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TopGuard security services for detached houses

Security services for detached housesProtection of a separate house in Kiev is a popular service though it is difficult to ensure an adequate level of security. When trying to penetrate dwelling in an apartment building, intruders can attract the neighbors’ attention. It is much easier to gain entry the separate house in a remote area what makes its protection more difficult. In addition, the gated estate may be empty during working hours. The features of separate houses are:

  • Large territory, the unique structure of the object,
  • Garden plot with outbuildings on it (optional),
  • Unlimited entries,
  • And no intercom or concierge, common for city dwellers.

With TopGuard services, your separate house in Kiev will be under the reliable protection and you will be sure in your property and personal security. Our experts have vast experience in performing these tasks that’s why we can provide high-level services of separate house security. Each staff member has experience in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, most of them got through professional training in Israel what is confirmed by international diplomas and certificates.
Cooperation with TopGuard

For every facility under control, we develop an individual security plan, which takes into account the specific features of the territory and the customer’s preferences. Such a plan allows us to increase the security of a separate house, making it as reliable as possible.

Our services include:

  • Installation and configuration of modern surveillance equipment: cameras, motion sensors, alarms,
  • The constant round of the controlled area and the house,
  • The rapid arrival of the guard if possible crime rate,
  • Personal guards for separate houses, bodyguards.

Personal guardIn assessing the cost of the service, we take into the account the estate remoteness from the city border.

The size of the protected area, its ground profile and general criminal landscape are taken into account, as well. Often, it is not enough to arrange only observation to ensure the high-quality security of a separate house. Our guards need some time to get to the object and it may be enough to commit a crime. Experts recommend choosing integrated security systems for a detached house, which includes the continuous presence of a guard on your territory and the installation of innovative tracking systems.

Why choose TopGuard

TopGuard means quality, reliability, and safety. Our company is the founder of the security concept in the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine. A team of experts has vast experience in providing security for separate houses in Kiev and the region what allows us to provide guarantees for the safety of your property. The primary goal is to understand the customers’ problems and provide them with the most suitable solution ensuring calm and confidence.
A source of particular pride for our company is the training center TopGuard, which is second to none throughout Ukraine. Here, our staff members undergo special training, are trained in various types of combat, give classes in extreme driving and shooting. In addition to physical training, there are classes in psychology and conflict management that allow a better understanding of intruders, providing thus more reliable protection of separate houses in Kiev. While working together with us, you feel confident about the future, forgetting about worries and anxieties. We attach much importance to the quality of the services provided, by controlling every stage of cooperation when we protect your separate house.

If you have any questions, please contact us.