of uniform in accordance with corporate ethics, equipment and the availability of special equipment, the possibility of patrolling with a dog at night (dog training) and other subtleties.

Simultaneously with signing of a bilateral agreement with TopGard Company for office security, you are getting rid of security issues. You will get a reliable protection, which responds promptly to the slightest cause for concern, in a difficult situation it will come to an aid in a timely manner, preventing any hacking or theft.

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