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Security of residential complexes and «club» houses Our country has been experiencing a construction boom for the second decade already. Basically, not individual buildings are being built, but large housing complexes. Moreover, a third of them are premium housing. That is, having paid a fairly decent amount for square meters in such complexes, you should definitely think about security. Agree, you will not leave your wallet with money just on a bench in a crowded park. And here - an expensive apartment with no less (or even more) valuable contents.

The security company «Topgard» has the necessary experience in the protection of residential complexes and so-called «club» houses, therefore, when its employees take over the protection of an object, its residents fully feel that they live not only in comfort, but also in safety.

Features of residential complexes protection

What is included in the functions of a good guard of such a dwelling? Well, firstly, the safety of the residents themselves when they are at home or in the courtyard of a residential complex or club house. The security guards of the company with which the tenants have signed an agreement are simply obliged:

  • to protect the residents of the residential complex from unwanted visitors, if necessary - to organize the access control;
  • keep order in the local area entrusted to them;
  • quickly respond to the threat of fire (know where the main means for fire extinguishing, the location of hydrants and hoses, know how to use them, know the plan for the evacuation of residents, etc.);
  • patrol the territory of the residential complex around the clock;
  • be able to provide first aid.

What a professional security company can and should offer

In order to effectively fulfill these duties, one desire is not enough, therefore, modern security is a rather difficult job: for example, from a technical point of view. What can a good security company offer you that values its reputation?

First, to allocate a separate room in the residential complex for the control room, in which control panels for sensors of heating, water supply to apartments, lighting, elevator operation and fire alarms would be concentrated. That is, to hand over all important systems of the complex functioning under protection.

Secondly, you will be offered to install outdoor video surveillance cameras around the perimeter of the residential complex. Also, at the request of residents, cameras can be installed on separate floors. The overall picture will be displayed on a special monitor in the control room.

Thirdly, with the help of such tracking systems, you will save on the physical number of security guards. As an example, control over the entrance and exit to the territory of the complex is exercised not by a person on the street, but by a dispatcher in the security room. Just the entrance to the territory is equipped with an electronic barrier and a video surveillance camera. Naturally, the employees of such a company must have the appropriate qualifications. («Topgard» has a special technical department, which is involved in personnel training).

Special qualities of the guard

In addition to the fact that the guard must have high technical skills and knowledge, he must also have a number of purely human qualities. So the guard at the post near the entrance group (central entrance to the complex) must have:

  • stress resistance
  • attentiveness
  • be polite and correct, but at the same time quite harsh with unwanted guests
  • if possible, to know the residents of the house by sight

That is, a professional security guard is not a watchman or a concierge. Employees of our company undergo special trainings every six months, which allows them not only to efficiently cope with their duties, but also the right time to become you a reliable support, a person you can rely on.

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