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Transportation of money and valuables.
Support of transactions (sale of real estate, cash, securities, unwanted meetings...).

Any level of difficulty.
Local and international.

Detection and neutralisation of illegal surveillance and eavesdropping devices in premises and cars.

Life is priceless!
Learn to shoot with any firearm and provide first aid to yourself and others.
Everything will be fun, clear and understandable.
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Security in Kiev

TopGuard is a leading company in the Ukrainian market of security services. Our experience helps us to provide maximum quality of security services, in accordance with European norms and standards. All our bodyguards take special education and training and they are ready to any non-standard tasks and situations. Read more p>

Our Benefits
  • More than 20 years of experience in the market of security services

  • Huge international experience in the protection and participation in major international projects

  • Using the latest technologies for the protection

  • The choice of brand clothes based on the wishes, image and corporate ethics of the client

  • The shortest terms of providing the security services from the moment of signing the contract

  • Flexible pricing

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Security servicesEavesdropping And Protection Against Bugs

Eavesdropping And Protection Against Bugs

Checking offices, offices, apartments, houses, cars for wiretapping is a delicate and time-consuming process. A wiretap check, for example, to check a room for bugs, includes searching for and detecting the very wiretapping (hidden microphones / "bugs"), detecting hidden cameras and protecting the premises from possible information leakage.

There may not be such devices inside the premises, but it will still be possible to eavesdrop on the outside. Our specialists will identify weak points in your security and give professional recommendations.

  • identification of devices for transmitting audio and video information;
  • detecting the presence of disguised recording devices ("bugs") inside, in hidden and hard-to-reach places, the possibility of listening to the premises from the outside;
  • verification and radio control of the radio frequency spectrum;
  • checking wired, network communications, remote control sensors, sockets, extension cords, office equipment, heating and air conditioning systems and other electrical equipment in the room, interior items and gifts, and other items;
  • assessment of the security of premises;
  • detailed recommendations for the protection of the object;

Based on the results of the inspection of the object and adjacent spaces and premises, including hard-to-reach or hidden (in the ceiling, communication and structural cavities, or other), the specialist will give a complete conclusion and recommendations on protecting the premises from embedded devices.


Service Package Service Cost Per 1 m2 in USD (excl. VAT)
STANDARD Checking premises for wiretapping, checking an office (office) for bugs, checking a car for wiretapping, eavesdropping protection and expert advice on the protection and storage of confidential information. ≈ 10 USD*
* The price for checking the wiretapping of a house, office, apartment, checking for bugs in the house, apartment, wiretapping a car will be about the same.
The minimum order amount is from 400 USD.

Checking the premises with a nonlinear locator. The locator detects hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether they are on or off. Checking the premises with a nonlinear locator. The locator detects hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether they are on or off.


Guaranteed quality. Confirmed by licenses of the special services of Ukraine;
The check is carried out by experts with extensive practical experience;
Performing a full range of works to protect against eavesdropping and leakage of confidential information.
Professional special equipment and precise methods for assessing security;
Time of checks 24/7. Checking mode: comfortable, hidden for staff;
Confidential report on the work done.
Training of security officers for information culture control.
Installation of modern security systems for premises to block potential channels of information leakage.
Professional arrangement of meeting rooms with guaranteed information security.




Room radio monitoring: detection, direction finding and analysis of radio signals, which may be information leakage. Room radio monitoring: detection, direction finding and analysis of radio signals, which may be information leakage.Revealing hidden surveillance cameras. Revealing hidden surveillance cameras.Identification of transmitters transmitting information in the infrared, ultrasonic and ultraviolet ranges. Identification of transmitters transmitting information in the infrared, ultrasonic and ultraviolet ranges.Identification of devices transmitting information along lines of force in the supersonic frequency range. Identification of devices transmitting information along lines of force in the supersonic frequency range.

Kyiv - capital and metropolis. When checking premises, offices in Kiev for wiretapping and the presence of "bugs", as a rule, GSM bugs and surveillance cameras are detected. The cost of checking the office premises for wiretapping is worth the price that today, for example, are set by such security agencies as TOPGUARD

Believe me, the price you pay to check your office for wiretapping will be much lower than the price of the information that can be stolen from you if you do not protect it.

Security servicesRapid Response Team (RRT)

The RRT or rapid response group is a special security unit with a certain specificity of work.

To understand what a RRT is, you need to understand the specifics of their work. The RRT is not just an ordinary security guard - they are well-trained, armed and equipped according to the latest trends, professionals who promptly arrive at the guarded facility for force support and resolving crisis situations.

Operational support by armed RRT in the event of problems at the facility is a decisive factor in overcoming crisis situations and ensuring the safety of people.

Success and quality in solving the problem will depend on the professionalism of the rapid response team. The RRT are armed, well-physically and psychologically trained people who regularly undergo special training in specialized areas:

  • Conflictology;
  • Anti-crisis psychology;
  • Combat Sambo and Krav Maga;
  • Medical training;
  • Fire fighting training;
  • Basic profile legal training;
  • Foreign language;
  • Operational-tactical, fire training;
  • Counter-emergency car driving.

Benefits of working with TOPGUARD

All partners and clients of TOPGUARD know that in the event of an emergency situation, if the guards at the facility need help, the armament units of the State Intelligence Directorate will arrive. They will help and, if necessary, block the facility, strengthening the full-time security until the problem is completely resolved.

In parallel, control, fixation and coordination will be carried out by the operational security officer on duty TOPGUARD, who informs the responsible persons of the facility, the security company and the round-the-clock legal support unit. If necessary, calls and coordinates the ambulance service, departments of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The very presence or absence of subdivisions and control systems, crisis support in the security company informs the customer about the professionalism of the company he chooses. At TOPGUARD, all employees undergo regular trainings at their own closed training base.

Authority of the RRT staff

According to the Law of Ukraine "On security activities", the employees of the RRT have the right to:

  • demand from violators to stop illegal actions, to observe order and law;
  • do not allow strangers to enter the territory of the protected object;
  • if the persons who entered the object committed an administrative or criminal offense - the employees of the rapid response team must report to the National Police;
  • use physical pressure, as well as service dogs and special means permitted by law.

Also, employees of the RRT are allowed to carry out photographs and video filming at the facility, and to search people who enter the facility.

Trained employees have the right to use force if there is a compelling reason to do so. At the same time, it is important that the employees of the rapid response team must work not only in the interests of their clients, but also strictly follow the laws of Ukraine.

Types of rapid response teams

Mobile groups. This category of RRT works as a reinforcement of full-time security, is engaged in cargo escort services with high risks, if necessary, supplements the personal security of famous people on the way from the airport, at important meetings, etc. The employees of the mobile group are armed, equipped, equipped with the most modern equipment to perform tasks to protect the protected object. Often such groups use armored vehicles. (link Armored cars and personal security).

Patrol groups. This type of RRT uses special patrol branded vehicles with special signals, which are equipped with the necessary equipment to resolve crisis situations at the facility. Among them, in particular, a professional paramedical first aid kit for first aid, oxygen and stretchers for evacuation; fire safety equipment - fire extinguishers, special masks for evacuating people from the critical smoke zone; lifebuoy and rope for evacuation from the water; the necessary weapons and means of protection; coded radio communication and special stationary and portable devices for recording what is happening around and transmitting the situation online to the monitors of the operational control group.

Is it necessary to create a RRT and the price of the issue? Who uses the services?

A RRT car, a mobile or patrol service will be needed in many emergencies:

  • holding events of high complexity or importance;
  • calling a group after pressing the panic button, triggering an alarm or other equipment that monitors unauthorized entry into the facility;
  • protection of VIP-clients;
  • escort of valuable cargo.

The work of the service is to resolve difficult situations, so their services will be needed by individuals and legal entities. The price of the security service with the participation of the RRT in the same Kiev, its cost depends on many factors and is negotiated with the management of the security company when concluding an agreement.

Rapid Response Team (RRT) - TOPGUARD

Rapid response service functions

In TOPGUARD (Kiev), rapid response teams perform the following tasks:

  • emergency response to an alarm signal that comes from protected objects;
  • after getting to the place where the call took place, an inspection of the territory is carried out to identify potential dangers;
  • capture of criminals with their subsequent transfer to law enforcement agencies;
  • elimination of disorder in the protected area;
  • strengthening the existing security at the facility in the presence of threats or at the request of the client;
  • interaction with law enforcement agencies to carry out operational and investigative measures;
  • elimination of conflict situations.

The service goes about its business around the clock. Its employees are at the post, waiting for a call and are ready to go to the client at any time to solve problems.

Requirements for RRT employees

It’s difficult to get a job in the RRB. So, in the TOPGUARD company, the following requirements are imposed on the vacancy "RRT employee":
  • men and less often women over 20 years old who have good physical fitness and do not have serious health problems;
  • work experience (police, army, special services of the Ministry of Defense, etc.);
  • availability of appropriate education;
  • no criminal record.

Service specialists receive high salaries. But not only professional requirements are imposed on them. The selection of potential employees is carried out on the basis of their personal qualities - discipline, responsibility, stress resistance.

RRT equipment

All TOPGUARD rapid response teams are equipped with branded vehicles with special signals, coded communication means, special protection equipment, a universal first aid kit for (first) pre-medical aid, fire extinguishing and fire protection equipment.

TOPGUARD is more than 20 years of experience and an impeccable reputation that our clients speak of!

Appreciation Letters

  • Сертификат на соответствие качеству услуг ISO 9001:2015
  • Компания года 2018
  • Рекомендательное письмо Avon
  • Рекомендательное письмо 1+1
  • Рекомендательное письмо UEFA EURO 2012
  • Рекомендательное письмо ARGO
  • Рекомендательное письмо Louis Vuitton
  • Рекомендательное письмо Publicis Group

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Security servicesRecruiting and training bodyguards

Recruiting and training bodyguards

Selection and training of bodyguards in our company

Kiev is not only the capital of Ukraine, but also its financial and political center. The city in which most of the financially successful people live, people who have power or hold fairly high positions in parliament and government structures. And it is not a secret that such people have enemies: from ordinary hooligans to representatives of organized criminal groups. In such cases, most of these people need help and … the service of bodyguards.

Difficulties of choice

Earlier, before the advent of the Internet and professional private security companies, personal security guards were usually recommended to the customer by friends or business colleagues. If you were a VIP of a state scale, then the state provided you with bodyguards. (By the way, then most of the chiefs of their own security, as well as employees of personal protection units, were recruited from departmental security structures, offering a large salary and better conditions). And, if your closest assistant, who later usually became the head of the security service of your company, selected people to protect you or your family, the first thing he paid attention was the trust in the people he recruits and, in most cases, personal acquaintance with them, such as: they served together, a distant or close relative, etc. And this is already good, since a personal recommendation confirms loyalty and certain skills and how much you can trust this person.

But there is also a downside to the medal: it is often humanly difficult to demand from a person you know well to complete all assigned tasks, it is inconvenient to fire him for some shortcomings in his work. The question of the preparation of this person, payment for his work, remains open, since kinship or almost kinship ties negate the creation of a full-fledged system of security services.

If a person decided that he needs personal protection, then he has reasons for this, and quite compelling ones. These are both personal threats and business issues, or simply because of his status, he or his family may simply be victims of illegal actions, ranging from blackmail to kidnapping with a ransom demand or providing them with some services, about which we do not know. But, spending up to thousands of dollars a year on his security, he knows why he is doing this, and wants in return to have a high guarantee of his safety.


Tips from Topguard

If you applied to a professional security agency of the Topguard class, you will be offered the following options:

  • turnkey recruitment of personnel;
  • provision of security services with security company personnel;
  • confirmation (or denial) of the professionalism of those people whom you have chosen for this job, including their capacity and competence.

How personnel are robbed at Topguard. These well-reasoned tips will really help you make the right choice.

The first stage is checking the candidate's resume according to the items that are spelled out there; checking his physical fitness. As a rule, all candidates have previously been involved in some kind of sport, which is very much welcomed by the customer. For this, the candidate is invited to the Topgarda sports base, where there are three halls: for boxing, MMA and a hall for special power diagnostics. Literally, in one training session, the state of his health today and the confirmation of the level of his declared skills become obvious.

The second stage is an interview with a military psychologist who is well acquainted with security topics, such as ensuring personal security.

This usually takes 3-4 hours. And, as a rule, at this stage it is clear how competent the candidate is in his profession; to what extent the knowledge and skills declared by him correspond to what the psychologist sees.

The third stage is psychological tests. If the candidate somehow passes the first stage and the interview, then he will be tested. These are three psychological tests. They are designed for the specific position for which the person is hired. Tests are conducted online in a place convenient for the candidate. Their duration varies from 2 to 4 hours, while the candidate can take breaks. It is worth considering the factor that these tests, with an accuracy of 95%, will tell the truth about certain abilities of a person and what to expect from him in a particular position.

The fourth stage is the practical confirmation of those skills for which he will subsequently be paid money, confirmation of his declared abilities. The candidate is invited to the range, where he passes stress tests in shooting training; the ability to provide first aid to yourself and others; skills in working with fire extinguishing equipment; the ability to organize evacuation in a smoky room, etc. All this is recorded on video. And after passing all the stages, a decision is made.

The client receives a verdict on the job seeker:

  1. The conclusion of the psychologist-security officer and the video of the interview itself.
  2. Analysis of psychological tests.
  3. Results of practical exercises: training ground, medicine, functional, at the same time, also with video recording.

The client can personally see the level of training of the person to whom he is going to pay money and hire.

Based on the practice of the Topguard company, the majority of customers, after receiving the results of the check, refuse the services of a candidate for the place. But they refuse already on the basis of arguments, and not on a whim. For little money, the client (customer) receives a clear vision of the competence of yesterday's candidate and is glad that, for example, he refused the services of a person who does not meet his requirements in time.

There are situations when a candidate for a position lacks certain skills and abilities, while in general his candidacy suits the customer. Then the client is offered a special training program that will help the candidate to acquire and refine certain skills in order to achieve the required competence. The cost of such training will cost the client 8-10 percent of the total security costs per month.

Is there an alternative?

Let's analyze the moment when a person has chosen for his protection employees, for example, the state security structure "Titan". First, it will be expensive. The high cost of services will be explained by the presence of registered rifled weapons and official permission for it. They can solve problems with the support of state structures. That is, the client will be told: “Don't worry, everything will be fine. The state is with us." Well, it happens.

There are guys in various security government agencies who love their work to the point of fanaticism and spend their whole lives developing their skills. But, as a rule, only some of them, such as shooting or hand-to-hand combat, bring them to automatism. The development of others is not paid as much attention as required. In addition, coherence is needed if a group is working, for example, a driver and a bodyguard. And the lack of competence of one can have a rather negative impact on the work of the entire group.

Returning to the situation already described, in such cases such protection is taken on the advice or recommendation of colleagues and friends with whom the person will not break off relations. But he will not receive proper protection, since she was not selected in accordance with his requirements, and often does not have the opportunity to efficiently and smoothly cope with a particular task! By the way, in terms of coherence, the Topguard company can help, which conducts special trainings once a month to work it out.

Another, and quite numerous, category of clients - people who have been using the services of the same people for a long time: drivers, security guards, drivers with the function of security guards, etc. Many years ago, they, being at the “dawn” of their growth, hired them and continue to work with them. They are trusted, and they justify this trust. But times are changing, and over the past 10 years, the functional duties of the guards have undergone great changes. Today, when there is a war going on in the country, the guards should be tougher and more qualified.

Probably, 10 years ago they were great guys, but their social status has changed today: someone got married, someone already has a third child in the family, etc. And if there is no place for controlling the protection system to control its development and constant training, then, most likely, at the proper level of this preparation will not. For different reasons. For example, a person decided to save money and instead of two security shifts, he left one that works 5-6 days a week. That is, in such cases, one should not hope that the guards will regularly maintain their form and level of training.


If you decide to hire a security guard or create a security service in the company, do not forget to do the following:

  • take into account test information about candidates and recommendations on recruitment received from Topguard or similar security structures of the same rank;
  • if the staff is already recruited, then develop a system for its training on a long-term basis;
  • once every six months, monitor the growth of the training and skills of your security or close protection service by passing tests at Topguard or a similar structure.


Letters of recommendation

  • Сертификат на соответствие качеству услуг ISO 9001:2015
  • Компания года 2018
  • Рекомендательное письмо Avon
  • Рекомендательное письмо 1+1
  • Рекомендательное письмо UEFA EURO 2012
  • Рекомендательное письмо ARGO
  • Рекомендательное письмо Louis Vuitton
  • Рекомендательное письмо Publicis Group

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Security servicesPre-medical care from TopGuard: dynamic, qualified, affordable

Not everyone has a medical background, but everyone may be faced with a situation where they need to provide emergency care before the arrival of doctors. According to US military statistics during the war in Iraq - the probability of survival in the case of timely assistance increases to 90%. Whereas every minute of delay can cost health, and even life.

To get a medical degree and specialization, you need to study for years. But you can learn how to stop bleeding or provide assistance in the event of an epileptic seizure or anaphylactic shock in a few days.

This service is offered by the TopGuard company, which provides training and education in primary care.

TopGuard Benefits:

1. Qualified instructors.

TopGuard instructors are practitioners with military experience and NATO certificates. They have had to save lives more than once in real conditions, and they know for sure, and, most importantly, they know how to show how this is done to unprepared people without a medical education.

2. Flexible and dynamic learning mode.

The company offers both group (up to 10 people) and individual (for one person or family) courses. Depending on the tasks and goals of training, you can combine different programs or choose only a part of the services offered.

3. Necessary equipment.

It is better to learn to provide first aid in conditions as close to real as possible. That is why the company has everything at its disposal to easily show how and what to do: consumables, mannequins.

4. Methodical literature.

Course participants are provided with a training manual, in which in detail, with illustrations, an exhaustive list of extreme situations that can happen, and an algorithm of actions for each of them. It is also possible to download the electronic version of the manual on the company's website for free.

5. First aid kit.

As part of the training, TopGuard specialists form a first-aid kit for course participants - for home and car, which contains everything you need to help with fractures, bleeding, etc. The first-aid kit with equipment is transparent on both sides so that you can quickly find everything you need.

List of study programs

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Basic life support and assistance in emergencies. The program is designed for ordinary citizens without medical experience and skills, so that in case of an emergency, before the ambulance arrives, they can correctly and promptly provide the necessary assistance to the victim, observing algorithms and safety precautions.

The course program includes:

  • Call an ambulance;
  • The composition of the first aid kit for pre-medical care;
  • Types of bleeding and methods to stop them;
  • Stopping critical bleeding from the extremities with the help of tourniquets and improvised means;
  • Pressure bandage for venous bleeding and the use of an Israeli bandage;
  • Providing first aid in the presence of a foreign object in the wound;
  • Assistance to an unconscious victim;
  • Stable lateral position;
  • Techniques to keep the airways open and check breathing, algorithm (hear, see, feel);
  • Carrying out cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Action algorithm;
  • Use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Algorithm of actions in case of epilepsy;
  • First aid for suspected heart attack and stroke;
  • Help in violation of the airway. Heimlich maneuver;
  • First aid for drowning;
  • First aid for victims of burns and frostbite;
  • First aid for injuries: (fractures, trauma to the head, chest, abdominal organs, spine);
  • Emergency care for suspected allergic reaction;
  • Help with animal bites, insects and reptiles.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate is issued. Course duration - 1 day.

Tacktical Combat Casualty Care

Tactical assistance on the battlefield, designed for military personnel in the combat zone and on training grounds, employees of internal affairs bodies, security guards, border guards and special forces.

The course program includes:

  • The concept of tactical medicine;
  • Acquaintance with the IFAK first aid kit;
  • Help in the fire zone
  • Principles for providing assistance;
  • Relocation of the wounded;
  • Use of harnesses CAT, SWAT. Ukrainian analogues of SICH, SPAS;
  • Assistance in military field conditions
  • Principles for providing assistance;
  • Types of bleeding and methods to stop them.
  • Algorithms MARCH, CABSE;
  • Inspection of the victim
  • Restoration of airway patency;
  • Oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal air ducts;
  • Hemostatic bandages Celox, Quikclot, Krovospas, Revul and wound packing algorithm;
  • Applying bandages, using an Israeli bandage and its analogues;
  • Occlusive patches and help with pneumothorax;
  • Injuries (fractures, trauma to the head, chest, spine, abdominal organs, pelvis);
  • Help with frostbite and burns;
  • Emergencies and care (CPR, heart attack, stroke, epilepsy);
  • Methods of evacuation and use of the evacuation loop and stretcher;
  • Practical exercises on self-help and mutual assistance with scenario development;
  • Card of the wounded and its completion;
  • Assistance in the evacuation zone.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate is issued. The duration of the course is 2 days.

Letters of recommendation

  • Сертификат на соответствие качеству услуг ISO 9001:2015
  • Компания года 2018
  • Рекомендательное письмо Avon
  • Рекомендательное письмо 1+1
  • Рекомендательное письмо UEFA EURO 2012
  • Рекомендательное письмо ARGO
  • Рекомендательное письмо Louis Vuitton
  • Рекомендательное письмо Publicis Group

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Security servicesCargo Escort and Protection Service

Trade in our country is one of the thriving sectors of the economy. The organization of such a business requires well-oiled logistics. It does not matter how large the supply of goods from the manufacturer to the end consumer is - shipment and delivery must be clearly debugged. The responsibilities of the logistics department include not only the development of the route, but also the safe escort of products to their destination. Employees try to anticipate possible troubles: an accident, car breakdown, unexpected stops.

Before leaving, all participants of the road train must undergo a technical inspection so as not to be repaired on the road, breaking the schedule. But what if the cargo being transported is valuable?

It must be admitted that lovers of easy money on the roads are not a rare phenomenon. One driver and a freight forwarder during transportation will hardly be able to protect property or resist a group of intruders.

Armed guards for escorting along the entire route when transporting special or valuable cargo is one of the services of TopGuard (Ukraine). We provide protection not only during transportation in large cities such as Kiev, Dnipro, but also in all regions, to all borders of the country. At the same time, additional cars, the development of a safe route are in the competence of our specialists, you will not have to puzzle over it.

Features of protection of transported valuables by TOPGARD employees

The escort service is carried out by professionals with many years of experience in the field of security. Our employees are officers of power structures with combat experience in the ATO zone. These are specialists who do not get lost in non-standard situations, are able to make the right decision at critical moments, and besides, they are able to prevent the threat and take preventive measures.

The complex of security measures includes:

  • analysis of the route, identification of possible problem areas;
  • selection of escort vehicles with the required number of security guards;
  • following with the carrier's team;
  • response and protection if necessary.

It should be noted that our employees act within the framework of the law. Taking into account the specifics of the trip, a decision is made to transport the cargo with armed guards along the route. For this, employees are given firearms, other combat equipment and technical communication equipment. Our company cooperates with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, therefore, in extremely difficult situations, the actions of our employees will be coordinated with law enforcement agencies.

Advantages of contacting TOPGUARD

  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом
  • Охрана грузов, сопровождение транспортом

The customer signs a contract with us, receiving a highly qualified team for safe escort. You do not need to worry about emergencies, our specialists will take into account all the nuances that are possible on the road. When developing routes, the most convenient and safe routes, police posts, the availability of gas stations and first-aid posts are taken into account.

Our fleet has special vehicles equipped with special signals and prepared for different conditions. If cargo security is needed during transportation by rail, measures are taken to remotely monitor the situation. The company's specialists are equipped with walkie-talkies, navigators and other technical special equipment.

In cooperation with our company, in addition to escort services with armed or unarmed security, the customer can count on the insured liability. If you have any questions of an organizational nature or about the terms of payment, please contact us at the phones indicated on the website.

Medium and small businesses in Ukraine receive most of their profits from transactions for the sale of various kinds of goods. This business is not possible without a clear and well-coordinated work of logistics. It doesn't matter who you are, the owner of a small store on the outskirts or you own a supermarket chain throughout Ukraine. Logistics remains the most important link in the chain: seller - order - end user, so it is very important that there are no delays in delivery.

Anything can happen to the car on the way: breakdown, road accidents and other emergencies. In the end, a truck carrying a valuable cargo may be attacked. In the event of unforeseen downtime due to mechanical failures and accidents, as well as possible attacks on the cargo, only the service of guarding and escorting cargo can serve as a guarantee of safety.


  • Valuable professional experience - in the security services market since 1995.
  • Impeccable reputation and competent staff.
  • Modern vehicle fleet of escort vehicles (Toyota Corolla / Renault Duster / Volkswagen T5 / T6). All security vehicles are branded, equipped with special signals and prepared for various weather conditions and long-term autonomous movement.
  • Full equipment with special equipment (trackers, walkie-talkies, navigators, video surveillance, etc.), protective equipment and weapons.
  • Remote control of movement and route optimization.
  • Insured material liability.
  • Emergency force support, coordination of actions with law enforcement agencies (if necessary).

Of course, before sending the car on the road, the owners try to foresee all possible problems along the way. The car must be checked for serviceability of all mechanical components, all the necessary documents are prepared for travel through cities and regional borders.

But, in addition to these nuances, other, not obvious things can happen on the road. The valuable cargo attracts too much attention from thieves, marauders and pirates on the roads. Why "bend your heart" and not admit that this is and often happens? One driver can drive in the car and, at best, with an assistant, for greater safety, but they are unlikely to protect the road train from attack.

Cargo Escort

Cargo escorting for our security guards is not limited to megacities like Kiev, Kharkov, Khmelnitsk and others. With them, your cargo will travel safe and sound to all borders of Ukraine. If there is a route, they are ready to follow the cargo anywhere in the country.

A distinctive feature of the security guards of our company is the ability to make the right decision in time in an emergency. That is, at a critical moment, they will respond to the threat as quickly as possible, while taking absolutely adequate and legal measures. However, in most cases, they manage to avoid such threats altogether. Our security guards know how not only to give a worthy rebuff, but are also able to anticipate the impending danger in advance and make a quick decision that will avoid force majeure. This approach makes cargo escorting as safe as possible.

Unlike many other companies, we provide a whole range of services. Simply put, you do not have to puzzle over where to find additional vehicles for protection, how to develop an extremely safe route. All this is done by highly professional specialists of our company themselves. Since we value our clients' time and strive to make their life as easy as possible.

The cargo escort service is carried out by TopGard security guards, professionals in the organization of security during transportation and extensive experience. At the same time, this service includes related bonuses, the benefits of which have already been felt by many of our clients. First of all, these are:

  • both armed and unarmed security measures, without which the escort of valuable cargo is indispensable;
  • following with employees who carry out the transportation of funds or other valuables, armed and unarmed guards;
  • rent of a car or truck with a driver who also performs the functions of a security guard;
  • provision of an accompanying car;
  • detailed analytics of the upcoming route, during which problem areas and sections of the route are identified;
  • before sending on the road, we agree with the customer all the characteristics of the cargo: type, place of departure and destination, distance, cost of cargo, urgency, reliability of delivery, possible threats, etc.

After signing the contract, as you sign the contract, and you will have security to escort the goods, high-class specialists of our company will prepare a detailed route with designated safe places for rest. It will also take into account all the posts of inspectors and points for the provision of emergency medical care.

Depending on the specifics of the upcoming trip, we promptly conduct a strict selection of security guards to escort the goods. In addition, appropriate communication equipment, equipment, firearms are selected. Other protective measures can be taken at the request of the client.

We understand that the protection and escort of goods requires maximum control, which must be carried out around the clock. Otherwise, force majeure and various emergency situations are possible. That is why our special operational service monitors the current situation around the clock along the entire route of freight transport. That allows our guards to keep abreast of the time, and you - to be 100% sure that your cargo will safely reach its destination, which means that we are on the way with you.

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  • Компания года 2018
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  • Рекомендательное письмо 1+1
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Security services

Security services

Security service companies are becoming more popular these days. Private security becomes a question of necessity for many people therefore our company provides qualified protection and security services for individuals and businesses.

Unfortunately, many people take a final decision to hire an expert only after certain events. But our recommendation is not to run a risk. Security will never be superfluous because nobody in this world is immune. In turn, security - is a kind of insurance against accidents, and it should work professionally and accurately as possible, to carry out tasks based on the needs of the customer.

So, if you decided to use the services of a specialized company, you should consider several subtleties. First of all, security and protection should be reliable and professional. It is best to contact the company that provides a full range of services. This is convenient, since you as a Client can choose the best option that suits you and your company.

Security company

Security company

Perfect Security Company for each client is the one that provides a full range of services including personal, office and industrial security. Let us take a view at each of these services in detail.

Executive security or close protection is a service provided by Security Companies directly to the Client. Most often Security companies provide their best professionals with proper experience and recommendations to perform such kind of services. Therefore if you need to enhance your personal security acquire about skills and experience of the bodyguard you are going to hire, after all it is very important that in case of threat he could react immediately and eliminate it quickly. A stake is your life so raise all important questions to you before contracting a Security Company.

Security companies

Security companies

Almost each Ukrainian Security Company provides office security services. This service considers physical protection of employees and Executives at their workplace and security of the office premises or the entire building. Also office security includes access control system of a building or office entrance and also monitoring an external visitors flow.

To perform this kind of service Security Companies provide professionals capable to take immediate security measures in case of a threat to all people in the building. Before signing the contract with a Security Company you should discuss a set of details starting from security systems installation and finishing with protection equipment of the guard. Personal training of security guards is no less important therefore surely inquire about their experience and when applicable interview each of them.

Security companies in kiev


Many Security Companies in Kiev offer entire buildings, premises, facilities and cargo security services. Premises security implies total perimeter security with use of security systems necessary to perform this service. Cargo security supposes its protection while storing or during its transportation. All the services mean protection against unauthorized persons’ actions.

Full range of security services is provided by few Kyiv Security Companies therefore you can consider each of them while making your choice. But don't forget to approach to this choice most attentively. Be attentive to details and try to consider all threats that may influence your business. In our turn our company will help you avoid them.

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