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CCTV systems.

Security alarm systems. The article provides recommendations on the installation of a set of equipment for a video surveillance system, consisting of a camera and a DVR, which can be purchased at any store specialized on security technology. No problem with installation for confident computer users.

Mounting of video cameras

For a in-door video surveillance system, a dome type camera is best choise, The camera is covered with a transparent or a dark color glass cap . It can be mounted on the ceiling and do not attract attention. You can install cameras of hidden video surveillance in a place where commodity and material values ​​are stored at work.

If you can get into the office room from the corridor on both sides, then you need two cameras installed in parallel to see not only the back, but also the face of the incoming person. The camera can be also installed in the foyer.

Out-door camera can be installed in front of the entrance, in the parking lot of cars, along the perimeter of the building. A out-door video camera has to be installed in front of the entrance for distance control of admission to its territory.

External cameras are installed at a height of 3.0 - 4.5 meters to exclude the possibility of theft and damage.

Video Transmission

A classic way of transmitting a signal through a twisted pair of wires, which you can buy in the store. The signal is sent to the DVR, which can record and store information received from 16 cameras. The record storage time depends on the capacity of the hard disk.

Most modern cameras have Wi-Fi and IP address, they can work on the network using the 802.11 b / g protocol. The transmission speed of the signal is 54 - 100 Mbit / s, which is now considered a pritty good speed. You can monitor the situation at home or in the office by the distance.

Wireless signal transmission from video cameras can also be carried out using GSM communication. Some camera models use a SIM card and a static IP address. The signal has a speed of 5-20 Mbit / s. Unlike the Wi-Fi connection, where you need an Internet access point, you get GSM signal wherever there is a mobile connection. Minus can be only in the data transfer speed. You can view the video from your smartphone or tablet. Having bought such a camera, you will find detailed instructions on how to configure it.

You can configure the operation of the camera and DVR for different modes of operation:

  • on schedule, when video recording is only at certain hours;
  • when the motion sensor triggers, which helps to store information for a long period;
  • cloсk mode.

Information on the HDD of the DVR is stored for a certain period of time, and then new entries erase the previous ones. You can create a video archive, transferring them from the DVR to another digital media.

Modern CCTV cameras have IR illumination, for night-time photography, or high sensitivity 0.1 - 0.3 lux. Some models in the daytime give a color picture, and at night turn into black and white mode, which increases the contrast of the image and the detailing of objects.

Technical characteristics of video cameras

Model RVi-IPC32MS, resolution 1920x1080, photosensitivity 0.1 lx, Ethernet port, built-in web server, dome IP camera, supports OS Windows, iOS, Android OS. Temperature range from -10° С to + 45° С.

HHikvision DS-2CD2532F-IWS resolution 2048x1536, Ik-backlight, built-in Wi-Fi, outdoor camera, working range from -30° C to +45° C, memory card at 32GB.

Camera id288185 with SIM card, resolution 1280x729, video recording on a 32GB memory card, remote control of turning, tilt, viewing angle from a smartphone. View images and sound in real time.

For the installation of CCTV systems, you can use the simplest Chinese cameras from which there is little use, or the most advanced cameras among those used in security systems. What camera to choose for installation - you can decide it. Of course, a lot depends on the object, the tasks for which the system is set and your budget, but do not overpay for features you do not need.

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