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Office security - TOPGUARD.With the growth of business activity in Ukraine, of course, the number of offices of companies that do business in our country has also increased. Accordingly, the demand for physical security services for offices not only in Kiev, but also in other large cities of Ukraine has grown. The price for office security depends on many components.

One security guard is unlikely to be able to ensure complete security of the reporting territory and office property, for example, in Kiev. Effective security of facilities is possible when its organization is complex: physical security plus technical systems and equipment.

TOPGUARD is always ready to offer comprehensive solutions for office security that will not overload your business space with security, but will make the security process completely manageable and controlled: like during working hours, when the office is full of visitors, food vendors, government representatives, etc. d; and in non-working hours, when office space is given to cleaning services and technical service employees.

Such control will not hurt even when the owner or manager is out of the office for a long time. It is important for the boss to know and understand that at this time the situation is under complete control. Agree, the cost of such services for the protection of an office, for example, in Kiev, is incomparable with what his manager receives in return. Therefore, the question of how much the security of your office can cost has a simple answer - your peace of mind, and that everything is going according to plan.

In order to achieve such a result, it is necessary to take into account two areas of work - physical security and the technical side of security.

Physical Security

This is one or more specially trained security guards who regularly undergo appropriate trainings with powers that you delegate to him/them.

Such security guards not only receive training to protect your facility, but also have the skills to provide first aid; know how to use fire extinguishing equipment; understand how to organize, if necessary, the evacuation of personnel. When organizing a security post, the employees of the security company fully study the location where they will work, know all the entrances and exits, the location of the electrical and fire shields. At the guard post, they always have a special first-aid kit, the skills of working with which each employee of the TOPGUARD company has.

With the skills and the necessary tools, local problems are resolved fairly quickly. The company understands that the decisive factor in eliminating them is the response time. So, for example, a fire gains strength within 6-8 minutes, and if it is not localized during this time, then a real disaster can happen. The same is with the provision of first aid - if it was not provided in the first three to five minutes, then this will complicate further work for the doctors, and, therefore, the threat to the victim's life will increase.

This is important to consider if you have a large office that occupies a large area. As a rule, such an office is visited by many people every day and requires adherence to quite serious discipline and internal management. Remember, the security guard at the entrance of your office is the face of your company. To a large extent, the first impression of your company from guests, partners and your employees also depends on how he looks, how professionally he performs his functional duties.

In addition, the security is also engaged in monitoring the work of services that ensure the life of the office: starting with garbage collection, receiving mail, responding to technical problems, triggering a fire alarm, and ending with general control of office areas and personnel, according to these powers, control of employees' vehicles and etc.

Office security. Access control systems for people. Automated system of control of entry - exit of vehicles. Systems for video monitoring of objects.

The Technical Side Of Office Security

These are access control systems, and video surveillance cameras, and fire safety sensors, and alarms in special zones, which require special attention from the security (mainly accounting, server room, executive offices, meeting rooms). The installation of the "alarm button" should be added to the technical means of security control. In the event of non-standard situations, by pressing it, you ensure the arrival of an armed and reinforced rapid response group to solve the problems that have arisen.

Usually, the "alarm button" is set up for the arrival of the state police guard, but it should be borne in mind that the group, although it arrives quickly, arrives only for the event. If you just have an exacerbation of the situation, as a result of some negotiations, you feel some tension, a window is broken or the front door is broken, the group simply will not come. But under the contract, for example, with the TOPGUARD company, the rapid response team will definitely arrive and will be at the facility until the problem is eliminated. That is, your office will always be under maximum protection.

TOPGUARD has extensive experience in information security. Our specialists can check the offices of managers and the meeting room for the presence of special devices, and give the necessary recommendations to solve this problem.

TOPGUARD. Detection of hidden cameras and listening devices. TOPGUARD. Detection of hidden cameras and listening devices. TOPGUARD. Detection of hidden cameras and listening devices.

TOPGUARD will offer you an optimal and multifunctional solution for maximum control of your office space.

Today we have a part of wireless control systems, which often allows installing the necessary sensors (for movement, for opening etc.) without additional work on laying cables. In addition, it allows you to change the configuration: during certain periods of time, when, for example, a conference or unplanned repair work is taking place in your office, it is in these zones that control systems can be installed that will allow both the security and the head of the company to keep track of what is happening. In addition, the system allows authorized employees of the company to see and control certain areas on their electronic gadgets.

Thus, the technical solutions for office security control offered by TOPGUARD allow company managers, wherever they are, to control the areas they need and monitor the office's work. By the way, employees, knowing this, will be more disciplined and attentive in their actions.

In addition, the complex of access and video surveillance systems is very helpful in conducting internal investigations, if there is such a need. This is especially important in large companies that employ a large number of freelancers, part-time workers, or people with variable work schedules.

TOPGUARD’s Еxperience

Our company has been operating in the Ukrainian market in the field of security for over 20 years. The team includes people with experience in law enforcement agencies.

Our company has been operating in the Ukrainian market in the field of security for over 20 years. A number of leading world companies trust us to ensure security, such as Procter & Gamble, Craft Foods Ukraine, Avon; TV channel "1 + 1", company LVMH (trademarks "Louis Vuitton", "Kenzo", "Givenchy", "Hennessy", etc.). Among other things, TOPGUARD is a concept developer and security operator in the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine: “Riviera” shopping and entertainment center (Odessa), “Dream Town” shopping and entertainment center (Kiev), “Globus” shopping and entertainment center (Kiev), “Respublika” shopping and entertainment center (Kiev), etc. We ensured the safety of visits to Ukraine by President of Israel Moshe Katsav, President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani and others. TOPGUARD is a partner of FIFA and UEFA in ensuring the safety of mass sports events, after guarding EURO 2012 and the final of the Champions League in Tbilisi and Kiev.

TOPGUARD Rapid Response Teams TOPGUARD Rapid Response Teams TOPGUARD Rapid Response Teams

Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov - this is not the whole list of cities in which our company guards the offices of large companies. And every year there are more of our clients.

Become our client too, because the best trust us!

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