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Security services in Kiev

TopGuard is a leading company in the Ukrainian market of security services. Our experience helps us to provide maximum quality of security services, in accordance with European norms and standards. All our bodyguards take special education and training and they are ready to any non-standard tasks and situations. Read more p>

Our Benefits
  • More than 20 years of experience in the market of security services

  • Huge international experience in the protection and participation in major international projects

  • Using the latest technologies for the protection

  • The choice of brand clothes based on the wishes, image and corporate ethics of the client

  • The shortest terms of providing the security services from the moment of signing the contract

  • Flexible pricing

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Security servicesSecurity agency


Security Company

Choosing a Security Company is one of the most difficult and responsible procedures, because actually you trust the security of your business, employees and in most cases your life to their guards.

Therefore, it is better to spend more time choosing security agency than to suffer from incompetent security provider.

This article will draw your attention to the main stages of choosing a security company, because the market is full of such specialized services.

Protection services

The first thing you need to be sure to pay attention to is a Security License. Every Security Agency in Ukraine which operates legally and transparently will provide you this document for reference. Note that earlier such license would be issued for five years and now in perpetuity, so check its validity. Ask whether the company is able to provide the desired number of staff, as well as inquire about the list of security services it offers. If you need armed guards ask about weapon license. Do not forget to ask about the cost, because the pricing of different agencies differs much. Remember that professional security service often provides its own protection equipment. Ask to specify whether it is included in the total price.

Security services

Security servicesBe sure to inquire about all the details, do not be afraid to clarify, this will show your awareness on the issue.

Inquire about availability of cars, portable radio sets, clock support.

Ask about the number of protected objects as well as recommendations that may be provided by their Clients.

Most often these questions make it clear that you are very difficult to cheat.

Moreover large security providers enjoy working with people aware about area of their expertise.

Professional security

If you are satisfied with all the answers to your questions and assured to be provided professional security services you may sign the contract. Most often you’ll be provided a standard contract, but still it’s better to revise it. Further you will be asked to provide all information about possible threats or activity of your company that may cause any threat in order to develop an individual security plan. When providing this information you must be assured that it will be treated strictly confidential and will not flow beyond the security experts of the Security Company, which must be considered in the Contract. Do not try to hide any problems, on the contrary, try to provide maximum information. Be sure that professional security will reveal all the details that you may hide in a few days, in this case the price for services may be enhanced.

Professional security

As for drafting you should consult the lawyers. Only they can point out hidden dangers in the Contract and prevent them. Do not be surprised to find a professional liability insurance clause. It means that you found a responsible security company. This item guarantees compensation for any material loss caused by guards intentionally or due to lack of professionalism. If such item is absent, you can claim it to be included into the Contract.

Concern with all the details and do not miss the opportunity to ask or clarify anything else during discussing cooperation opportunity. After signing the contract it may be too late to change anything. Agree individual protection plan, check whether your security team has established relationships with the law enforcement agency. Make an interview with each of the members of your security team to find out everything you want about them. It will bring confidence to your cooperation and ensure an effective relationship.

Security ServicesArmed Security Service

Armed security serviceArmed security today is turning from a "fashion trend" into a recognized necessity when it comes to protecting human life. Such services cannot be provided by amateurs, but exclusively professionally trained people. In many cases armed guards are the only way to ensure the required level of security for people, material and intangible values.

Unfortunately, in the world there are enough examples of alarming news about the use of weapons against civilians, starting with the taking of hostages in different countries, and ending with the attack of the Norwegian Breivik on a youth camp (67 people died), and the murder of the mayor of Gdansk. This is the recent stabbing in Würzburg, Germany, when one inadequate man with a knife in his hands took the lives of three residents of the city.

The TOPGUARD security company is convinced that if, for example, on the island of Uteye, where Anders Breivik killed his victims, there was at least one guard with a weapon, then the death toll would be minimal, or even tragedy would have been avoided altogether. We can say for sure that the mayor of Gdansk would have survived if an armed guard with a good reaction had stood behind the scenes. The same can be said about the case in Germany - one person with a weapon in the path of a criminal, and the crime would have been avoided. Although the presence of a weapon is a serious factor, it is not always decisive - the weapon itself does not fire. And therefore, here you need the necessary skills in using this weapon.

Considering the fact that the TOPGUARD company is engaged in systematic professional training of bodyguards and a large number of people who wield weapons pass through our training ground, we can assert that success and effectiveness in protecting human life is achieved only through systemic training (ссылка на «обучение телохранителей»). In addition, the TOPGUARD company conducts trainings on self-defense with weapons for civilians. If you want to purchase or have already purchased a weapon for self-defense and want to learn how to use it, both at home and on the street, in the car, just indoors, then you can take a short but intensive and effective course on using this weapon.

What is an armed guard for?

Let's start with the fact that armed guards, be they Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov or any other city in Ukraine, are not cheap services. It is essential when it comes to protecting people's lives. Also, armed guards are also needed when protecting critical infrastructure facilities, the violation of which may entail negative consequences or casualties among people. For example, such facilities can be nuclear power plants, chemical plants, gas and water distribution stations, oil storage facilities, etc.

Such protection is also used during mass events, in places that have a high chance of becoming a target for terrorist attacks.

In addition, armed guards are used when escorting valuable goods, which can be a "tasty morsel" for all sorts of criminal organizations. But in this case, the ultimate goal of theft, for the most part, is to threaten people.

Well, and of course, the transportation of money, securities, jewelry and expensive antiques, which are always interested to intruders, is not complete without armed guards.

Who Provides Armed Security In Ukraine

The first category is the special services of Ukraine - the departments that protect senior officials.

The second category is the commercial units of the Ministry of the Interior, such as Titan.

The third category is private security companies that have the appropriate licenses, capacity, skills and experience.

Let's take a look at all three categories.

With the first category of the state security service for the first persons of the state, everything is more or less clear - large teams of security guards work to ensure their safety and the safety of their family members, whose work is paid by the taxpayers. As a rule, people in such teams are well motivated, trained, equipped and have the opportunity to use various types of weapons and special equipment in their work.

The second category is the "commercial" police, which have rifled firearms and a "Police Law" that allows them to use them under strictly defined conditions. Lack of systemic training, low motivation, traditional type of weapons (usually PM or Stechkin) and traditionally small ammunition do not allow to fully perform tasks to ensure the safety of one or several people.

The third type is private security structures. There are not many who can fulfill the tasks of armed protection of a person. Private security structures, unlike the police, do not have the right to work with short-barreled rifled weapon, but nevertheless they have a wider range of others permitted by law.

These are traumatic pistols, both domestic and foreign, which are used at a distance of 5-10 m, albeit with dubious effectiveness.

12 gauge smoothbore weapons - 5-50 m with a wide range of ammunition, starting with a rubber bullet and ending with buckshot. (Semi-automatic carbines of Turkish, Italian and American production, which are used by special forces for combat in urban environments).

Also, the "private traders" have a rifled weapon with a diameter of 5.45 mm, which works at longer distances. These are "AR15", AK, Steyr AUG. (Similar samples are in service with the employees of the TOPGUARD company). It is impossible to use such a weapon in the city, in the "cement" of defense, but in some moments, when it comes to distances of 100-300 m, it is relevant. For example, in the TOPGUARD company, the power groups of bodyguards or groups of escorting valuable goods are trained to use them.

By the way, in Israel, every educational institution, be it a kindergarten, school, college or university, is guarded no worse than a police station or buildings of state departments (ministries). There is a private armed guard, which provides full multi-level access control, security of the perimeter of the establishment, etc. Israel shows the absolute effectiveness of this approach.

In developed countries, the protection of critical infrastructure facilities is also entrusted to private security companies, and the work of the army and police is reduced to responding to terrorist attacks, massive threats, etc. It is worth noting that even in army formations, employees of private security companies are used to protect bases, transport goods, soldiers and important army officials. And this is because private security companies are more professional and motivated in performing such work, and therefore show the best efficiency.

Technical Component

The second important part of the armed protection of objects is technical equipment. This is access control to the territory, and video surveillance, and alarm systems. Thus, a special division of TOPGUARD will inspect the protected object and propose an optimal scheme for ensuring its security: what equipment, where and how to install, in order to be able to control the situation even from your smartphone or any other mobile gadget.

Armed security serviceIf you have chosen armed guards, then this means that you have good reasons for this. Therefore, the choice must be deliberate and thoughtful. That is, the company that you choose for these purposes must have a license to provide such services, an excellent reputation, good potential, relevant experience and employees with the necessary skills. All this differs from the others TOPGUARD security company.

And among the services provided by the company, in addition to power escort groups and bodyguards, there is also the provision of armored vehicles, trained drivers. In addition, you can use the "clear sky" service, when not only ground transport, but also air transport - helicopters are used for protection, which will significantly secure and speed up your movement from point A to point B.

It is very important to remember that armed security services are special services that require increased attention from the business owner. At the same time, it is the most reliable personal security, which is guaranteed to ensure the safety of the facility, you and your employees.

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Security servicesSpecial Services

Security agency (company) TopGuard
Security agency (company) TopGuard

Special services provided by TOPGUARD Security Company:

Corporate Bug Sweep Services:

  • regular sweeps for bugs on telephone lines for executive offices;
  • bug sweeping rooms for transmitters in executive areas;
  • microwave detection;
  • securing offices, conference rooms from audio and video surveillance devices;
  • divers services;
  • canine services;
  • service dogs rental.
Divers servicesCanine servicesService dogs rental

In addition, our company provides services of counter subversive actions to ensure security of your leisure on water:

  • inspection of the underwater part of yachts, boats, hydro structures, beaches water area, ship parking;
  • photo and video documentation support of events;
  • search for objects under water;
  • provides professional lifeguards for events on water;
  • training your staff for independent work.
Security servicesEvent Security Services in Kyiv

Security agency (company) TopGuard
Security agency (company) TopGuard

For our event security team, it's all about safety and comfort for each individual at the event.
It's about an individual, comprehensive approach, solutions proven by experience, about cutting-edge smart technologies that allow creating a safe environment with controlled outcomes and modest security budgets.

With "TopGuard" you will get:

  • A professional team with extensive experience in event security
  • A personalized approach along with a deep expert risk assessment
  • Assistance in setting up event organizational processes
  • Competent security personnel with modern specialized equipment and gear
  • Always timely and quality services provided
  • A fleet of special vehicles for the mobility and autonomy of the security team
  • The appearance of the security team that will precisely match the event's image

TopGuard Security functionality includes:

  • Preservation of the client's material assets at the location during the preparation, conduct, and conclusion stages of the event
  • Control over subcontractor personnel and location staff
  • Establishment of a comfortable access regime for event guests
  • Coordination of management across all departments involved in preparing and conducting the event
  • Observance of fire safety regulations and response in case of emergencies, visitor evacuation
  • Provision of first aid before the arrival of emergency services
  • Continuous monitoring of the overall security situation at the event and swift response to potential threats

With "Topguard Security", your event receives the highest level of protection, allowing every participant to enjoy the event in complete peace and safety. Entrust us with your security, and we will ensure the successful and safe execution of your event.

Kyiv is not only the capital, but also the city where most of all various kinds of mass events are held. They are not uncommon today: neither in Kiev, nor in Odessa, nor in any other city of Ukraine. Every responsible organizer of a mass event, be it a concert, conference, sports competition or holiday event, is obliged to take care of the safety of guests. Therefore, protection, both cultural, sports, and private or corporate events is no longer a rarity, but rather a rule. And to hire a security service for such an event, even a private one, is not a whim of the rich, but a requirement of the time.

Today, many security companies offer services for the protection of public events, but specialists in this field who have the appropriate potential, experience, technical and technological capabilities for the high-quality performance of the task set by the customer are best suited to this task.. Therefore, responsible organizers use the services of large professional security firms. This is the case when only professional security firms can help avoid various conflict situations that often arise in places where people and emotions are concentrated during cultural events, private or corporate parties, major sports competitions.

Threats and counteractions

So, the protection of events should begin with a detailed analysis of the potential threats that may arise. Only specialists can do this and provide for the smallest details, since threats can be different, but they are divided into two types - external and internal.

External threats represent opportunities for terrorism, hooliganы, and the entry of unauthorized persons into the territory. All of them can interfere with your event and therefore need professional supervision. In turn, internal threats are those actions that can come from your own guests. Alcohol is present at many events, and people who prefer it can be very difficult to control. In order not to think about such trifles, you need a qualified security of events, which will warn and eliminate potential threats. The price you pay for the security of a mass event is incomparable with the human lives that are at stake when you think that ordering security for a private or corporate event is a waste of money.

The cost of their services will correspond to the level of security organization of a particular event. (It should be noted that the security of a mass event in Kiev will differ in cost from the provision of a similar service in another place. It all depends on the scale of the event, the number of employees involved in its security, the presence of VIPs, etc.)

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Tips for organizing the security of public events from the TOPGUARD company

High efficiency is usually achieved when, when organizing security services, 90-95% of all efforts are devoted to the prevention of risks and threats, and 5-10% - to their prompt neutralization.

The TOPGUARD team is confident that in such cases, the fundamental complex competitive advantage is security management, which includes a team approach to the work of managers with the appropriate level of skills and competence, who are able to solve both standard and non-standard tasks, focused on the client and results-oriented.

Thus TOPGUARD provides:

  • the level of personnel for one-time events - security managers (trained personnel of the level of middle-level managers and above, capable of acting both in a team and autonomously in conflict, non-standard situations);
  • personnel with the necessary skills: the first BLS home preparation, actions in the event of a fire with primary fire extinguishing equipment, conflict management, strength training, managerial experience, specialization of work on security services (frame metal detectors, theft prevention, bodyguard, etc.), constant identification of potential threats, weak areas;
  • acceptance of the initial order with clarification of the nuances of the proposed event;
  • commercial offer, based on primary information, there is a discount for regular customers;
  • on-site visit to determine the level of perceived risks and threats, the scenario of the event, its specialization, timing, clarification of details; acquaintance with the local administration, security, coordination with all contractors for the event;
  • a comprehensive proposal to the Customer with recommendations on risks and threats, taking into account the specialization of personnel, uniforms, technical support;
  • appointment of a responsible manager, selection of appropriate personnel and technical equipment;
  • constant communication with the representative of the Customer, analysis, coordination and correction on all the above points;
  • at the end of the event, analysis of the work done, recommendations to the Customer, and feedback to the specialized departments of the company.

Benefits of working with TOPGUARD

Firstly, it is over 20 years of experience. Many educational, cultural and sporting events are held under the protection of "TOPGUARD". Among them: Euro 2012 Football Championship, Champions League Final 2018, UEFA Super Cup 2015, Eurovision 2017, Kiev International Economic Forum, concerts of mega stars Red Hot Chili Peppers and Depeche Mode, various award ceremonies, television projects "Right to Power", "Dancing with the Stars".

Individual and comprehensive approach. Development of a unique security organization scheme for a specific event, taking into account the features and specifics of the event.

For example, when the level of guests or participants requires the organization of personal security, you can easily do this with «TOPGUARD» by entrusting the protection of the VIP person to a team of professional bodyguards.

When it is necessary to resolve issues with logistics and transportation, voice the tasks and TOPGUARD will solve them quickly and efficiently. After all, we have one of the largest fleets of armored and business class vehicles at our disposal.

Each organizer wants to have maximum information and operational control of all components of the event’s protection. “TOPGUARD” has a special technical service that will provide: closed and secure communication channels with all services participating in the event; closed and protected Wi-Fi space; will install wireless access control systems, motion sensors and video cameras in all necessary locations, which will allow organizers to see and control all processes of provision and conduct of the event online on their smartphones, without causing discomfort to guests by excessive militarization of locations.

Audit and preventive action. Determination of the weaknesses of the object and development of recommendations for their strengthening; detailed study of the territory before the start of the event; expert advice on fire safety and evacuation; canine support; the presence of a paramedic in the team with a set of necessary equipment to provide first aid to medical aid; radiological and chemical control of location.

Extended list of responsibilities. It provides for the control of invitations and tickets, the organization of parking, control of the passage of persons, the seizure of prohibited items, ensuring the safety of property, preventing theft, maintaining order at the event, patrolling the adjacent territory.

Confirmed qualifications. Our specialists are able to quickly adapt to the current situation, ensuring a high level of security in any territory.

Providing additional support. If necessary, rapid response teams can arrive at the event, and actions will be coordinated with law enforcement agencies.

Respectable appearance of the guards. As agreed with the Customer, we will select a dress code in accordance with the atmosphere of the event.


Remember that not every security company provides its services at the proper level. Professionals, first of all, will offer you to create a security concept for your event. Concept creation starts with questions, the security firm will definitely ask you to share the details. You will need the scenario of the event in the broadest possible representation. After that, the specialists who will work directly on the site will study the technical plan-scheme of the territory, the buildings located on it, the dislocation of personnel. Depending on the level of the event, you may need information about invited guests, staff, media representatives and other attendees. Of course, the security company can ask you many more additional questions, but if you heard from them everything that we wrote just above, you should know that you have fallen into the hands of professionals. These are the ones who work at TOPGUARD!

Security servicesIT & Information Services

Security agency (company) TopGuard

IT & Information Services

One of the TopGuard Security Company activities is to provide information services for our clients to make effective management decisions.

  • risk assessment
  • business partner assessment
  • competitor analysis
  • business negotiations information services
  • employee background and personal check

1. Information security documentation

Name of the documentDescription
1Concept of information securityGeneral principles and approaches to company information security system creation
2Draft Information SecurityMain goals of company information security system creation, all kinds of threats to information system and how to protect it.
3Regulations on information security departmentInformation security department, main goals and responsibilities
4Instructions and regulationsJob descriptions, instructions, regulations, including rules for dealing with e-mail, open Internet network, the procedure for choosing a password.
5Standards for Information SecurityAn annex to the basic set of the documentation for information protection.

2. Conducting security analysis of an information system. Main stages

1Analysis of the current state of enterprise information systemAnalysis of operating services and programs, checking the latest software and updates.
2Services and Software Vulnerability SearchA technical audit of security of local area networks and personal computers is carried out.
3Analysis and classification of possible threatsBased on discovered vulnerabilities potential threats to information system are identified, and their classification is conducted.
4Development of recommendations for their eliminationTaking into account the results produced, recommendations on the selection and updating software, changing the rules of access control and installation of additional security information means.

3. Selection of solutions for information security

1FirewallTo provide safe access to company information resources and protection against unauthorized access from the Internet.
2Attacks detection systemsTo identify suspicious activity, unauthorized access and rapid response.
3Anti-virus protectionTo protect against virus attacks when using public networks, from viruses to a local area network to an external storage media.
4Monitoring and filtering email messagesTo address filtering mass mailing of promotional messages and leakage of confidential information.
5Virtual Private Network (VPN)To protect information in open communication channels between the company network and subsidiaries or mobile workers.
6Storage and destruction of confidential informationProtection and emergency destruction of sensitive information stored and processed on personal computers in the local network.
7Means of protection from unauthorized accessTo eliminate unauthorized access to computer resources and demarcation of user rights (using biometrics and other identification systems, and the ability to integrate with access control to the premises).
8System backup informationFor the possibility of recovery in case of loss of power surges, failure of the storage medium, natural disasters, etc.
9Centralized management and control of securityFor ease of configuration, administration and operational control of all the components installed information protection system.

4. Implementation of information security systems.

Installing and configuring of individual means of protection of information with the possibility of combining them into a single system. With the development of the information system, modernization of the system of protection of information aimed at the reflection of the new types of threats is carried out.

Security services

Security services

Security service companies are becoming more popular these days. Private security becomes a question of necessity for many people therefore our company provides qualified protection and security services for individuals and businesses.

Unfortunately, many people take a final decision to hire an expert only after certain events. But our recommendation is not to run a risk. Security will never be superfluous because nobody in this world is immune. In turn, security - is a kind of insurance against accidents, and it should work professionally and accurately as possible, to carry out tasks based on the needs of the customer.

So, if you decided to use the services of a specialized company, you should consider several subtleties. First of all, security and protection should be reliable and professional. It is best to contact the company that provides a full range of services. This is convenient, since you as a Client can choose the best option that suits you and your company.

Security company

Security company

Perfect Security Company for each client is the one that provides a full range of services including personal, office and industrial security. Let us take a view at each of these services in detail.

Executive security or close protection is a service provided by Security Companies directly to the Client. Most often Security companies provide their best professionals with proper experience and recommendations to perform such kind of services. Therefore if you need to enhance your personal security acquire about skills and experience of the bodyguard you are going to hire, after all it is very important that in case of threat he could react immediately and eliminate it quickly. A stake is your life so raise all important questions to you before contracting a Security Company.

Security companies

Security companies

Almost each Ukrainian Security Company provides office security services. This service considers physical protection of employees and Executives at their workplace and security of the office premises or the entire building. Also office security includes access control system of a building or office entrance and also monitoring an external visitors flow.

To perform this kind of service Security Companies provide professionals capable to take immediate security measures in case of a threat to all people in the building. Before signing the contract with a Security Company you should discuss a set of details starting from security systems installation and finishing with protection equipment of the guard. Personal training of security guards is no less important therefore surely inquire about their experience and when applicable interview each of them.

Security companies in kiev


Many Security Companies in Kiev offer entire buildings, premises, facilities and cargo security services. Premises security implies total perimeter security with use of security systems necessary to perform this service. Cargo security supposes its protection while storing or during its transportation. All the services mean protection against unauthorized persons’ actions.

Full range of security services is provided by few Kyiv Security Companies therefore you can consider each of them while making your choice. But don't forget to approach to this choice most attentively. Be attentive to details and try to consider all threats that may influence your business. In our turn our company will help you avoid them.

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