Coffee shops, restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as other entertainment venues are objects with a high level of conflict situations. Security services for restaurants and cafes should be of higher than Standard level. The operation of such establishments constantly possesses high risk of conflict situations (rowdy guests, dissatisfied customers, aggressive companies, etc.), therefore ensuring order requires a special approach. The easiest way to order services is to receive a consultation and a free property assessment, and then the cost of service at your establishment will be precisely estimated.

To ensure security, an integrated approach will be needed, namely physical security and technical means in the form of video surveillance and security monitoring.


Physical security in any entertainment facility means primarily a conflict resolution. Our employees undergo special briefing (conflict resolution) on actions for prompt and accurate settlement of situations without compromising the reputation of the restaurants.

The guests of coffee shops and restaurants are often people who do not comply with the rules of decency and can interfere with other guests. Ordinary staff is definitely unable to cope with the situation, and frequent visits of such persons (depending on the area of ​​location) may have a negative impact on attendance.

Thus, if you are ready to order security services of optimal quality, the question that concerns all the customers: “What are the cost basis?” Cost depends on:

  • security service schedules;
  • concept and nature of services provided by the facility;
  • facility location;
  • target audience of a coffee shop, restaurant or club;
  • number of personnel at the facility under guard;
  • facility specifics.

By the way, the cost in different cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv and Zaporizhia does not vary much.


  • access control mode (including dress code and face control);
  • law enforcement;
  • regular tour of the territory;
  • control with technical means of security.


  • providing experienced security guards able to work in conflict situations;
  • minimum rotation at the facilities;
  • control of employees by appearance and knowledge in the field of security;
  • facility curator can optionally resolve all security service issues;
  • technical support, monitoring and maintenance of security systems at restaurants and coffee shops;
  • law-enforcement support of RAT (rapid action teams);
  • service in every sense, when the provision of services is carried out, even at the level of workflow and correspondence with the client. No comments and suggestions are left without attention.

Based on all the mentioned options, the optimal cost of security services and their quality for the client is based according to SLA (service level agreement), if you order security services, taking into account all the recommendations.

In addition, to save customer’s money, we recommend security monitoring in a coffee shop or restaurant, instead of physical, during non-business hours.

We utilize in our arsenal a whole complex of modern equipment for monitoring objects and experienced specialists.


TopGard Company has been operating in the market for more than 20 years. Well-known enterprises from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Zaporizhia and other cities cooperate with us.

We participate in large international projects throughout Ukraine; that is why we accept the facility under guard within the shortest possible time. The cost is calculated individually. To order service, you can call us by phone or leave a request via website.

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