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Security for private houses in Kiev and across Ukraine. Security for private houses and cottages. Video surveillance and organization of security for a private house.

As the prosperity of our citizens grows, more and more of them make their dream come true - to have their own country house, either in a cottage village, or in a quiet place not far from the city. Of course, because a dacha, a country house, a cottage in a cozy village help to relax, take a break from the bustle of the city and be alone with nature. But the other side of the coin is safety.

Such a dwelling outside the city makes it a favorite target for all sorts of intruders: the fact that it is simpler to use your lawn mower left on the site. But the alarm in the house will surely scare them away. Another thing is a thief with experience. For him, the popular measures to protect suburban property - fences, trellises, locks - are not an obstacle, but a matter of time. And even some types of alarms will not deter an experienced criminal from achieving his goal - to steal your property. And the fact that you have values ​​proves that you have a country house or an elite suburban area. A poor person, alas, cannot afford such a luxury.

How can you not give attackers a chance to rob you, cause you material and moral damage?

Features of the protection of country houses

The TOPGUARD company, one of the best private security structures in Ukraine, believes that the protection of such objects should be entrusted to professionals. TOPGUARD has extensive experience in organizing security as private country houses, elite summer cottages and cottage settlements in Kiev, Kiev region, as well as in many other regions of the country. At the same time, the company shows the best balance in the price-quality category. It should also be taken into account that TOPGARD can organize any kind of security for any suburban object (link to "Physical security of the object"), while ordering the service without intermediaries.

But let’s turn back, directly to the protection. The peculiarities of the protection of such objects include the following:

  • large areas;
  • the unique structure and relief of the object (proximity or access to the water, proximity to the forest, location of the site in the mountains or hills, etc.);
  • the presence on the site of outbuildings, guest houses, boathouses, etc.;
  • a large number of entrances and exits in the house and on the territory;
  • lack of intercom, concierge, which city dwellers are so used to;
  • remoteness from the city.

All this influences what kind of security architecture the security company will offer you. And the cost of security services completely depends on this.


Our company approaches the protection of such objects in a comprehensive manner.

Security for private houses in Kiev and across Ukraine. Video surveillance and security for private houses and cottages. Video surveillance and organization of security for a private house.

  1. By contacting us, you will deal with specialists in the field of the protection of country houses. He will travel with you to the object, inspect it, listen to your wishes and requirements, and offer his own version of protection. (As a rule, an expert offers the most optimal and effective option, which will give the best result at low cost.) After all the negotiations, a plan is developed and approved by the customer for the organization of security measures for your specific facility, based on its size, architecture of the house itself and features relief of the territory.
  2. A security guard or security guards who will serve on your suburban area (house, dacha, cottage) already have the necessary skills for organizing security, in particular, at such facilities. It is worth noting that each security guard of the company undergoes regular training in first aid, working with fire extinguishing equipment and knows how to respond to most problems that may arise in the house (a breakthrough in water supply systems, a short circuit in power grids, etc.).
  3. All guards are well equipped and know how to act in situations if you or your house are in danger from intruders. They know all the emergency phone numbers, are physically prepared to confront the intruder, and have the ability to call a rapid response team by radio or telephone or using alarm button. There is such a subdivision in the TOPGUARD structure.
  4. Country houses, cottages, summer cottages given under the protection of TOPGUARD are equipped with the necessary electronic security means, which makes the process of protecting your property less costly, since additional physical security posts are not involved.

The technical side

Technical support is one of the main components of ensuring the protection of both material objects and people. The TOPGUARD security company has a large department, which is engaged in providing the security structure with all the new products in the field of security. (Link to Topgard Digital).

It is this department that will make sure that your house is equipped with access control sensors, tracking, a fire system, smoke sensors and an electronic access system (locks) not only directly to the house, but also to the territory of the site and to the premises that the client designates.

Plus, both the house and the territory of the site, at the request of the client, are equipped with wireless security cameras and all kinds of autonomous sensors.

The сsecurity of perimeter of the territory is equipped with approximately the same security equipment. (Link to "Perimeter Guard"). To protect it, special illuminators can also be used, when triggered, the attacker either gets scared and retreats, or becomes visible to everyone. Also, if the territory of the estate is large, infrared sensors are used, combined with cameras, which allow not only fixing the offender, but also using a number of programs to identify him.

In addition, due to the introduction of modern technologies, all data on perimeter protection and on the state of security inside a country house and all premises on the site are transferred to one center. There, the information is analyzed and appropriate measures are taken.

By the way, the client, if desired, is provided with software that allows him to control the protected areas of interest to his premises from his mobile phone or gadget, even being far from the object.

This allows you to reduce the number of physical guards and security posts, which means that it will significantly save the client's money. The security guard himself will be able to control the entire territory zonally, even when walking around, using his mobile gadget connected by a closed Wi-Fi connection with tracking devices.

If you prefer to conduct serious business negotiations on the territory of your country house, then TOPGUARD can provide you with protection from wiretapping and check the premises for bugs.

Ratio of Price and Quality

How much does it cost to hire security for a private country house or summer cottage is a fairly common question, but the cost directly depends on what services the client wants to receive, as well as the timing (day, month or more). The price is also influenced by the distance from the city, the size of the territory, the criminal situation in the area.

In addition, the price for security services may vary if, for example, you decide to celebrate some kind of family holiday and expect quite influential and high-ranking friends who need protection on the event.

The cost is calculated individually, taking into account many factors. If you order a security guard or other service for tomorrow, the price corresponds to the price list. Day-to-day order will cost differently - plus 20%. For regular customers, we provide discounts, which allows you to significantly save. We take into account that it is impossible to do without force majeure, therefore we enter the provisions and return the full amount in case of refusal from the service per day, if they refused on the day of execution - the client receives half of the amount deposited.

TOPGUARD Advantage

Mobile security for private houses in Kiev and across Ukraine.

We have been working in the Ukrainian market of security services for over 20 years. Many educational, cultural and sporting events have taken place and are regularly held under the protection of Topgard. Among them: Football Championship Euro 2012, Final of the Champions League 2018, UEFA Super Cup 2015, Eurovision 2017, Kiev International Economic Forum, concerts of megastars such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Depeche Mode, various award ceremonies, television projects "Right to Power" , "Dancing with the Stars".

Our representatives are in many large cities of Ukraine. We approach the provision of services responsibly: only after meeting with the client and evaluating the object, we offer the most optimal offers.

TOPGUARD is the founder of the security concept in the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine. A team of professionals has extensive experience in providing security for private houses in Kiev and the region, which allows us to provide guarantees for the safety of your property. The primary goal is to understand the client's problem and provide him with the most appropriate solution, which will provide him with peace of mind and confidence.

Our employees constantly undergo special training at the TOPGUARD training center, where great attention is paid to physical training, psychology and philosophy classes. This experience allows not only to stop intruders by force, but also to predict their every step in advance.

Working with TOPGUARD, you gain confidence in the future!

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