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Do restaurants and cafes need security guards? At first it may seem that not, why should they, because this is not an ordinary drinking establishment in a dysfunctional area, not a bar with a dubious reputation and not a spill in the market. Food reigns supreme in restaurants. Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkov. These are Ukrainian centers where gourmets rule, the number of restaurants just goes through the roof. And you know, almost every famous restaurant in these cities has physical security.

Both restaurants and cafes are entertainment establishments and often, especially in the evening, conflict situations can arise in them - clashes between the guests of the restaurant often outgrow into fights. It is uncommon for an excessive dose of alcohol to make a visitor aggressive and he can cause trouble for both others and the restaurant itself, damaging its reputation or property. In order to avoid this, they hire professional security.

Physical protection of the restaurant

  1. The security of such object lies in an integrated approach. That is, physical security should be combined with the technical training of both security and the restaurant or cafe itself. In any case, that's what they say at TOPGUARD, which provides this type of security service.
  2. It is required from security guards, if not to extinguish the conflict during its brewing, quickly and correctly respond to it. That is, such a security guard should not only be physically prepared, but also know the basics of psychology and conflict management, be stress-resistant, and be polite and sociable in dealing with visitors. By the way, employees of the security company TOPGUARD (Kyiv, Ukraine) practice special skills to prevent such conflicts.
  3. The guard must be very attentive and observant. Especially when his security post is an entrance group, and face control is in effect in a restaurant or cafe. And if most of the regular visitors to the institution are foreign citizens, then it is desirable that the number of security personnel include people who know foreign languages, at least English.
  4. The work on the protection of a restaurant or cafe can be round-the-clock - it all depends on the specifics of restaurant. Then the duties of the guard also include control over the receipt of goods (often the products are delivered early in the morning); timely arrival of service personnel. If a cafe or restaurant is located in a separate building or even a complex of buildings, which is often practiced in Kiev and its suburbs, then the guard's duties also include patrolling the territory.

  5. The Technical Side

    In addition to ensuring order inside the institution, security officers are obliged to monitor fire safety, because restaurants and cafes have kitchens, and this is a fire hazardous room. Therefore, when concluding an agreement with the customer, the representatives of the security company stipulate the technical side of the issue in advance. In details:

  • installation and placement of video surveillance cameras;
  • availability of smoke detectors and systems of fire safety;
  • installation of special points of communication with a mobile rapid response team, police, firefighters, ambulance;
  • providing security personnel and personnel with special means in case of fire, such as smoke respirators, etc.;
  • installation of special programs that allow security guards to monitor online all sectors of restaurant including the kitchen.

Let us remind you that the employees of a security company must have the skills of first aid and the ability to work with fire-fighting equipment.

All this you receive from the Topgard security company when you conclude an agreement with them for the provision of services for the protection of a restaurant or cafe.

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